Another Day in the Empire Weighs in on Recent Atta Footage

Missing Link Atta “Martyrdom” Video Appears Five Weeks Before Election -

Suddenly, with the midterm election five weeks away, a previously undiscovered video emerges, showing Mohammed Atta “reading his ‘martyrdom’ will inside Afghanistan at Usama bin Laden’s headquarters.”

In another segment, Atta appears with Ziad Jarrah, who, according to the official nine eleven fairy tale, was the pilot of “United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers apparently stormed the flight deck,” according to Fox News.

As an extra added bonus, the tape shows Ramzi Binalshibh, the “senior” al-Qaeda leader and Hamburg cell member, supposedly captured after a gunbattle in Karachi, Pakistan, on September 11, 2002, and handed over to the United States.

The “high quality, unedited film” is being hyped as a missing link in the official mythology. “American and German investigators have struggled to find evidence of Atta’s whereabouts in January 2000 after he disappeared from Hamburg. The hour-long tape places him in Afghanistan at a decisive moment in the development of the conspiracy when he was given operational command. Months later both he and Jarrah enrolled at flying schools in America.”

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Thanks Carol for the heads up!

Is it just me or does that

Is it just me or does that cat in the video look NOTHING like M. Atta?

I haven't seen a good, clear still shot yet

but when I saw it on tv I blurted out "That's supposed to be Atta?!" First impression: does not look like Atta.

Doesn't matter a whole lot to me, though. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein: a patsy is a patsy is a patsy

Looks much younger

This "Mohammed Atta" looks much younger than the picture we've seen so many times or the video of Atta and the other guy at Walmart the night before 9/11. I'd say at least 20 - 25 years younger.

I don't think this Ziad Jarrah looks like the known pictures of him, either.

NOT Atta

It's NOT Atta.

Take Your Blinders Off

The two individuals look exactly like Mohamed Atta and Ziad Samir Jarrah.

(Because they are Atta and Jarrah.)

How convenient!

Yes, how convenient for the video to just turn up just weeks b4 the election but unfortunately, the sheeple will just keep bleeting and lapp the bs up like they usually do.

Secondly, IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ATTA. OMG, how stupid do they think we are!!

Thirdly, it wouldnt surprise me that the story gets somehow twisted that Atta is now hiding in Iran with Bin Laden and that Iran keeps denying it and the only way to get justice for the 3000+ people that were killed on 911 is to "liberate Iran" and bring Democracy to it. Wow, I should be a spin doctor for the Repulican party. I would rather eat shit and die!!!

Oh yeah, democracy? Hmmm, isnt that where we bomb the shit out of other countries, torture their men, rape their women and children, steal their oil, demolish infrastructures and monuments and create unrest and civil war? WOW, I thought for a moment that was TERRORISM? How completely stupid of me!


Stand for SOMETHING...or you'll fall for ANYTHING!!

enough of this 'doesn't look

enough of this 'doesn't look like atta' garbage.

sure, he looks a lot younger...has a beard, looks chubbier...but you can tell the eyes are very distinct.

so it's atta. big damn deal. doesn't prove shit.


it was the appearance of the eyes that made me think it didn't look like Atta.

Why would he look "a lot younger" a year before the famous mugshot?

But I agree, it doesn't matter.

No Coke in Wahabi camp

I reckon he was off the coke and booze for a couple of weeks, unlike in the usual mugshot (where did that photo come from, anybody know?).

I'm sorry, but that freak

I'm sorry, but that freak looks nothing like Atta.

Whomever's idea it is that

Whomever's idea it is that this is an 'unedited' video tape neesds to get back on their meds.

Watch the hand-held shot in Goodfellas as Henry and Karen stroll into the Copacabana. THAT is an unedited video. And if it's 'unedited', where do the Hollywood screentest still shots of the key players (with magic mauve border, as the timestamp mysteriously continues to flow through) come from?

Typical CIA-manufactured crap, just like Atta and Bin Laden themselves. And let me guess - this was also found in a house in Kandahar, laying around loose in a closet, right? And what's the commonality between these 5 clips - that they all arrived at al-Jazeera in the a same box?

Guys, this is all about cxeating a debatable controversy that we can scream about for months if not years. Atta has a beard for that same reason, so it kinda looks like him and kinda doesn't. All misdirection to take away from the plain fact that NOWHERE ARE BIN LADEN AN ATTA IN THE SAME SHOT. This could have been assembled from videos shot on opposite ends of the planet.


Somebody on another site is

Somebody on another site is claiming as below.

I have no idea of the veracity of the claim, just purely fyi.


1. 10/3/2006 - 8:52:16AM
BY: James Dorman

It can be proven that the tape is from the United States Government. They showed the tape to prisoners of Guantanamo in 2003. This can be proven to anyone with an internet connection. See for yourself it's in a docudrama released months ago called "Road to Guantanamo." Google it! It's about 1 hour and 14 minutes into the movie. They show the same video with the same datestamp to prisoners. The video is obviously a surveillance video (hence the reason for the interest in the crowd not the speaker) who would do surveillance on Al Queda? Again it's the US Government.

Atta was a US Agent. This is not a secret. Or perhaps the CIA didn't have informants in the organization that it actually created. Come on--the US Government is behind the fake osama tapes as well. But this one is provable. See it yourself at Google video, "Road to Guantanamo" ... 1 hour and 14 second mark it's right there.

"another site"? Which one??

"another site"? Which one??

All indicators suggest that

All indicators suggest that it was filmed by U.S. intelligence and purposefully timed for a politically expedient release to coincide the the passage of the Military Commissions Act. The fact that Atta and Jarrah appear in the same release, even though it was not the same day as the Rally and they may not have been in the same location as Bin Laden makes the whole thing stink to high heaven.

Check the video footage below for yourself. Go to 1hr 14mins of Road To Guantanamo to see the same footage as was released this week.

Think about this for a second. The government is passing off old stuff as new and almost waving it in front of our faces in plain view that it's a fraud by using it in the context of a dramatization where US interrogators show Gitmo detainees fake videos with their likeness pasted in in an attempt to get them to confess to being Al-Qaeda members.

How many more times can they get away with this perpetuating lie?

We have previously reported how a number of these Al Qaeda tapes are uploaded from government websites in America.

NOT Atta

It's NOT Atta.