9/11 Bloglines (09/30)

9/11 Bloglines (09/30)
September 30, 2006

Marblehead Reporter Letter: 9/11 ‘mysteries’ revealed online
Forthcoming Kevin Barret Book
RenewAmerica: The mystery of 9-11, Dr. Graham, and Jamal Khan
Boston 9/11 Truth Committee: December "Boston Tea Party"
9/11 Truth profiles on myspace
New 9/11 LIHOP push at OneUtah
Malkin: Oliver Stone's true colors
Jesse Passwaters/GNN plans 2007 9/11Truth Event
WING TV continues attacks on Stadtmiller/FalseFlagNews
DBS/Hufschmid reaccusing 9/11 Scholars for Murder
David Shayler on Resonance104.4fm
FMN Network: Ventura questions official 9/11 story
UW Badger Herald: 9/11 theorists to discuss ‘folklore’
Albanese Report: Nic Levis on Korean TV
Musharraf Book: 9/11 Mastermind was MI6 spy
Poll vs. Clinton 9/11 Hangout Spin
Dr.Sanity/Onecosmos: 9-11 and the Parallel Looniverse
ScrewLoose vs. AJChavez/A Jones- next chapter
9/11 Conspiracy Nuts: Plane Crazy says Schnews and Cockburn
Broeckers: Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist: 9/11 Revisited
Kevin Barrett on FalseFlag News
Randi.org flagwavers planning "real 9/11 poll"
Oliver Stone: conspiracy-mongering on 9/11 is a waste of time (AP)
Drexel Student Paper: "Mendacity and 9/11 conspiracy theories galore!"
UNH Students Petition to Have 9/11 Conspiracist Removed
Torrent Collection of 9/11 Protests
CERJ list: "9/11 is Off-Topic"
9/11You Judge Blog: 9/11 Press for Truth is not about Inside Job
911-news.com Radio with Richard Grove
ConspSmasher: Forrest Gump of the "9/11 twooth movement?
Complotdenkers.nl reports on AJ Chavez Debunkery
OpedNews pushing 9/11 Press for Truth/"Pakistan connection"
KATU Portland Video: Candidate Mary Starrett clarifies her view of pre-9/11
OnlineJournal: 9/11 and the Greenberg Familia
WorldNet Daily: America-haters' 9/11 snow job
Joplin Globe hangout letter: "9/11 Commission"
Debunk911myths 9/11 bashing Alex Jones
Coffinman: WTC 2nd hit another fake eyewitness video
CD Expert Danny Jowenko (Zembla) in full length
"What is wrong with 911 thruth?"
09/28: Berger vs. Rothschild on Dinocosta
YouTube: Additionial 9/11 Pentagon Explosion
WP: Leaked UK doc accuses Pakistani ISI of supporting "terrorist groups"
Simon Sackville: "Clear Evidence that Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon"
Nimmo on trashing RBN's "False Flag News"
CKDR Radio Forum Debate continues: Rex Murphy on 9-11 Conspiracy Nuts
"9/11 Mysteries - The Demolition - Man it's obvious"
"9/11 Truth Anniversary" - MSM collection
Albanese: Holmgren-Webfairy-Haupt disinformation group
"Real Truther": Pakistan and the ISI - The Last Red Herring
Loose Change 2nd Edition in Bordeaux
Etherzone: Challenge to Mainstream Journalists: Dare to really investigate 9/11
Jesse Ventura Video: Questioning 9/11
911blogger.com/dz doesn't rule out Manipulations reg. Lauro Chavez
George Trinkaus about "no planes"
New Hawaii 9/11 Truth Website
Hannity + Colmes Messageboard ranting about Fetzer
9/11 Mysteries is storming vlog- and blogosphere
Michael Wolsey's latest Visibility 9-11show
Kilshut Blog: The September 9/11 Moron Attacks
09/28: "Jewish Conspiracy" Malik Ali to Speak at CSU Long Beach, CA
David Punk plans 9/11 conspiracy movie based on "X-Files"

Nico, you had this on your

Nico, you had this on your blogroll:
It is entirely possible that Zebuhr's murder was a random act of violence, and therefore, it had nothing to do with his investigation into 9/11.
However, this document offers more reasons to believe that his murder was planned by the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, probably in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Israel (commonly referred to as the FBI)

i just want you to state, on record, that you think the Scholars for 9/11 Truth murdered Mr. Zebuhr. [dz: removed profane attack], go on the record. go ahead.

I think you're nuts. These

[dz: removed attack] These bloglines are just a collection of almost everything what is around in this movement.
I do not agree with many of them, neither i push some particular ones.

Please reflect this on another blog and don't hijack some unrelated news headers.

do you agree with them?

[dz: removed attack] do you agree with them? you are promoting it.