Interviews on RBN's False Flag News

False Flag News is interviewing Kevin Barrett TODAY at 2-3 PM EST.

Next week's interviews will include Dr. Bob Bowman, Kevin Ryan, and Ralph Schoenman.

The show is on Republic Broadcasting Network. Check it out.

UPDATE: Here's the link for todays show.

Here are the show's archives.

Hey, I wonder if Daniel from

Hey, I wonder if Daniel from FalseFlagNews ever publishes the articles he requests from people. I wrote up an article for him about (after he asked me to) and not only did he never publish it on the site, he never even returned my email!! Now THAT'S class!

Ha! I want to post the article...

The above comment was from "Tim Spiritwalker" who wrote an article on Infoshop, the gatekeeper media outlet.

Listen Tim, I want to post your article- but I have not been able to log into the Admin part of my site for two days. I did not respond immediately because I am working on so many different projects right now and my inbox has been swarmed of late.

In the future, please don't air your problems in such a public forum, as it is bad form. Luckily, I am not the type to hold grudges and I will still post your work on

Now THAT is class.


touche. haha.

touche. haha.

Stop gatekeeping, Daniel!

HAHA j/k... I am interested to read the thing on infoshop tho, told the author to blog it here the other day. Chuck Infoshop is some fine grassroots gatekeeping trash. He also gives out users info to the FBI, just for the asking.

Thanks for False Flag News, it's top notch.

False Flags

I've been looking for a bumper sticker that says "Beware False Flags" or something to that effect.

Many people reject "9/11 was an Inside Job" right away. However, since most people aren't even familiar with the term "false flag operation," maybe they'll Google it and learn something... just an idea...

Has anyone seen anything like that?

Flarney's right! "False-flags" resonates truth

Good idea, been mulling that one too.

After going up on the freeway overpass, at sunrise, with a full 50'x 3' visqueen banner, I began to wonder at the very most effective lauguage one can use.

"9/" was a good start.

"7/7 -False Flag!" works against the frail gain of reasonable doubt, because it really didn't directly affect Americans. {Psych topics 101: 'You can't wage a war against an adjective, or an abstraction.} But, we are all somewhat sympathetic about the lives we are destroying.