Carrier Strike Group leaves for Iran on Tuesday

Hmm ... Bush mentioned EXPLOSIVES .. (see my previous blog entry), so things are desperate for his scriptwriters (the perps). Soon more US warships will arrive in the gulf.. Late October .. ... ...

Just in time for the Nov 7 elections,_2006

Killing thousands and making the earth radioactive FOR POLITICAL GAIN? I think its more a case of TO AVOID GETTING HANGED.

As always.. the ENEMY will "attack unprovoked" .. and "we" are "just" defending us.

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin? ...

The Navy has recovered from the 9/11 wiping-out of their electronic warfare technicians inside the pentagon... maybe now they can make the Iranians fire a missile into a US warship.

The recent CONSILLIATORY BUSH RETHORIC towards Iran will be brandished as proof that nobody wanted that war...

2001 days after 9/11 is: Monday, March 5, 2007 ---

Overhauled carrier USS Eisenhower to deploy after six years
By the Associated Press
September 30, 2006
NORFOLK, Va. -- The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is going to sea again after a major overhaul and a nuclear refueling.

The carrier and four other Norfolk-based ships and submarines carrying 6,500 sailors are to leave Tuesday for a scheduled deployment.

The flotilla will head to the Mediterranean Sea and eventually will relieve the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier USS Enterprise strike group. The Enterprise is in the Arabian Sea supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Commanded by Rear Adm. Allen G. Myers, the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group also includes the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyers USS Ramage and USS Mason, and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News. All have their home port in Norfolk.

The "Ike" last deployed in February 2000 and returned in August of that year.

The Eisenhower, nearly 29 years old, entered Northrop Grumman's Newport News shipyard in May 2001 for a $1.5 billion mid-life refueling of two nuclear reactors and an overhaul. That was completed in March 2005.

The ship conducted sea trials until October 2005, and its crew and air wing have been training for the deployment ever since.

The Enterprise deployed in May and is to return home next month.

During June and July, the Enterprise launched 781 aircraft sorties, bombing enemy positions as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and 237 aircraft sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, the release said.

Since the end of August, the Enterprise has launched nearly 300 sorties and dropped about 90 precision bombs and rockets in support of NATO forces and other coalition troops in Afghanistan, the Navy said.,0,3566874.story?coll=dp-headlines-virginia

This is clearly

...the by-far biggest news of the day. This should certainly get bumped to the "News" section. We are now at the greatest risk for a pretext-creating false flag, just like in August-September '01 when troops had been deployed to Afghanistan. The October Surprise bringing Hell on Earth may very well be upon us.

they wont be as stupid this

they wont be as stupid this time though. it will likely be a dirty bomb or something in South Carolina. certaintly not a snuff film like 9/11 was. they overplayed their hand with that one and they know it.

My fear is

...that they'll do something very big in Tel Aviv, so that they can market it as Holocaust II.

Is this?

The october suprize???