Frank DeMartini: WTC Hero

I've been studying 911 truth for a number of years now, and just today realized that I had somehow missed something very important.

I was watching the Discovery Channel 9/11 documentary today (yes, it didn't cover the questions about the collapse, but it was informative nonetheless). From it, I've learned that Frank DeMartini was not only the construction manager for the WTC, he was also a hero on that day.

Most of us are aware of the video clip where Mr. DeMartini states that the towers were designed to withstand multiple plane impacts. If you've never seen it, here it is:

NEVER, in any of the many references I saw to this man or this clip, did I ever hear a reference to
his heroism. It was always something like "ironically, Frank DeMartini died at WTC".

I'm here to proclaim that Frank DeMartini didn't just die that day. He died saving many other people.
For one source of information on his herorism, see:

God bless Frank DeMartini.

Uh, Gideon...

I created this blog to honor Mr. DeMartini's memory and his herorism.

Please feel free to create your own blog to discuss your interest. Thanks.

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IIRC, that argument originally sprang from Maddox, specifically on this page. You counter that argument by saying that the Titanic wasn't specifically designed to withstand an iceberg, but the WTC was specifically designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707, comparable to a 767 in size, fuel load, mass and cruise speed.

That is not to say collapse initiation was impossible, but unlikely.

good for you alex in

good for you alex in pointing out demartini's heroism.

Thanks James...

...glad we could agree on something ;)

You're right

to point this out... I was aware of it before, but I'm glad you posted this. Occasionally, mr. DeMartini has been derisively portrayed by "debunkers" as a man who died exactly because he "misjudged" the resilience of the World Trade Center. I don't care though: he's a hero, period.

Frank DiMartini

Frank and a Hispanic co worker were true heroes. There is no greater love than to give your life up for your friends.
They saved many that day.
God bless Frank and his American buddy...True American heroes.