Constitution Class

This is enlightening to say

This is enlightening to say the least... 

The Constitution should be taught in each and every year of public education so it is drummed into the consciousness of every American.


Do they even teach it at all in High School? 

I went to one of the largest

I went to one of the largest High Schools in America (6,000 ish students):

9th grade: US History... very sanitized history, didn't touch the constitution, save who wrote it, and when it was signed... some of the lasting values, and ideals, etc

10th grade... nothing

11th grade.. Adv. US History: went into corruption a little more, still sanitized, really nothing on constituion
Adv US Gov: Mostly argued about republicican/democrat issues, memorized the bill of rights, skimmed through the rest.

12th grade... nothing

Thanks, DHS...

DHS - I'd seen these before, and can heartily recommend them. Thank you for calling attention to this great resource.

I have a nephew, who is learning rudimentary facts about the Constitution in his 3rd grade class.... which I'm very pleased about.

It's a national disgrace that the Consitiution is not one of the primary subjects of study in our schools.

We need more of the Constitution shown and taught

My Daughter and a friend did a class project, which they went around a nearby town (population 7000) and presented to people certain scenarios and of what rights did they believe they had for each situation.
As I watched these videos, it became clear almost all of the people they interviewed had no clue what rights they had, let alone how few words they knew of the Constitution.
Some even were getting irritated partly because they did not know and others because they did not care simply because they didn't like History class and that they had already passed their Constitution test in High School and did not think they needed any more of it to know.
I suggested that what should have been added was this;
The corporate-government press has given US a myriad of choices. Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Hawk, Dove, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Fathers, Mothers, Children, Best Interest, No Interest, Patriots, Terrorists,Values, No Values, Stupid, Not Stupid, Conspirators, Conspiracies, Theories, Divinities, etc., are merely labels to divide and divert the people from the only question that needs to be asked of America. Does America Live by the Constitution of America or do we exist in Tyranny? The answer to that Constitutional Question answers almost all the rest of the corporate-government label questions and allows the People to focus on what is Right, Just and the True America.
A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy." James Madison
Somehow it needs to get known to all people, at least to even get them thinking.