Idea for the next 911blogger blogad

I think it's very cool that Dz uses the ads to promote other things besides 911blogger in the blogads, that shows real selflessness and solid teamwork. But this time I recon the next blogad should be purely an advertisement for the Blogger. There's no big news about at the minuet and documentaries like “911 Mysteries” and “911: Press for truth” are spreading themselves. What do ppl think?


After seeing what went down on Kos lately, I can imagine many people are now willing to actually go where no man without a tinfoil hat has gone before. And once they arrive here, they'll see that we're actually pretty normal people only calling to attention some pretty unnormal events.

What happend on Kos?

What happend on Kos?

A good as "tinfoil" diary got rec'd and commented some 500+times

Read it here.

The first 1/3 of comments are so-so, but from there you can see that the ~80% basically in favor of the CT, as reflected constantly in their polls, have finally overcome their inhibitions and started talking.

Yea I saw something similar

Yea I saw something similar a while back, it was a topic on Kos about the anthrax attacks and they were all sceptical about it. It's always the same deal over there though, there's like 20 dicks who attack 9/11 truth etc, but when you look at poll results etc often time there literally inside job yes: 1000 no: 20, and I'm not over estimating lol.

They're still hesitant

to go beyond the Red/Blue herring. Maybe the neocon frontrows are being concertedly set up to take the fall for their puppeteers, the topmost echelon of globalist arsewipes. I do believe however that people will be willing to listen even to the at first bizarre sounding NWO aspects once 9/11 will have been exposed.

sounds good. the only thing

sounds good. the only thing i thing i would add is that the ad should be painfully obvious about 9/11 being an inside job. this way, even if people on Raw or wherever its posted dont click the link, they will still be confronted with the idea that 9/11 was an inside job and that the site they frequent might not endorse that view, but they at least allow an ad that does.

Yes, there is no more time

to beat around the bush. We now need to beat the Bush itself.

Yea man I agree actually.

Yea man I agree actually. They might not accept it but there's no point watering down our politics to suit these sell-outs.

I actually believe

that the very explicit mention, and its confident assertion, can in turn influence people who were subdued by social pressure before to bring this up in public, initiating a chain reaction.

Good point Dem, and...

Yes, the new ad should be self promotion. The new and improved site features are certainly the most obvoius reason. This should definately be emphasized. Also, Blogger has recently been distinguishing itself as one of the most open and democratic fora in which to discuss 9/11. In many ways Blogger has become a core resource for the movement. It might be good to somehow make that point with a bit of humility.

I don't think that the ad should emphasize that '9/11 was an inside job'. 911Blogger is a resource for 9/11 news and opinion. And the authors are not affraid to express their opinions. But on an organizatonal level it is better for them to promote the site with a 'decide for yourself' approach. Once you look at the site, its obvious what's going on. Also, with a less specific approach, many will look at the site who may not yet be convinced that 9/11 was in fact an inside job. The content can be uncompromising, while the promotional strategy is more welcoming.

Just my opinion.

International Truth Movement

A good point as well...

Maybe something like:

9/11 - looking for answers? so do we!

Thanks Jules, I hope Dz

Thanks Jules, I hope Dz reads that, great points!

thanks for the comments and

thanks for the comments and the post dbls, i will keep this in mind when i put together the new ad.