Goodbye Freedom Part I

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Some very Wise words on this Video!!


We can't hide from these bastards. That's what they want. We all have to stand out in the open and hide in plain sight. Alex Jones, Stephen Jones, Dylan Avery and Jim Marrs don't hide. Mike Ruppert doesn't hide...ok, bad example. HAHA The point is that hiding only shows fear of the government. I hate that expression, "I love my country but fear my government." I DON'T fear my government no matter how powerful they are because God is on our side and will protect us, whether you believe in Him or not. I fear God, not the government. Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Listen to me, U.S. Government, especially President Bush and you listen good because I know you're reading this. I SPIT IN YOUR FACE. I PISS ON YOUR ANCESTOR'S GRAVES, LIKE THAT OF PRESCOTT BUSH. FUCK EVERY DAMN LAST ONE OF YOU COCKSUCKING BITCHES THAT HELPED CARRY OUT 9/11 AND CONTINUE TO TRASH OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! Throw my ass in jail, torture me, and kill me. YOU WILL NEVER SHUT MY ASS UP UNTIL YOU KILL MY ASS DEAD.
I don't have a girl or kids so I really don't have much to lose, but I understand why people are afraid, but we must not fear them. They are cockroaches and cockroaches scatter as soon as the lights come on which is why we must not hide in fear with masks and such. We have nothing to hide because we are not the criminals here. THEY ARE. They killed innocent people for political gain and they're the ones hiding out in plane site while we're hiding behind masks, etc...when the roles should totally be flipped. They should, and will be, the ones hiding and we will be the ones in the public's eye soon once the truth breaks free of this mainstream media stranglehold. Thank God for the internet because when it goes, we're all in deep shit but as long as it's running, we still have a chance, so don't give in.

That law that passed in Congress a few days ago only makes me want to hit the streets and spread the truth even more. FUCK FEAR.

I'm not slamming WTCREALITY.ORG in this by any means whatsoever so please don't take offense. You are very wise, informed, and concerned for us all. I'm too opinionated sometimes but this is something I feel very strongly about. It just breaks my heart to see people hiding behind masks and running off to Venezuela. I was scared to death to go to NYC this 9/11/06 because of a nuke going off to silence us all, but I went anyway and as soon as I got around all you guys in the 9/11 Movement for the first time, my fear assuaged and never resurfaced and STILL HAS NOT! I love you guys too much to fear those cocksuckers that are doing this to us and love conquers all. Remember, the human psyche has two primary emotions, LOVE and FEAR and two natural responses in moments of danger...FIGHT or FLIGHT.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
P.S. If I go missing, you know what happened to me and it's not because I killed myself. I've made suicidal threats in the past but in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I finally have something to live for, TRUTH, FREEDOM, AND THE AMERICAN WAY!

Love always,
Gideon Wilcox Almy, IV...I'm sure you can use my full name to track my ass down so have at it motherfuckers! I FUCKING DOUBLE-DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've Been dusting off my

I've Been dusting off my pitch fork lately...


When I typed "Very Wise Words" ....I had just finished reading the mess of a Bill that was just passed and was in such dis-belief that this could be happening here in the USA....... I can't stand it.
Gideon524, I am with you man, when the Shit hits the fan, I hope I am in the cell with you. And if we don't make it to a cell, I will see you on the other side.
The Time IS Now my brothers....
The Time is Short......
The Turning point is right in front of us...

Oct 5th!!

None taken. I understand

None taken. I understand where you are comming from indeed. But maybe the "Guy" who made this video does infact have alot to lose, but still wants to do his part in helping people,in general and in finding/uncovering the truth. Im sure the "guy" in this video appreciate all of your comments ;)

Best Regards,

Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!