Given the bombshell revelations in Bob Woodward's new book, "State of Denial" and Condi's weak and unconvincing "denials" and "deflections", we have more than enough reason to call for a completely new investigation of the events surrounding September 11, 2001.

Here are some of Condi's verbatim statements about the allegations that she was strongly warned by George Tenet of an impending attack on America:

"What I am quite certain of is that I would remember if I was told, as this account apparently says, that there was about to be an attack in the United States, and the idea that I would somehow have ignored that I find incomprehensible," Rice said.

"I don't know that this meeting took place, but what I really don't know, what I'm quite certain of, is that it was not a meeting in which I was told there was an impending attack and I refused to respond," Rice said.

Rice referred to the session as "the supposed meeting" and noted that it is not part of the independent Sept. 11 Commission's report.

"I remember that George was very worried and he expressed that," Rice told reporters. "We were all very worried because the threat reporting was quite intense. The problem was that it was also quite nebulous."

"It kind of doesn't ring true that you have to shock me into something I was very involved in," Rice said.


Okay, here is what we can conclude about Condi Rice. She is either:

A) Incredibly stupid;

B) has serious attention deficit disorder;

C) is a HUGE liar;

D) is a patsy being set-up to take the fall for LIHOP;


Personally, I think the answer is "E". But that is really neither here nor there. What we really have here is a failure to communicate; In this case, to the 9/11 Commission. Rice and Tenet had a sworn duty to communicate the facts of this meeting. "It kind of doesn't ring true" and "I don't know that this meeting took place" is NOT going to cut it. Not in the wake of 3,000+ American lives lost and possibly many more deaths due to toxic air in the days and months following 9/11.

We need answers and we need them now! Every American citizen should be on the same page right now! This is no longer an Democrat vs. Republican thing. It's an American thing! Indeed, it is a global thing!! INVESTIGATE 9/11 NOW!!!

I'm thinking "D"

and if it had been up to me, I wouldn't have chosen the regime's most prominent African-American woman. Not that I'm any kind of fan of Condi's. I'm just sayin'.

Condi and Colin

Condi and Colin were both used by George Bush.


I'm just strikes me as unfair or perhaps ironic. Slightly more "unfair" than Ollie North taking the fall, way back when.

Three words . . .

pass the popcorn.