Connecting in OKC, Warr Acres 73122

I am a TRUTH SEEKER from {Warr Acres} Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73122 looking to connect with THINKERS such as myself. We know 911 was an inside job, and it is shameful to think the course of action our nation is taking by allowing the Bush regime to continue in this manner! REVOLUTION is not a dirty word. It is not un-American! It is what a Patriot who loves their Country does in times of crisis! I want to share info with THINKER’S who feel the same, and I have videos such as; Loose Change, 911 Eyewitness, Road to Tyranny, Rise of a Police State, Terror Storm, etc to share with others as well, and will continue to chip away at this injustice towards defenseless countries for oil and world dominance! Too many lies are being sold to Americans in the name of security from terrorists to take away our Liberties! We want OUR COUNTRY back! That’s why we need a NEW CONGRESS! WE WANT the TRUTH from our government!

Since taking the RED PILL in March of this year I have attempted to get my message to Main Stream Media KFOR in Oklahoma City on the 10:00 PM newscast of THE RANT, and to date have made no progress whatsoever! I’ll be looking for a response from concerned Americans in the OKC area who wish to spread the TRUTH and take back OUR COUNTRY and live according to our CONSTITUTION! We do not want a dictator!

Hey OK truther, any thoughts on the Murrah/McVeigh fraud?

I would think Oklahomans would be all over truth activism...

Murrah Building bombing/McVeigh fraud

  You would think Oklahomans would be all over looking for the truth in the Murrah building bombing, but they just swallow the McVeigh/Nichols version from the government as to the facts hook, line, and sinker! I viewed original news footage with anchors Kevin Ogle and Linda Cavanaugh, and their original stories state bombs exploding inside the building other then the rental truck, and Middle Eastern men shown in photos, and since then the story has changed. There’s also video missing from two locations to verify this. Where are those videos? Good Questions! Questions that should be ask here in OKC and are not. On a weekly basis I write to THE RANT a forum on the   10:00 PM newscast Monday through Thursday, and my RANTS are always ignored. Even on Open Topic night. This forum is on KFOR an affiliate of NBC. An important rant to this forum is a bad call at an OU or OSU football game! I personally moved here nine months after the bombing, but ask more questions with no results more so then people here affected by the tragedy. It seems ironic that in 1994 Clinton’s Gun Control Bill was shot down, and in 1996 a year after the bombing it was passed with very little opposition! As far as I’m concerned the bombing here was a dry run for 9/11.

   The Main Stream Media here in OKC delivers the news as it does all over America. Are people that scared of our Government? They should demand the truth, and the people responsible should be prosecuted as any criminal would be under the laws of this land! That means to take it to the streets if necessary! Due to my so called distorted thinking in regards to the Murrah building, and 911 I have lost most friends. They think I’m crazy, and I’m starting to wonder myself at times. The evidence is obvious though, and I will continue to chip away at the truth until the Bush regime goes down! I am a Patriot, and love my Country, and will rant and rave till my last breath! I did it in the 60’s, and I’ll do it again, only this time without LSD and the long hair which looking back now was a mistake!

    I am ashamed of how our Government invades small countries for its resources and world dominance, and simply murders people in my opinion!