9/11 Pentagon Explosion video and BOMB comment from Donald Rumsfeld

Here is video of an explosion in front of the Pentagon at 9:45 the morning of 9/11 complete with a quote from Donald Rumsfeld about what the "plane crash" felt like at 9:37. The video comes straight from the History Channel's documentary, "The 9/11 Commission Report" and can be found one hour and four minutes into the movie.


It can also be found here...


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Never seen this one before.

Never seen this one before. Thanks for posting it.

Holy crap

That is damning! Saw this briefly in Loose Change, but did not feel they gave it the attention it deserved. Where did this vid come from? I guess the FBI did not grab this one in time.

Anyone who feels like

Anyone who feels like talking about what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 or insisting that a video about it be passed around like a joint at a Bob Marley concert needs to read this.

Damn, theres another ten

Damn, theres another ten minutes of my life wasted.

what did i waste and why?

Are you referring to my video or the reason that guy posted for why we should ignore the pentagon theory?

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Im refering to the link, I

Im refering to the link, I find your video quite interesting.

Whats most interesting is

Whats most interesting is there are sirens in the background and already visable smoke from the building which tells me this is a secondary

Secondary explosion

I think we found the 2nd explosion mentioned on FOX news and pointed out by Loose Change, kiddies! Personally, my theory is that after the "non-Flight 77" hit, people began to realize, "Uh, guys...the wall's not collapsing and once the fire is put out, people are going to start wondering how a 120 foot wide airplane fit into that tiny 16 foot hole. That wall needs to come down and be enlarged to support our government-sponsored conspiracy theory." So, they blew the base of the impact wall, then a few minutes later, it collapses, covering up the original impact hole. Remember, the wall only stood for less than
a half hour after being hit.

Gideon W. Almy, IV
Kodak, TN 37764
Email: Gideon524@yahoo.com
Cell: 865-712-6130

Drones hit WTC and no Boeing 757 hit Pentagon...

I’m leaning towards the idea that the 4 airliners of 9/11 were nonexistent, as were most of the passengers.

I think the 4 airliners were false blips on the radar screen, or perhaps real flights under different flight numbers. Most, if not all the passengers except Barbara Olson, may have been fictitious too. (Olson, & a few others who may have been real people, had been scheduled to fly on 9/10/01, but made “last minute switches” to fly on 9/11/01 instead. They could have met their fate on 9/10/01, or been participating in the “drills” on 9/11.)

If the above is correct, then all that’s needed are 2 drones to strike the WTC, something to strike or explode @ the Pentagon, and a plane carrying any of the “real passengers” to be shot down over Pennsylvania.

Having no real flights for the perpetrators to deal with solves tons of logistics problems & greatly reduces the risk for anything to go wrong! It also jibes with “Operation Northwoods.”

Tnx, for the up. Very

Tnx, for the up.

Very interesting clip, have not seen it before. Gotta find out more about it.