Abolish the Secret Service -- US legalizes Torture

FIJI has done it.

It has been demonstrated that it *can* be done...

Abolishing the secret service. Shut down the intelligence agencies.

Over the years there have been many voices saying
DEMOCRACY survives DESPITE the spy agencies.

Seems that in the USA that is no longer the case.

Abolishing the CIA will be the only way to return to accountability,
to the rule of law.

The CIA, simply put, is unlawful. In other words... you can choose.. either CIA or democracy. Both is not possible.


Military Commissions Act of 2006

Any alien unlawful enemy combatant engaged in hostilities or having supported hostilities against the United States is subject to trial by military commission as set forth in this chapter.

US representatives LEGALIZE crimes against humanity.


Congress LEGALISES crimes retroactively!

That image is disturbing and

That image is disturbing and disgusting, can you take it down please u2r2h?