Rolling Stone 9/11 Blog crawling with people playing "anti-semites"

Please anyone who gets this in time:

go over to the Rolling Stone Blog
and help out.

There are tons of posts by people pretending to be Truthers and smearing us with anti-semitic propaganda. Pretending to be for 9/11 Truth and then ranting about "Jews"

It's bad.

Thanks for the help if your able.

And if you're an agent reading this, you've got my curse.

I've been reading Fetzers. "The Great Zapruder Hoax" and you would not believe the amount of trouble that went into falsifying the data. The cover up and spin was bigger work than the original operation. This "operation" at Rolling Stone is definitely deliberate. It's not even skillfully done. But a trap for the sheeple, nevertheless.


hate to say it but they

hate to say it but they probably got the link from here.. i've had to delete numerous slurs against jews over the last couple of days..

some of us real truthers

some of us real truthers know that israel was involved, and the criticism is just

It is the Judaic Zionists

It is the Judaic Zionists who are running Israel right now, and most of Israel does not like this bunch, but you must understand the system that is in place in Israel that manages to get these types of people in power.To fully realize what this group is like, check it out here;