9/11 Fact Sheet

The webmaster at 911Proof has posted the 9/11 Fact Sheet in a much easer-to-read format: click here to see it.

Forward the 9/11 Fact Sheet to newbies who have heard more about the false, red herring objections to 9/11 truth than about the actual evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

Man Arrested For Criticizing Cheney Files Lawsuit

Man Arrested For Criticizing Cheney Files Lawsuit: http://prisonplanet.com/articles/October2006/031006_b_Criticizing.htm

You will not criticize our glorious Führer!!!

911 Proof

Such a great site! Just one thing, "Muslims" is misspelled. They need to spell check their fact sheet. Otherwise, excellent.

Found another typo on this

"disrespectful" is misspelled. Mr. Nimmo, please spell check your fact sheet which is otherwise excellent. Thank you.

ya, i took some time to look

ya, i took some time to look through this last night myself, looks like a good spot to refer people to who reply back with the most typical responses.

the only constructuve criticism i would give is that you should make use of sans-serif fonts for web text and serif fonts for printed text! :)