Just who is the turbaned terrorist Al-Zawahiri?

Just Who is the Turbaned Terrorist Al-Zawahiri?

Who & what is really behind the bogey man Ayman Al-Zawahiri and his spate Video Nasty releases?

Ayman Al-Zawahiri the 'Bogey Man' The real Ayman Al-Zawahiri appears on fake bin-Laden confession Video

Ayman Al-Zawahiri is the Egyptian who broadcasts his contempt of the west increasingly regularly, and conveniently it would appear, on the "JBN" (Jihad Broadcasting Network). It should be noted he also appeared in the 'fake bin-Laden' video.

A typical JBN (Jihad Broadcasting Network) video would refer to any broadcast that is made "apparently" outside of the "controlled" corporate media and has the following intentions and outcomes:

  1. Air, in the first instance to a Muslim audience, later to be interpreted and authenticated as "real" by the CIA.
  2. The video should contain numerous calls to "Jihad", and this is interpreted and accepted by the world as being "a call to terrorism".
  3. The terrorism is to be carried out by "unlawful enemy combatants" (UECs).
  4. This conveniently creates a justification for the ongoing "war on terror", which includes the unlawful detention, extra-ordinary rendition, torture & execution of persons.

If you accept the psychotic monologue of this crazy "Arab, Islamo-fascist" who wishes to create a new caliphate and replace the "Star Spangled Banner" over the White House, and the "Union Jack" over Downing Street with the flag of Islam then it's important to always remember context and background when presented with a new "video" on the "JBN".

Who is behind the bogey man Al-Zawahiri? Will the real Al-Zawahiri "CIA Stooge" please stand up?

Quite simply according to the controlled media, who are reliably informed by the alphabet security agencies, (CIA/MI5 etc), he is Osama bin Laden's deputy, and so is number 2 in Al-Quaeda. He is also someone who readily seems to be able to put together a broadcast which ultimately justifies the Anglo-American war on terror and loss of liberty at home. Al-Zawahiri seems to be able to put together a broadcast at the most convenient of times, whenever the Anglo-American corporate-oligarchy's war for petroleum seems to be floundering either domestically or internationally. Whenever an election looms, a controversial law is passed, set of illegal unconstitutional declarations are made by the White House, or a collection of mutilated bodies are discovered in Iraq or Afghanistan, all which might might expose the war on terror as being bogus. It is at this kind of critical juncture that al-Zawahiri seems to just have a knack of bringing out his latest video production.


There are many reasons to doubt the motives of Al-Zawahiri and those who control him, for he is a psychotic, but he is a useful idiot and caricature needed by the corporate-oligarchy to continue in it's present policy of crimes against humanity and hatchet job against individual liberty. Indeed caution and doubt must be exercised when considering the nature of this bearded, turbaned bogey man who frightens us under the covers with his every "video-nasty" appearance.

The past record of the video authenticators and the "fat bin-Laden Video".

The people who are trumpeting every releases of Al-Zawahiri as authentic, are the very same U.S. government contractor's such as "IntelCenter", and other CIA agencies, that authenticated "fat bin-Laden Video". This now famous December 13th 2001 "Osama bin-Laden confession video" was broadcast repeatedly by the corporate media as if there were no valid concerns regarding its date, circumstances in which it was discovered, prior ownership and chain of custody post "discovery". The "Osama bin-Laden confession video" featured widely in 9-11 truth documentaries including Loose Change.

This "authenticated video", still ridiculously claimed to be genuine by the corporate-intelligence-media-oligarchy, is widely discredited as a blatant fake by independent analysts. The "bin-Laden' confession video", is the one where he is conclusively confessing to the organising and supervising out 9/11 attacks. This is a poor quality video, which was apparently discovered in a house by U.S. forces in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in late November 2001. Bin-Laden, known to be tall, gaunt and left handed, appears in the video short, stout and right handed. He is not only writing a letter with his right hand, but eating using his non-dominant right hand hand too! This tape has been referred to as the "fat bin Laden tape" by many independent researchers and reporters. This is in reference not only to the anomalous weight of the alleged bin-Laden but also to distinguish the tape as a forgery.

There are two important issues to consider here. First is the July 18th 2006 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, filed by the Muckraker Report to the Department of Defence (DoD), to determine essential chain of custody documents in relation to the video. This was in an attempt to establish the validity of the video, and claims concerning expert translation and analysis made of the video [Original Article]. The Department of Defence reply dated September 6th 2006 stated that: [Original Letter]

It [DoD] conducted a search of its files and located no records responsive to the Muckraker Report’s FOIA request to document the circumstances, logistics and dates surrounding the discovery of the videotape, nor has the Department of Defence located records demonstrating the authenticity process and authenticity of the December 13, 2001 Osama bin Laden “confession video”.

It must also be remembered that the self incriminating bin-Laden video, played repeatedly by the corporate media, was not worthy of even a single mention by 9/11 Commission report. It is also important that this dubious and highly inconclusive video was the apparent result of a 'sting operation'. This would mean that bin-Laden and Al-Zawahiri were being set up by the intelligence agencies to confess to carrying out the 9/11 attacks prior to being captured or killed. Despite this "sting" he wasn't captured or killed, but the video was recovered.

The second import issue concerning the bin-Laden video is the statements made by Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program, who joined Dr. Kevin Barrett PhD on his radio show (gcnlive.com, 2/16/2007, first hour). Dr Barrett is a scholar of Islamic Studies, and Professor Lawrence is the author of a book entitled "Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden", which translates Bin Laden's writing. He is a recognised non-partisan expert on the writings, letters and broadcasts of bin-Laden. Professor Lawrence is widely consulted by the intelligence community on bin-Laden and his written and spoken words. On the radio braodcast Professor Lawrence states that the bin-Laden video is indeed a fake, and that there is every reason to doubt its authenticity.

It's important to remember the political value of airing fake tapes, recalling that on October 29, 2004, two days before the US elections, the Arab television network al-Jazeera broadcast a videotape apparently showing bin Laden addressing the people of the United States. In this video he appears to take credit for the idea to attack the WTC towers. He also condemns the Bush government's response to the attacks, and presents the attacks as part of a campaign of revenge and deterrence begun after personally seeing the destruction of the Lebanese Civil War in 1982.

Walter Cronkite said of the video “I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing.” [Original Article]. President Bush opened up a six-point lead over John Kerry in the first opinion poll to include sampling taken after the videotape was broadcast. [Original Article]. Again independent researchers found this "election special" tape to be flawed and very probably a fake.

An important video such as the bin-Laden confession may be of a dubious nature, but how does this relate to Al-Quaeda's number 2 in command, our man Ayman?

The simple answer is that Ayman Al-Zawahiri (the man with the skin defect in the central area of his forehead) stars alongside the "fat bin-Laden" in the confession video, where he is very much his "left hand man" - pun intended. Also appearing in the video is the paraplegic Saudi sheik Khaled al-Harbi. A reasonable question to ask at this point would be, if bin-Laden is an impostor in the video what is to say that Ayman Al-Zawahiri isn't also? Independent experts confirm the identities of the other men in the video, including the paraplegic sheik. The sheik has since been arrested and subsequently released, after he surrendered during an offer of leniency to terrorist suspects who surrendered by Saudi authorities. In response to the sheik's surrender in July 2004, a U.S. intelligence officer described sheik al-Harbi to CNN as “an extremist, yes, but an operational terrorist, no”, and “not particularly significant".

The appearance of Al-Zawahiri in the fake bin-Laden confession video has been used as a means to justify the video's authenticity on a prominent 9/11 "conspiracy" de-bunking website. Even so the said debunking website does state:

What you won’t see pointed out very often is that bin-Laden isn’t the only known person in the videos. Leading Al Quaeda figures Suleiman Abu Ghaith and Ayman al-Zawahiri are claimed to make make brief appearances, too. Presumably we’re supposed to believe they are also being impersonated? Neither person appears for long enough in the original tape to make a definite identification, and so their presence cannot actually prove anything. The best you can say is that the individuals in the tape do bear a strong resemblance to who they’re supposed to be, which in our view acts as a small plus point in favour of the tapes authenticity.

It can be safely concluded that the video featuring bin-Laden is a fake, but for al-Zawahiri who continues to star in his own video productions it is "genuine", but the reason for saying so isn't what it immediately appears to be. It's not because Ayman al-Zawahiri likes to feature alongside the fake bin-Laden!!

Ayman Al-Zawahiri the useful idiot, patsy and stooge.

Ayman Al-Zawahiri is bin-Laden's number 2 in command and his personal physician. What isn't readily reported by the controlled media is that he has a long history as a Anglo-American intelligence agency asset. In 1980 al-Zawahiri was a key player in the assassination of then president Sadat of Egypt. After committing the crime he came home to roost, in London, and was sheltered by the Anglo-American intelligence agencies from any reprisals or call to justice for his crime. Sadat's widow, Jehan Sadat, recalled in a television interview that for years after the crime, extradition to Egypt of al-Zawahiri (who is an Egyptian citizen) was refused by the UK authorities.

Al-Zawahiri's usefulness as an idiot patsy and agent provocateur for the Anglo-American war on terror has more recent history. His services were again requested by the CIA/MI5 to organise the NATO backed Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA) offensive against the Serbs in 1999, where he was sent to Albania to play a leading role. According to some experts this al-Quaeda/KLA (CIA sponsored) action took control of the "Balkan-route", which is the gigantic arms, drugs and money laundering activity arising from that region, with total complicity of NATO, former Warsaw Pact countries and their related intelligence agencies.

Zawahiri's appearances at the behest of the CIA draws the flack from the President's right to detain, torture and execute with impunity.

The most recent assault on domestic liberty in the United States has been the most deadly to date. It was none other than the passage of the latest draft of the detainee bill. Numerous non-partisan and even some partisan commentators lamented that this bill signified the end of the bill of rights in America. Even the corporate stalwart CNN had to relay via Jack Cafferty that the bill retroactively gives Bush, the Neo-Cons or any of their henchmen immunity from war crimes charges dating back to September 11 . Jack Cafferty went on to say:

"You wanna know the real disgrace about what these people are about to do or are in the process of doing? Senator Bill Frist and Congressman Dennis Hastert and their Republican stooges apparently don’t see anything wrong with this. I really do wonder sometimes what we’re becoming in this country."

Jack Cafferty wasn't the only one concerned with the content buried deep inside this bill, where much more besides retroactive immunity was granted to Bush & Co. Noted law professors and scholars reported in the main stream media that the bill that had cleared the house and senate was blatant attack on the the basic tenets of justice which have existed since Magna Carta including habeas corpus.

Bruce Ackerman a professor of law and political science at Yale and author of "Before the Next Attack: Preserving Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism." wrote in the L.A. Times, under an editorial opinion titled "Congress may give the president the power to lock up almost anyone he thinks is a terror threat.": "the compromise legislation, which is racing toward the White House, authorizes the president to seize American citizens as enemy combatants, even if they have never left the United States. And once thrown into military prison, they cannot expect a trial by their peers or any other of the normal protections of the Bill of Rights."

Ackerman went on to draw parallels to the Padilla case, as a case in point, here the commander in chief has the right to designate a U.S. citizen on American soil as an enemy combatant and subject him to military justice without recourse to the civilian court system.

Clearly this bill has huge implications for recall to justice, and the The Military Commissions Act of 2006 has already been termed the "Torturers Bill" in the alternative media, and probably very rightly so.

Further comment from Professor Marty Lederman went on to say of the bill "Choosing the most indefensible provision in this bill is a tall order -- there are many worthy candidates. But a provision that would grant DoD virtually unlimited discretion to detain "unlawful enemy combatants," as defined by Donald Rumsfeld himself, would be an awfully formidable candidate for that dubious honour".

Debate of the this wretched, contentious bill and the war on terrorism will no doubt continue, diversionary tactics through the release of another "terrorist video nasty", will also continue. The appearances of the moronic Al-Zawahiri will dominate the main stream media more and more, just as desecration of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and liberty in the United States and world wide occurs more and more. It is against the backdrop of the bearded bogey man al-Zawahiri, (who is just a CIA Stooge), that the assault on liberty continues.