Anonymous Surfing

I got to thinking about these threats recently of "Government"demanding
access to ISP files to show our surfing patterns, all under the guise of
"protecting children from pediophiles", and Bill Gates
plan to "thumb-print" us at our computer before we can even surf.

What they really want is to catch us "subversives" carrying out
our business of revealing truths.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Url among others is being tracked,
and therefore thought it worth making below site available for
"Anonymous surfing" to those who want it.

Call me an alarmist,but bolt the back door anyway is my motto.

Some among you I'm sure are more knowledgable in these matters, and
can set me straight on this if I''m wrong, but I believe
"we" owe this option to newcomers, or those who are not
"tech-savvy".If you feel it's unsafe to use it....consider the option of
being tracked anyway.

This is the site I found that works below. I will be testing the rest, but
I have a feeling of urgency about this.You can also Download a "toolbar"
that attaches to your browser bar.

This is the main site for full listing

Again Thank You for your diligence.

If you run Ping Plotter you

If you run Ping Plotter you can actually see exactly where
youre being routed to.

ping plotter

Help the cause man/woman and post a blog showing where to find it. Being specific at this stage is Sooo important.
And thanks for responding!

i have no doubt that we're

i have no doubt that we're all being spied upon - what's up with mcafee and norton automatic uploads and downloads once a week like clockwork?
anyway how can you possibly be sure that a "tracker blocker anonymous surfer action" is actually working?
if they haul you away and throw you in a dungeon and torture you then you will know that your dissent was justified to begin with, right?
there's nothing to fear except fear itself.

you can download it

You can also get something

You can also get something like ToR which is a anonomous, untraceable Onion Routing technolgy used to spoof, or proxy out your connections. You can get it here
Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!