I just created an account today.Your site came highly recommended from another blogger.I hope to be a worthwhile contributer and benefactor in the search for the facts that will someday peel back the lies the neo-cons call truth and bring them to justice once and for all.I was born and raised in Amityville,Long Island,New York [yes,home of the horror] and one of my first jobs out of High School was with Otis elevator company and was assigned to a maintenance crew at the WTC becoming somewhat knowledgeable of the inner workings of the numerous elevators and their shaftways along with the location and distance of the core columns,having to learn the blueprints to better understand not only the state of the art shaftways,but also all inner support structures leading outward from the rails the elevators rode up and down on in order to locate important electrical junction boxes outside the shaftways that supplied electricity to the motor rooms on the top of each elevator shaft down to the individual elevators themselves. I worked with Otis for 5+ years before quitting in order to pursue a Degree in Law, and work in my uncle's law firm.When the attacks occured a piece of me went down into that molten pool too.

welcome to the site!

welcome to the site!

Welcome and God bless you.

It truely is an honor to share with you the greatest and most important era in our lifetimes. This movement will go down in history as one of the greatest and it is exciting to be a part of it.

-----From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious......very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me........I know now, about 9/11."



Maybe in a future post you

Maybe in a future post you can discuss the probability of the official WTC collapse story, in terms of the elevator shaft in the WTC? Can you add some perspective to the government story that jet fuel traveled down the elevator shaft and exploded on certain floors, including the lobby about 1000 feet below the impact zone? It's obviously a ludicrous story, but perhaps you can add some perspective based on your experience/knowledge?