DNS Switch in Progress

You are currently on the new server, however the DNS has not yet been switched. You may run into some issues with links that link to internal pages until this switch has completed in the next 2-3 days. You should still be able to use the site, but expect to have some issues here and there until the transition is complete.

Thanks for your patience.

I see people on the new

I see people on the new server, so that's a good sign ;)

This new server should be a ton faster than the old one if everything goes right..

working for me.

working for me.

Pretty painless

Pretty painless (from my perspective!).

good to hear.. now im just

good to hear.. now im just waiting until the DNS actually propogates.. got a site that checks like 50 different ISPs.. none of them have the new address yet.. but, it could take a while..

in the mean time, i am actually able to re-index the content now, so searches will actually work worth a damn here in a bit ;)

previously only 38% of our content was indexed for the search.. hopefully i can get that to 100% and keep it there..

the dns has propogated to an

the dns has propogated to an earthlink server, so some people should already be accessing the site directly from 911blogger.com now.. w00t!

Good job guys...  dns

Good job guys...  dns updated at verizon's DNS servers

sweet! my comcast just

sweet! my comcast just updated right now, w00t! :)

is anyone here still hitting

is anyone here still hitting the old site (site offline) when they visit www.911blogger.com?

email from website doesn't work for me

I don't know if this has something to do with the server change.

I tried Saterday to create a new account, but I didn't receive any email. Also Request new password doesn't yield any emails.

Thank you

(from Holland)

ill look into this tonight.

ill look into this tonight. any chance they ended up in your junk mail folder?

not in my junk mail folder

I checked my junk mail folder twice. Only real junk in there.


fixed.. yeah, there was in


yeah, there was in issue with submitting news or sending out registration emails.. give it a whirl now and if you have any issues try to send me an email via 'contact us'..

i just tested a new user registration and a contact form and they now work (but didnt until a change just made)..

sorry about that, thanks for letting me know!

email works now

Thanks, I can now use my account.