American: Patriot to Profiteer - Aaron Russo

The Movie That Will Cause the Declaration of Worldwide Martial Law.

That's my review of Aaron Russo's Masterpiece of Rights. I cannot put it more strongly or simply. One way or the other, this is the movie of your life. The movie will make you sick to your stomach and aware of what the US government is doing by documented evidence of Both Political Parties' activity. We must act now or forever live in fear.
''America: Freedom to Fascism''' (A:FtF) is an extremely needed exceptional movie for the exposure and reform of this government's abuse of America. As one of the many activists that try to stay current with all areas of the Constitutional abuses of this government, enthusiastic surprise and relief overtook me as a post revealed "Aaron Russo's -'' America: Freedom to Fascism - Full Version - For movie screening only" on google video. Finally, here was the movie in which many are placing their hopes for release and discovery of much needed information available for mass consumption.

My anticipation was gleefully rewarded as the illegal IRS government scam was thoroughly shown as the defrauding of US citizens by the un-Constitutional and illegal actions of both parties, the judiciary of this current government and all past 'representatives' of the People since 1913. The IRS aspect consumes about 2/3rds of the movie time. In the remaining time it progresses to the private bankers that set the stage for the IRS deception via the private Federal Reserve Bank corporatists.
Some specific examples of the tyranny being performed by this government upon its people follow. It was nice to see the fascist actions employed upon myself portrayed when the movie shows government actions in the Katrina disaster.

After that, comes 'ze papers' in this government's effort to neutralize anyone without the official 'papers' and the progression from papers to RFID - Radio Frequency ID. Not only will every move and transaction be logged, but transactions themselves will require your 'radio papers'. Your survivability will revolve around your RFID. No RFID - no money, no transactions, no food - indeed, your very existence vanishes. With a single click an individual, a group, or every person on the planet can simply be vanquished to poverty and anonymity.
The information is far too valuable to be allowed to be trickled out into oblivion for the filling of ones pocket. Mr. Russo seems more concerned with his savings account than saving America. So much so, that he is destroying the value of his supposed patriotic production. America waited for months with hype of his big opening in theaters around the country.

On July 28, it opened in 10 theaters where approximately 9,000 people viewed it in the first week. So far 13 cities have shown or 'pledged' a showing of the film. Being generous with the stats, in one month only 12 cities and 36,000 people have even had a chance to see America: Freedom to Fascism. Again, being generous in the stats, in a years time, 150 cities and 1/2 a million people will have seen the picture. In a decade, 1,500 cities and five million people will have seen the movie. In 10 decades, a century 15,000 the cities and 50 million people will have had access to this movie. With roughly 20,000 cities and 290 million people a whole century will only allow 1/6 of the population and only 3/4 of the number of cities to view the film. By the time this movie is seen by the number of people needed to take action, they will all be dead of old age, if this current government allows them to live that long. In the first month, between donations and ticket sales the movie has grossed 3/4 of a million dollars. This is not the action of a patriot nor anyone actually concerned with getting the truth known about this government for action of the people. This so called big showing across America for freedom is nothing more than a method of filling Mr. Russo's wallet at the expense of the relevance of the movie.

We re grateful to the Washington Post, the NY Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings (Bilderberg) and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. David Rockefeller, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, actually believes that we would be better off if he and his banker friends ran the world." In a similar thought process, Mr. Russo expects us to believe that the corporate media will mass market a film that exposes their practices. This sham theory of getting the corporate media to mass distribute and show a movie which literally cuts their own throats is hogwash. The corporations are not going to show a movie that shows them as co-conspirators in this government's tyranny. The idea is ludicrous to even suggest it.

'I am not a virgin that just fell off the cabbage truck in the big city of government fascism. Eight years of research and writing on the constitutional abuses of this government have preceded my viewing of A:FtF. Knowledge of Northwoods presented to others prior to Dylan Avery's film "Loose Change." Still, the sickening feeling of queasiness in my guts during those two tidbits of knowledge was notable. The fact that I felt that same feeling upon viewing A:FtF is remarkable and a testament to this vital film. The concise spectrum, depth and method of presentation of the information in A:FtF in such a short period of time is truly a masterpiece of art. This film must be seen by massive dispersal to the public in an equally short period of time to capitalize on its viewing effects. Limited dispersal is counterproductive to a swelling of the outrage that must be shown by peaceful demonstrated resistance to this government's tyranny.
It is my firm opinion that A:FtF must be distributed by ALL routes of distribution, theater, DVD, net, house parties or get-togethers, private showings, bbqs, etc, anything within the limits of your imagination. A 3-hour marathon of A:FtF followed by "Loose Change" (although recent evidence reveals that the "no plane" concept regarding a 767 hitting the pentagon is flawed and will hopefully be corrected in the Final Edition) is certainly a devastating blow to tyranny. There will be vast numbers of people that have been disheartened and in despair looking to have their voice heard. Those activists that are lucky enough to get the movie shown in their cities have an excellent opportunity to organize those in their area by distributing contact information for a peaceful, nonviolent organization to let those voices be heard and felt by this government. Lines entering and especially leaving the theater are people looking for a way to change this nation from one of tyranny to one once again ruled by the original intent of the Constitution, a nation ruled by The People.

It is also my opinion that an appendage should be made to A:FtF DVDs and net showings to see the theater release and for contributions to A:FtF to assist Aaron for his efforts in the movie as well as his financial assistance. Furthermore, reference to an activist organization of A:FtF to address actual active remedy of the abuses of this government could also be inserted. Unfortunately, after contacting Mr. Russo, this concept is not a current option and is on the back burner for future possibilities.

Aaron Russo's - America: Freedom to Fascism - a Pre-Release Full Movie (this is not the final cut, but is a great representation of the significant abuses of our government) - 1 3/4 hour - For Movie Screening Only. Officially, there is condemnation of the several hundred brave pirate patriots that can be found by doing a google search on the topic ("America: Freedom to Fascism" bittorrent). Almost all the sites recommend that you contribute to A:FtF. That is not my recommendation. My recommendation is that you see the movie in a theater when and if it ever gets to a theater near you. This should give Mr. Russo added incentive to release the movie on a much broader scale and not assist in the current strangled release.

'Utorrent' is a specific free program used to download bittorrent files from the net. The speed of the download is dependent on your computer allowing others to download from your computer during the process of you downloading it. This process does not give access to your files. It merely uses your computers bandwidth when not being used by you to assist others in sharing a bittorent file. The program is fairly simple to use, but there are a couple insights that must be noted during the setup. In choosing a port for the program, use a port number from 16881 to 16889. If you have a firewall, the port used must also be noted as an approved port in your firewall program. If this is not done, the download will take days. With the port opened the download via a broadband connection a file of 700 MB will take less than a couple hours. Just install the program to run when you need it. Do not install the program in the start up menu.
'''There is evidence that the internet has reached market saturation for dispersal of information. There are 220 million adults 'in the US out of 296 million total population. Approximately 137 million adults and children have internet access. About 80 million adults believe the US government either planned or assisted 911. About 50 million children have internet access at home. In essence almost all current dispersal of information on the net is to those that already know the truth. Activism on the internet is basically a non productive enterprise except for organization. It is imperative that rights activists shift information and activism venues from the net to the public in general.'''

The best hope for this nation appears to be the organized philosophy of Debra Sweet, in The World Can't Wait campaign for the strength of The People to be seen and felt on October 5, 2006 in a Day of Mass Resistance. At first there were concerns this was merely 'another democrat ploy organization for a regime change and not a regime removal. Subsequent research resolved most of those concerns by the noting of democrat participation in our current rule by elitists. This interview by Maryland's US senate candidate, Kevin Zeese, notes that the removal of the Bush regime is merely the first step in a regime removal movement on the neo-fascists in both parties. Hopefully, this is just the first of a series of demonstrations and actions to force the return of Constitutional rights and peace by The People to have those rights returned. The USA Today full page ad on September 21, 1006, calls for taking off work and demonstrating for your rights at high noon on October 5, 2006. If you value your rights enough to actually do something about them, I urge you to join this organization and participate in the first step on a path to a Constitutional government.'''

If you live in the New Orleans area and would like to participate on October 5, 2006, contact: edward19(at) . No demonstration planned in your area? Organize your own.

Legal Disclaimer: This article is entirely, completely and only my opinion based on the interpretation of the referenced information. While the views above may be shared by many millions exhausted by this government, they are only my views and I do not imply that they are actually shared by anyone else.

This article is not copyrighted and may be published, copied, dispersed, posted, and transported as long as the original URL, and authors" credit accompany it.
Dei Jurum Conventus

Ed Ward, MD

This is a great site!


Ask any american ...Who owns the Federal Reseve?
95% will say the goverment.It is neither Federal.and they have NO reserves.
I highly recommend checking out this move,along with the money masters,and The truth about the federal reserve system on google video.
It sure put's it all into perspective.

Saturation, Swords and Sabotage

I too share your frustration (if I understood you correctly) about the current slow pace of getting this film out. However, I do not share your interpretation of how long it will take for this film to saturate. Sabotage is the only way to really stop this information, yet there are far too many people independently keeping an eye out for this, as well.... plenty of people are also spreading this word of mouth, and hand to hand (completely unreflected by the "ticket sales").

The mass DVD release would be a double edge sword right now; it could help to spread more "copies", but only to those willing to receive it, no proof they watched it, and from the comfort of home no reason to feel compelled to dialogue nor act. Worse, if the other side of that sword was not bad enough, the film would forever be excluded from mass theater distribution.

Going the longer harder slog of raising tens of thousands of dollars for advertising a metropolitan showing... does go slow. Yet far more people have been 'activated' to engage. Secondly, this film is one of the best and most respectable pieces dealing with this subject, and forms an impressive spear-point into Main Stream Media. Both Aaron and his film have a rare pedigree which few others can claim. I have examined this from several angles, and not only do I think Aaron knows what he is doing... I also think it will work.

Sharing un-authorized internet copies, is an effective alternative means for spreading the word further and faster... I've shown the same 'screening' copy to six people, just from my desktop. But don't look to Aaron to wink or nod his approval, he simply can not. (Yet I rest assured that he knows, and probably smiles about it when no one is looking at him)

The physical theater venue, is an extremely important aspect of the narrative experience, and while surrounded by strangers it is orders of magnitude different than watching from the safety of home, "privately". This film should stay in theaters as long as possible... the effect will be far more noticeable than even billions of hits at googlevid, or even tens of millions of burned CDs.

The computer is a most extraordinary tool for willing and interested information gathering... but nothing.... absolutely NOTHING compared to dialoging face to face with people in the lobby after the film, or at the coffee house with someone else who saw it there.

Thanks again, Mr. Russo. Please contact me if there is any why I can help further this masterpiece work of yours.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


Well here's where it started. JFK was killed because he was pushing the Federal Reserve out.
Yes it was a contract mob hit,covered up by our goverment.Helped out by the FBI & CIA.
The Warren commission was a clear joke,so it went to another house investagation.
Funny it stopped when it hit the CIA.
So..........................It's above the polititons...
Yes there is a power above our goverment.