Did Your Senator Kill Habeas Corpus?

The link is incomplete...

The link is incomplete...

fixed it for him..

fixed it for him..

You beat me to it...

...by 30 seconds, dz. :)

Thank you both.

Alex, you have it backwards,

Alex, you have it backwards, the "YEA"s voted for passage of the bill.

Actually, I dont...

...that's a different vote, that has been placed on that URL, replacing the one I originally linked to (I have no idea why). I'm in the process of finding the new link to the habeas corpus vote....

The Habeas Corpus vote link has been updated...

I don't know how or why that link got switched around, but it's updated now.

Thanks, imgstacke, for alerting me to that.

Help me understand this?

Wow.....I have spent hours going over all of these Bills. It is no wonder they can sneak stuff right in. Here are my questions after reading... a lot.

The Bill Passed and this amendment failed? And to see if I have this right, This amendment would of eliminated something from the original bill....so it is all Bad news??

Thanks for the help in understanding, and after reading the original bill on all of the things that can throw you into the "Enemy Combatant" Arena, it makes me sick.....If I understand it correctly, this bill could actually label us as "Enemy Combatants" RIGHT?? With this type of site, and not agreeing to Bush's policy, if I read it right then we are actually violating this bill and our "allegiance" to the United States as the bill reads.....help me here, and correct any of my thoughts if I am mis-informed?

"Is it all bad news?"

Yes. It sucks. It's one of the worst attacks on the Constitution ever.

What the Hell.....

Everything is going down the SH***ER, why can't we stop this????

Check out

Check out worldcantwait.org

At least 150 cities will be having demonstrations this Thursday, Oct 5.  They're not super big on 9/11 truth on the national level, but on the local level (Portland) they're quite welcoming and seem to take government complicity in 9/11 as a given.  On the national website, you should be able to find a local event if there is one in your area.

 Webster Tarpley has said that in the event of another false flag attack, our only hope is a general strike.  Think of this as a practice run.



Oct 5th is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cancel everything!!!!

TakeAction: Here are a

TakeAction: Here are a couple of different takes on this situation: