A 2 Minute BREAK!!!

Okay, this is a little off topic, but I had to show you a Video that was created off of the speech of the 72 year
old senator Ted Stevens trying to describe how the Internet Works. THis is who we have running our gov't. deciding on
Net Nuetrality. Please note....the stutters are not a re-mix, it is how he gave the speech!

This first video is the Original Speech


Then watch what somebody did with it here.


After you listen to this..........tell me?

What is wrong with our gov't?

Just a little 2-minutes of fun, before I read this entire Iran attack blog again...


I just started a very basic web design class, and on the first night the instructor was starting off with very, very basic questions for us, including "What is the internet?" Two of us smart alecks simultaneously answered "It's a series of tubes!" Later, when she asked what role Al Gore played in its development, we chimed in "He invented the tubes!" Unfortunately, I don't think the instructor had heard this guy, and probably wondered WTF our problem was.


Did you watch the video some guy just posted on the top of the blog!! WOW