Bill Douglas: Living in the Land of Oz

Living in the Land of Oz-- The Blister of Lies is About to Pop -- 9/11 Reveals the Rotten Machine Behind the Curtain

This essay will reveal how the false flag operation of 9/11 will transform our nation and world away from a sick war based poverty imposing global order into an era of truth and hope that will begin a global healing unseen by humanity.

Being from Kansas and having written guest columns for the Kansas City Star, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz metaphors come naturally for me. Fortunately for my essay, the Land of Oz metaphor is dead on.

About 40 percent of Americans have now woken up to the unfolding reality that facts regarding the 9/11/2001 attacks increasingly point to complicity at the highest levels of this current Bush Administration (Scripps-Howard Poll). For that 40 percent, and growing numbers of Americans, we now find ourselves living in the land of Oz. We have seen that the "great and powerful Oz," which sent us all scurrying for duct tape and stumbling all over ourselves to give up the precious civil liberties our father's fought for . . . is a manufactured illusion run by a few rather pathetic figures in this current administration, and at the top of our media . . . hiding behind an ever thinning curtain of diminishing credibility.

We see on the Sunday morning talk shows, and the "informed" guests they have on, whether Democrat or Republican, a discussion of a "terrorist threat" that we now know has been largely manufactured by the pathetic little men behind the control room curtains. The discord this sets up in our minds and hearts is hard to bear. We feel our minds pulled back into the matrix. Their flashy TV sets and well dressed "experts" try to help us forget what we know, that 9/11 was an inside job. They ask us day in and day out, to join them in the grand illusion that the "great and powerful terrorist threat," is a reality that really does demand endless hundreds of billions of military spending, illegal wars, and the destruction of our constitutional rights and liberties...


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optiMYSTIC best

This is how I think when I am at my optiMYSTIC best.
Hopeful that the TRUTH will change the world.
I loved the article.

At my worst...."THEY...come knocking! and its over

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Very nice read.

Tnx, very nice read.

"Exposing 9/11 lies, will be the healthiest thing that has happened to our world in decades. It will lead to realities being exposed, both horrible and wonderful. "

Great Article!

"The giant is awakening, and for those who "smell of sulfur" there will be hell to pay. For the majority of us, we will now have an opportunity to create a nation and world that we can truly be proud of, one that our maker would be proud of."............I love it. ...................."Every Dog Has His Day"..........................Our day is NOW!!!!!

That is the path out of this

That is the path out of this nightmare, a BETTER alternative to the doom and gloom reality that awaits them if they turn to stare at the sun, which is 9/11. 

Sounds fantastic to me...

"This essay will reveal how the false flag operation of 9/11 will transform our nation and world away from a sick war based poverty imposing global order into an era of truth and hope that will begin a global healing unseen by humanity."...

This sounds wonderful to me! Now if we can get the Noam Chomsky's, Amy Goodman's, & Michael Moore's of the world to stop their blatant gatekeeping, we may get somewhere.

When's the last time you

When's the last time you remember Chomsky admitting he was wrong? It's not gonna happen. the man has an ego the size of Jupiter.

Moore's a liberal pussy who wants everyone to vote Democrat.

Goodman gets funding from the Ford Foundation.

We already have plenty of left-radicals on our side. they may not have the grand stature of the aforementioned, but at least they have the courage to tell the truth. Don't hate the media, become the media!


We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Inside joke

"We see on the Sunday morning talk shows, and the "informed" guests they have on, whether Democrat or Republican, a discussion of a "terrorist threat" that we now know has been largely manufactured by the pathetic little men behind the control room curtains." said Bill Douglas

Ya what a joke those Sunday morning so called [news programs] are. Once you have a good idea what the real truth is you veiw those shows from a whole different perspecive. I consider most of them to be an insult to intelligence.

Its the same MO, control

Its the same MO, control both sides of a conflict (military, political, media, etc.) and you control produce the deception that there is a legitimate conflict.

 It is misdirection at its best.  Everything we are presented with is largely based on deception at its lowest levels.

The entire Foley scandal is an example, here you have the same guy that Clinton Curtis fingered for initiating the Electronic Election fraud in the 2000 Florida elections (Speaker of the House of Florida and lobbyist for the RNC) now the head of a committee concerning missing and exploited children?  WTF?!

I have a feeling there are many people in power today with dirty little secrets that have been put into play over the last 6 years to get this country on a track to destruction.

Its effective and both parties aren't going to let the secret out, the ones that are involved in despicable behavior, and the ones that know the secret and use it to wield power over these charlatans.


imgstacke: are you

imgstacke: are you confusing Foley and Feeney? Feeney is a crook and a traitor but maybe not a pedophile?

I stand corrected, but my

I stand corrected, but my point still stands.   Who how could a pedophile aspire to such high office without it being known?

the powers that be (whatever

the powers that be (whatever name you want to use) like having political figures with serious blackmail material on them, that's how they keep them in line. Most of the leadership over the past 40 years in the white house, congress, etc. had serious 'blackmail' perversions.

That aids in the organized crime of the American government.

see the Franklin cover-up to

see the Franklin cover-up to see how deep that rabbit hole goes.

exactly. More people need

exactly. More people need to be educated about Franklin cover-up and Iran-Contra and then they might understand that keeping deep dark secrets are par for the course for these poeple. 9/11 wasn't their first plot nor was it their first giant cover up.


Beautifully written. Here is something else we may have to look forward to:

I liked the theme of this

I liked the theme of this essay that emphasizes the media's role in 9/11. The media actually has far more power than the government. Ask any politician about that. If an elected official has an idea for a piece of legislation, it is up to the media to publicize it. If they decide not to, the bill is as dead as a doornail.

The media can make or break any political candidacy. Remember Bill Clinton's phone conversation with his girlfriend Gennifer Flowers in 1992? That should have been the end of his political career; but the media wanted him to become president, so they dropped the story after one day.

Remember Howard Dean's 'I Have a Scream' speech in Iowa in 2004? The media decided Kerry should be the nominee, so they played Dean's speech over and over, accompanied with ridicule, and Dean was done.

People often ask us if we think 9/11 was a "government conspiracy." We could accurately answer, "no, it was a media conspiracy."

Nice Article

This is one of the better articles I've read recently. The only problem is it doesn't propose a realistic solution and goes back into that Nirvana Aquarius Age crap of the 60's. We don't have access to those drugs that created the 60's movement anymore! It's not reality!

The problem is we are dealing with the rapid decline of America that is being deliberately brought to fruition by crimnals at the top. The problem is this is part of a pattern of human history where countries peak and then eventually fall into decay. The problem is that American governments have always been oppressive and no where near the idealism of what it has ever been created out to be.

The other problem is we are dealing with the extreme flaws embedded in humanity's nature through the faulty wiring of the human brain. The GOP knows what fear buttons to press to manpulate the populace to get what they want.

There will be no Nirvana, no age of Aquarius - please do not go into another delusional mind state when you face the facts and realities of what those at the top have done. Face it - humanity is on the brink of extinction. That is obvious to any intelligent person. We are headed for extinction. About to shut up forever. Forever.

If it's a choice between

If it's a choice between believing we're all doomed or believing everything is going to work out great then I'll take the new age crap.

There's no need for "new age

There's no need for "new age crap". We simply need a sensible system of self-government, decentralized and federated; the end of mega states; the beginning of community control and rational social planning by the people themselves instead of politicans and corporations. Regular people have completely different interests than elites: family, environment, community, health, pleasure, happiness as opposed to power and genocide. I'd use the word "anarchism" but the media has perverted the term; perhaps it can be rescued.

Extinction is a possibility but not necessarily a probability.

I do not believe it probable that the human race will render itself extinct during this age. They may wipe out three quaters or even nine-tenths of the populace, but we will survive.

One of the keys to preventing a mass die-off leaving only Mount Weather types living in bunkers to re-populate the human race with their psychopathic retarted gene pool is to recognize that believing you can do it is half the battle. It's a cliche but it's true. Believe in in yourself. Find like-minded people in your comunity. Organize. Prepare. Don't do it alone.

We're trained to be alone in this society, to battle against each other instead of the real enemy. Start cooperating and finding common ground.

911 is extremely important but it's not everything. Start thinking about new ways of living. They're doning it in other parts of the world and we can do it in the West too.

We can beat these bastards.

The reptilian portions of

The reptilian portions of our brains which the elites so love to manipulate do not define us.

Primitive socities are usually peaceful, egalitarian people; therefore the "human beings are doomed to extinction" argument is false. It's not surprising we're a bunch of lunatics living in this society; in a healthy society the better angels of our being would have the upper hand.

Point is: we can reverse the trend. We do have it within us.

The desire for a different

The desire for a different world and the belief you can change it is indeed already half the solution.
The alternative is to give in the NWO, something which *I* will defnitely not do.

There will be no Nirvana, no age of Aquarius

Sorry Cheryl but I strongly disagree. The human race is finally starting to grow up. What we are experiencing now are growing pains. 9/11 is very symbolic to me. It symbolizes the end of the old age of ignorance and the beginning of the new age of enlightenment. All change is painful but the rewards in store for us are great. Believe it and it will happen.

911 Truth President will have the world on his side

Imagine, a president who cracks wide open the lies of 911, exposing all involved to investigation, prosecution and punishment .. this president would have the world eating out of his hand because of tis righteous and moral stance.

A 911 truth president would be the most powerful president the US ever had. The rest of the world would cede authority to this president willingly. The US could increase its hegemony to an extent never before possible.

Imagine ...

Confused author

"About 40 percent of Americans have now woken up to the unfolding reality that facts regarding the 9/11/2001 attacks increasingly point to complicity at the highest levels of this current Bush Administration (Scripps-Howard Poll). "

Noooooo, not quite.

A poll measures an opinion. There are no "established facts" regarding any connection with Bush and the attacks of 9/11. There are opinions and claims by some but thet are as yet only that.

I wish these journalists could learn to think before writing.

On Facts

Because you are ignorant of the facts, doesn't mean they don't exist. Fact is that NORAD was put under Cheney's control before 9/11. There was a stand down partially due to war games held to confuse FAA and DOD on 9/11. Probably ordered by Cheney, an investigation will tell.

Fact is that Cheney ordered a stand down regarding the air craft approaching the Pentagon on 9/11, see Norm Minetta's testimony.

Fact is that those 3 steel buildings could not have collapsed due to fire or external damage as they did on 9/11.

Bush, et al fought a 9/11 investigation all the way, and then had Philip Zelikow put in charge to lead investigations away from the hard facts, building 7, explosives, NORAD stand down, etc.

Fact is, that the "inside job" stands up to scrutiny, and the official "conspiracy theory" put forth by Bush et al does not.

Someone mentioned it before

but I can't locate it, so anyway, look at this DailyKos diary and especially the comments

I mean...WOAH! It's not like they're all totally embracing MIHOP, but the spell has been broken - they're talking, and in turn noticing that they're not alone with their suspicions, that it's not effin crazy to even go near "tinfoil hat" stuff. My god, I think we're breaking through right now!

Maybe I'm just being overly enthusiastic, but just READ THOSE COMMENTS! We're not alone anymore - the gatekeepers are stepping back. Let's roll!

Just rememberr 9/11 is just

Just rememberr 9/11 is just one facet of this enormous nightmare, no one has all the pieces, and no piece is more important than the other.  They all fit together to form the truth.

Yes, I know

but 9/11 is the topic that leads all the way into the rabbithole - and it's being broached now!

I'd rather have a President who screwed his intern than one who screwed his country.

My e-mail do Bill:

Dear Bill!

Thanks for your heartwarming words, I agree from the bottom of my heart.

I would only mention two things, that I discovered on my journey into knowledge.

First, the main thing we have to change is not energy (don't want to affront you), it's the money.

But even money is only a mean for the reign. We are so trapped by this idea of social order, that we can't think otherwise, this is the real matrix.

Like your experience with the Salvadoran and Guatemalan refugee camps in Central America, the real truth is there is no chaos in conjunction with anarchy.
This reflex is trained. The only thing is that every attempt to create a new society was attacked with war by reign driven forces.
May you study anarchy history. In germany we have Horst Stowasser. (in german...)
I have no clue if there a similar author in the US.

But there is also this:

Kind regards from germany

aka Sitting-Bull

a non-contributor comment

This is such a trolish and uselss comment but I have to use something as a sounding board because there is no one else.
We're so fucked I bang the shit out of a blow up doll and imagine it's me and this whole fuckign world. Like I'm going to rape the shit out of everything and everyone. I hate all of this so much. Learning the truth about 9/11 has fucked me up. Sorry.

I feel you bro!

I went through the same process. It really sucks, and I've said some shit here too, for there is really no one else.
Sometimes I regret telling the real story to friends, because it happens to them too. People you've known for decades even discarded all that friendship, so they don't have to face it. It hurts. Our experience - our evolution as humans have taken a wild turn, and there is a big "Y" in the road just ahead. Evolution has its blind paths, but always learns in the process. This gives me hope for us humans. I hope this helps, knowing your not alone; the way forward for me was knowing I had to keep telling the truth, keep researching (without getting to obsessed):}
And find others of like mind - like here and Jon's Blog:

This song goes far in letting those pent up tears flow:

Blessings, Shallel

Here's a great Mike Malloy vid I found:

9/11 truth

Growth is often painful. America is growing up. Our childlike ignorance of the crimes of our govt. may have seemed nice to us, but to those in the developing world who've had their lives destroyed and their homelands raped . . . it hasn't been too peachy.

So, now that America goes thru the pain of awakening, it will be a huge relief to much of the world beyond our borders.

So our emotional discomfort is a small price to pay for the world to be relieved of the devestation of America's adolescent ignorance of the monster our covert operations had become over the decades.