On Thursday, October 5th, get a posse and infiltrate your local WCW march/demo with 9/11 Truth.

Here's a list of cities/actions in the US:


In San Francisco, the group (a front for the RCP - I have no qualms about highjacking their agenda) has a 24 hour permit for Justin Herman Plaza. That's a lot of bullhorning time...

9/11 TRUTH NOW! 

You don't have to infiltrate if you can just join.

Although the national organization's website does not appear to be receptive to 9/11 Truth, the demos are organized on a local level. DON'T ASSUME YOUR LOCAL GROUP IS NOT DOWN WITH 9/11 TRUTH. I went to an organizer's meeting yesterday and people seemed quite informed about 9/11 and encouraged me to bring fliers and wear a signboard that says "Ask me about 9/11."


Yes, I was using the word sort of playfully... infiltrate = show up with 9/11 truth signs, flyers, etc. At last year's wcw march in SF, I noticed a large percentage of the participants were school kids. So I'm going to take this year's event as an oppurtunity to recruit for the new student-oriented truth group starting up here.