Protecting the Patsies

Watergate-fame reporter Bob Woodward reveals in a new book that Don Rumsfeld impeded efforts to get Bin Laden, Condie Rice "brushed off" warnings of impending attacks 2 months before 9/11, and CIA director George Tenet could tell that "this is going to be the big one", and yet no one wanted to talk about it.

Why? The response from the administration will be that people thought the threats were fake or unverified, or that there was too much "chatter", so that the real signs of impending attack got lost among the noise.

But the truth may be different. Governments carrying out false flag operations have to protect their patsies (just as many of the supposed 9/11 hijackers were on terrorist watch lists, or living on military bases, or sharing rooms with FBI informants, but were still left to run around all over the country unimpeded).

And when a false flag operation relies on a massive, orchestrated stand down, it is necessary to act too distracted to listen to any advance warnings.

911 Truth has FINALLY come

911 Truth has FINALLY come to Daily Kos! Check out the (currently) most recommened "Gut Instinct" article :)

Here it is

That was a crappy article.

That was a crappy article. Long-winded not much substance.

Lousy Writer Lousy Article

That article was so long winded. No, it's not that. I guess I what I realy want to say is, it sucked. I was insulted by the amount of time and space the writer used to say nothing of value. And to add injury to insult, it was in two parts. Who does this dude think he is, Bob Woodward. At most, this dude sounds as if he's got a hard-on for Sander Hicks.

Lousy Writer Lousy Article

By the way, Bob Woodward is a scumbag. A scumbag that at least knows how to write a story.

911 "Truth" was done in by the truth.

Articles by people like Dunn, Popular Mechanics book, and others have utterly destroyed people like Griffin, Fetzer, Jones and the "911 truth" cotrie. The "truth" movement is nothing which claims 911 was an inside job is nothing but a pack of lies.

Whateva you say "Mark". How

Whateva you say "Mark". How much you gettin paid to be here again?

For months I too fell for the "911 truth" bullshit until Dunn's

recent exchange with Fetzer. Also, the European show that had on the controlled demolition expert Jowenko helped open my eyes. Before this recent enlightenment, I sent emails to people I knew supporting the unofficial inside job version of 911. Now after reading and listening to BOTH sides, I feel like the village idiot for believing the inside job crap. Like most, I hate being lied to and advise anyone that has bought into the "911 truth" movements myths, to carefully listen and read the other side. 911 wasn't an inside job.

Well Mark,

you ARE the village idiot, but for different reasons than those stated.

Mark, the very fact that you

Mark, the very fact that you admit to being on both sides of this issue at one time or another is a stunning example of how gullible and naive you truly are. thats big of you to admit it though. 9/11 was an inside job, despite the fact that you "woke up" since thinking so.

What's more stunning Chris is why anyone who has bothered

to read the good rebuttals of the "inside job" version of 911 would still think it was an inside job. Blindness and dogmatism amoung "911 truthers" must be very much alive a well.

Yes, be a good agent

keep on ranting. Stick to plan and always remember: Never, ever discuss the pesky facts.

Chris knows all about being naive and gullible


It is good that you chose to think for yourself. Chris, however, is firmly convinced he is right. No evidence is necessary for him. Chris subscribes to the principles established by Jon Gold right here.

The Jon Gold Woo-Woo Credo.

really? more naive and

really? more naive and gullible than Mark, who actually admitted to switching positions on such an important issue? what kind of a dumbass do you have to be to switch on an issue like this? also, try using a name you typically anonymous coward, your bullshit attempt at humor would hold more wieght that way.

Fa Reeeal!

Yeah, that's really a good one Mark, duh. Let me ask you a question: Of course Bush thinks about his legacy, but do you think he ever wonders how many people will be lining up to piss on his grave?

Conspiracy Theorist Mark, Go To Your Bedroom

Mark, we've all moved past the point of crazy conspiracy theories. Mark, you and all of your weirdo freinds who believe the craziest things have worn out your welcome. These are serious matters and you and your tin-foil hat brigade, that's you and everyone else who do not believe in gravity and also believe a small group of angry sheep herders can conquor an empire, well, you stange people should keep your bizzarre tales out of the conversation which is in pursuit of justice and prosecution of the mass murder of 3000 US citizens.

Bob Woodward, back on board?

Are we saying that Woodward is back in line? "Over it!" Sick and tired of being sick and tired?...

Woodward is a scumbag, dont

Woodward is a scumbag, dont expect him to go too far. how do you think he gets all that access in the first place? as a previous poster stated,Bernstien is the better half of that duo.

Finger pointing.

Ok, great, another indication that the administration was at least negligent. This is the safe way of directing blame. The administration expects this and knows it poses no substantial threat to their cover-up. If anything, it reinforces their campaign by conspicuously overlooking much more obvious deficiencies in the events of the day and those that followed. Distraction is their hypnotic drug. This is mostly distraction as it is now presented.

There is a lot more to this.

If you haven't done so, click on the link "in a new book" in the first sentence and be sure to read the entire piece by Ron Brynaert.

This is straight to-the-heart accusatory thrusting of LIHOP by the White House, and there isn't much difference between LIHOP and MIHOP. Both are deserving of the same kind of justice for the most serious and deadliest criminal act of betrayal in the country's history.

Considering Bob Woodward is way up the neocon ladder, this looks like it is more than just selling a book for money.

This looks like a major break in the ranks of the neocons. Are the wheels finally starting to come off the cart inside the emperor's palace?

Looks like it to me.

The more...

Ok, I didn't read it at first, but now I have.

From the linked article:
[The July 10 meeting of Rice, Tenet and Black went unmentioned in various investigations into the Sept. 11 attacks, and Woodward wrote that Black "felt there were things the commissions wanted to know about and things they didn't want to know about."

Jamie S. Gorelick, a member of the Sept. 11 commission, said she checked with commission staff members who told her investigators were never told about a July 10 meeting. "We didn't know about the meeting itself," she said. "I can assure you it would have been in our report if we had known to ask about it."]

Other than repeated statements of the July 10 meeting, this was the meat of the article. I guess I lack imagination that this together with the Rice meeting amount to LIHOP. The 'P' is critical. Nobody suggested it in the articles, only that the administration was asleep at the wheel (negligent).

And so I find what I expected to find...finger pointing of a manageable kind. I'll be shocked like everyone else if a serious discussion connecting the dots were to follow. In summary, I believe the uninformed public at which such content is targeted will remain asleep. However, if the truth movement ever gets traction, this sort of thing will serve well as a part of a good CYA campaign.

Ok, I'm a pessimist...realism's curse.

This is a great guide for aurguing 9/11 Truth

this guide is inane

definitely a guide for idiots who haven't done enough research. don't waste your time reading it unless you need a good laugh.

a good laugh

How many hours a day must one dedicate to this research before appreciation of a good laugh is forever lost?

Open the above-mentioned link to quick test your levity and determine just how close to the edge you're skating.

The Essential Guide to GOP Delivery of Talking Points

You know how I know the 911 Truth Movement is over the top and on its way to achieving justice and prosecutuion for the mass murder of 3000 US citizens, because literally evrey cop I've discussed it with now feels we need a serious investigation. These are cops who only 6 years ago probably would pulled Georges chain if he asked. As well, with everyone I discuss 911 Truth, it is clearly understood as a non-political issue. In fact I think the Republicans are the ones who appear more angry after discovering the truth about 911; those soft herated liberals seem to be slow to react to everything. 911 is the great unifier this country has been desperately yearning for over the last 6 years. Soon, the same sellouts who have enabled a coverrup of the mass murder of 3000 US citizens will turn on their masters to avoid being guilty of Obstruction of a crminal investigation into the MASS MURDER of 3000 US CITIZENS.

Bush Officials May Have

Bush Officials May Have Covered Up Rice-Tenet Meeting From 9/11 Commission
[Our guest blogger, Peter Rundlet, was a Counsel to the 9/11 Commission.]

Most of the world has now seen the infamous picture of President Bush tending to his ranch on August 6, 2001, the day he received the ultra-classified Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) that included a report entitled “Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US.” And most Americans have also heard of the so-called “Phoenix Memo” that an FBI agent in Phoenix sent to FBI headquarters on July 10, 2001, which advised of the “possibility of a coordinated effort” by bin Laden to send students to the United States to attend civil aviation schools.

As a Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, I became very familiar with both the PDB and the Phoenix Memo, as well as the tragic consequences of the failure to detect and stop the plot. A mixture of shock, anger, and sadness overcame me when I read about revelations in Bob Woodward’s new book about a special surprise visit that George Tenet and his counterterrorism chief Cofer Black made to Condi Rice, also on July 10, 2001:

They went over top-secret intelligence pointing to an impending attack and “sounded the loudest warning” to the White House of a likely attack on the U.S. by Bin Laden.

Woodward writes that Rice was polite, but, “They felt the brushoff.”

If true, it is shocking that the administration failed to heed such an overwhelming alert from the two officials in the best position to know. Many, many questions need to be asked and answered about this revelation — questions that the 9/11 Commission would have asked, had the Commission been told about this significant meeting. Suspiciously, the Commissioners and the staff investigating the administration’s actions prior to 9/11 were never informed of the meeting. As Commissioner Jamie Gorelick pointed out, “We didn’t know about the meeting itself. I can assure you it would have been in our report if we had known to ask about it.”

The Commission interviewed Condoleezza Rice privately and during public testimony; it interviewed George Tenet three times privately and during public testimony; and Cofer Black was also interviewed privately and publicly. All of them were obligated to tell the truth. Apparently, none of them described this meeting, the purpose of which clearly was central to the Commission’s investigation. Moreover, document requests to both the White House and to the CIA should have revealed the fact that this meeting took place. Now, more than two years after the release of the Commission’s report, we learn of this meeting from Bob Woodward.

Was it covered up? It is hard to come to a different conclusion. If one could suspend disbelief to accept that all three officials forgot about the meeting when they were interviewed, then one possibility is that the memory of one of them was later jogged by notes or documents that describe the meeting. If such documents exist, the 9/11 Commission should have seen them. According to Woodward’s book, Cofer Black exonerates them all this way: “Though the investigators had access to all the paperwork about the meeting, Black felt there were things the commissions wanted to know about and things they didn’t want to know about.” The notion that both the 9/11 Commission and the Congressional Joint Inquiry that investigated the intelligence prior to 9/11 did not want to know about such essential information is simply absurd. At a minimum, the withholding of information about this meeting is an outrage. Very possibly, someone committed a crime. And worst of all, they failed to stop the plot.

– Peter Rundlet

Counsel to the 9/11 Commission

I know this story is LIHOP at best, but :


Big news in my book.

Peter Rundlet is listed as Counsel on page CXIX of the 9/11 Commission Report.

You must take a look at this

This just makes me sick! I'm sure it will get under your skin as well.

Innocent Tortured Detainee Speaks of Bush's "Professionals"

A Canadian detained, tortured, found innocent and released tells his (sanitized) story to Anderson Cooper.

Here's another important aspect of 911 etc. gatekeeping

I don't endorse every statement/speculation in this article, but after carefully examining the questions raised in this article at a variety of websites about the 911 truth movement, I do believe it raises many disturbing and valid questions about how Zionism is covered up in this regard:

Jeffrey Blankfort is a journalist who has followed the Jewish Power issue for years, and carefully documented with voluminous empirical evidence that the US congress is OWNED by Jewish Power-- read his articles, join his mailing list (which monitors the Jewish press in detail).

Time to Investigate 911

Get ready to rumble! Wait a second, it won't be a rumble. There are nearly 300,000,000 of us and probably less than a thousand of them. So, let's get ready to crush them to withing an ounce of their lives. Afterwards, we'll decide whether life in jail is appropriate or maybe we'll push the culprits off the top of skyscrapers.

This Board

has become home to all sorts of hacks. Surly, there's the brain-wasted freepers-like, but more so, I think, are government disinformation-peeps. Can't you spot them 15 feet away? I can. Funny how desperate they are when they know, and of course we know, that the bush adiministration is so beyond FUCKED...HAHAHAHA! OK, so why do we still give any amount of attention to their cause? Why do we clap when they notice us? The government, the mainstream media, the HACKS who post stupid diversion crap on this sight... They are not worth anything.