Contacto Newspaper in Matamoros, Mexico Publishes Report on 5th Anniversary Events

Full translation from JR Guerra:

What the media hid from you this past 11th of September in New York.

11th of September, 2006.
New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Sure, during the morning the mass media of the U.S.A. and Latin America showed dramatic scenes by television of ceremonies with relatives of victims and several political heads from the pit of the World Trade Center (WTC) located in the downtown area of Manhattan Island of the City of New York, where the famous "Twin Towers" (twin skyscrapers of 110 floors), the Marriott Hotel (of 22 floors), three other buildings (of 9 floors) and the "Austin J. Tobin" plaza that was located in the center of the super block of the WTC once stood (a total of 16 acres in size).

What the media did not show us during the course of the morning was what was happening at the same time outside of the giant pit on the streets that surround it. About three thousand demonstrators from diverse parts of the continent met during this past fifth anniversary of the 11th of September, 2001 terrorist attacks at the WTC and were present marching outside of the WTC all wearing black T-shirts that had the phrase "INVESTIGATE 911" across the chest. One third of these shirts (about 700) were donated and distributed by the producers of the documentary video "Loose Change" within a pair of hours. During the course of the morning the producers of "Loose Change", with the aid of thousands of demonstrators, distributed about 9,600 DVD's of the documentary video to the pedestrians, relatives of victims, firemen, police, employees and owners of near businesses, etc.

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* See "Loose Change" for free at:

Among the demonstrators were survivors of the attacks and rescue workers that also question and protest to the federal government who did not do their job that day, did not defend the skies over the country, and covered up the facts and testimonies of those who were present during the disaster. About half of the survivors and rescue workers who attended these demonstrations have developed diverse chronic health conditions caused by the inhalation of materials such as concrete, glass, asbestos, mercury, etc. pulverized to super fine dust during the demolitions of each one of the three skyscrapers lost that day (1 WTC north tower, 2 WTC south tower, and 7 WTC (to the north of the super block)). A significant part of the survivors and rescue workers have passed away due to these medical conditions. The federal government, through spokesperson Christine Todd Whittman (representing FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), under the direction of Dr. Condolezza Rice (ex- Head of National Security), assured the public that the air at the WTC site was safe to breathe during the days following the attacks.

Hundreds of New York Firemen in uniform (FDNY) were present walking between the demonstrators, receiving DVD's of the documentary "Loose Change" and simultaneously, the majority of them gave thanks and showed support to the demonstrators for being there and for demanding that the investigation of the 9/11/2001 attacks be reopened. The demonstrations (plus three previous days of rally's, speeches and press conferences) were part of a detailed program for the fifth anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks organized by which is a part of (an organiation which organizes groups of activists, scholars, experts, etc. in several metropolitan cities of the U.S.A.).

The 9/11/2006 demonstration (at the WTC) lasted from the 08:00 hours until approximately 15:00 hours and was planned as an act of respect and solidarity towards the relatives of the victims and to all of the affected. It is without place to doubt that the great majority of the relatives of the victims (represented in part by Mr. Bill Doyle from "The World Trade Center Family United Group" have serious doubts and suspicions towards the Bush administration and towards the "results that the 9/11 Commission found" in its 2004 report.

At 14:00 hours, a city permit (acquired by the demonstrators) for use of amplified sound equipment in a public space went into effect and the repetitive shouts of "911 Was An Inside Job!" (directed towards the masses of people and observers who surrounded the WTC) began under the lead of bullhorn equipped activist and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones from , who hails from Austin, Texas and was the man who predicted the 9/11 attacks during his radio and television show "The Alex Jones Show" on July 25th, 2001. (a month and a half before they happened) Alex Jones is recognized world-wide as the father and founder of the "911 Truth Movement" and has produced documentary videos that verify the involvement of the American government, aswell as other western governments, in the most remarkable terrorist attacks of the last fifty years. Alex Jones is also known for his fight for freedom aswell as the defense of the Constitution of the American Republic and the human race, which he says is threatened by the ideologies of fascism and colonialism of the royal families of western Europe and the elite families of America.

At approximately 16:00 hours, the demonstrations moved several blocks towards the east to 120 Broadway street, where about 700 demonstrators raised their fists and shouted in protest towards the offices of Eliott Spitzer (attorney general of the state of New York) and the offices of Larry Silverstein (the man who leased and insured the WTC for billions of dollars (6.4 billion) just six weeks before the attacks of 9/11/2001, and who admitted on PBS television of "Pulling" the 7 WTC building on that same afternoon). The demonstrators shouted "Murderers!" and "911 was an inside job!" at the building. This was also a demonstration of complaints and accusations towards the US government who most of the demonstrators accuse of having had a hand in the planning and the execution of what happened here five years ago.

During the demonstrations, numerous elements of the New York police (NYPD) were present and for the most part maintained order and peace in the streets in a professional and respectful manner towards the demonstrators and to the present public. Uncomforting was the presence of some elements of the Police that looked like soldiers (equipped with armor and automatic assault rifles) and also some on the roofs of nearby buildings with sniper rifles aimed towards the demonstrators in a threatening manner. Regardless, the demonstrators (armed with information and conviction) stood firm exercising their constitutional rights with their peaceful demonstration and protests to the government, in spite of the police-state atmosphere in which they were surrounded.

The demonstrators represent a world-wide popular movement, formed by millions of people who doubt and question the official explanation by the administration of the president of the U.S.A. George W. Bush and who at the same time demand a truly independent investigation, that is not made up of associates of Mr. Bush. The demonstrators represent a 46% (according to a Zogby poll in 2004 and by Scripps Howard in 2006) of the American population who think that the American government had a hand in the attacks and who declare that elements within the administration of President Bush planned and executed the terrorist attacks which took place five years ago, to obtain a perfect pretext to carry out the plans and solutions specified in the project "Plan For a New American Century" (PNAC) which was written and signed by principal members of the Bush administration and by his own brother Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida) during the summer of 2000 and who have benefited strategically and economically using the attacks as a perfect pretext to invade other sovereign nations and also to control the Oil reserves of Afghanistan and Iraq. It isn't just about defense contracts, construction, oil control, but it's also about the world-wide production of opium (Afghanistan currently produces 97% of the culture of poppy (opium) of the planet (in comparison to 75% in 2001).

According to news articles of the day of the attacks, former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani was inside of building 7 WTC during the attacks and was witness to the impacts of the airplanes from a federal bunker for emergencies (FEMA) that was located in the 23rd floor of building 7 WTC. Some suspect this was a strategic operations center used to direct the terrorist attacks on the WTC. Giuliani was notified by the authorities with respect to the "Iminent Collapse" of the WTC about 30 minutes before the first building fell (2 WTC) and thus immediately moved his staff out of building 7 WTC and had everyone transferred to an auxiliary operational base just a few blocks away. The people inside of the Twin Towers never received this same warning.

Just about a block towards the southeast of the WTC lies the skyscraper building of the Brown Brothers Harraman Bank, of which Mr. Prescott S. Bush (the paternal grandfather of the present President of the U.S.A., George W. Bush) was a senior member and partner of. This financial institution along with Prescott S. Bush was investigated during 1941 and in 1942 all of their assets were seized by the federal authorities under the federal law "TRADING with the enemy Act" for financing the Nazi party through the Nazi Industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, during the 1930's and 1940's. In response to the investigation of 1941, Prescott Bush maneuvered politically and immediately founded the USO (United Services Organization) in 1941 which is dedicated to the support and entertainment of the Armed Forces of the U.S.A., and as a political consequence, this made the prosecutors within the federal government withdraw their case against this financial institution.

In short, the demonstrations were a total success without a single mishap and it showed how the voice and actions of the united people are stronger and more powerful than any slick maneuver of a corrupt mass media or government. What is clear is that this is the only example in history where steel skyscraper buildings disintegrated by plane impacts and/or fires and in fact there were 3 buildings all together that "collapsed" that day and the third of these (7 WTC) suffered only minor damage and fires.

The questions persist, the tears still run, and we still do not know everything that happened on that day.

And what of the numerous reports of massive explosions inside and outside the towers during the course of that morning?

And what of the firemen and employees who were inside the areas of the impacts in the Towers, where supposedly the fire and heat was so intense that it weakened the steel?

And what of the warnings that the firemen, policie and reporters received of the "Imminent Collapses" just minutes and hours before each of the three happened?

And what of the lack of an official forensic investigation that was never conducted by the government?

And what of the thousands of tons of structural steel of the WTC that were transferred by ship to China (before they could be examined by the authorities) to be recycled?

And what of the lack of interception of "the hijacked" airplanes by the air force, who did not follow routine procedure that day?

And what of the multiple military drills by the Pentagon (Operation Vigilant Guardian, etc.) that were conducted that same morning (which involved crashing airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon) at the same exact time that the real events happened?

These are just a sample of the many questions that the George W. Bush administration has refused to investigate and the 911 Comission (created by Bush just over a year after the 9/11 attacks) omitted in its final report in 2004.

Big thanks to JR Guerra for the heads up and the translation!

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Mexican 9/11 anniversary article

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That dz doesn't know anything about postscript.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

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dz is innocent

The newspaper people handed over exactly what you see in that JPG...No worries, original hard print copies are being mailed out to 911 truth regardless...

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