A cool way to Hide your trail.

Okay, I thought this was pretty cool.... After seeing all of the crap on "Enemy Combatant" and how we could all be labeled as that as of now. I took the advise of one of the blogs on here and downloaded FireFox and added the TOR program (Download TOR first then download TOR BUTTON) that hides your IP by routing through proxy servers. I had to see if this works...and it does. Today when I was on here earlier, I googled "MY IP ADDRESS" and the first time my IP came up from somewhere in Germany, and now as I am typing, I checked again and my IP address shows somewhere in France. Pretty cool if you want to be stealth. It is a hair slower then going through Explorer, but wow, talk about secure........ I just checked my IP again, and now my IP is routed through Stanford University. I am impressed.....good luck chasing my IP.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on how good this works.

Excellent post. Thanks.

Excellent post. Thanks.

I believe I saw some Fox

I believe I saw some Fox news commentary about these proxy services and how they are a severe danger to national security. Therefore, you, sir, are a terrorist.

Fox News is a severe threat to democracy!

Fox News is a severe threat to democracy!

LOL, terrorist huh, because

LOL, terrorist huh, because some of us sly people in the technology world have figured out an UNBEATABLE system to mask your identity on the internet? lol.. i wouldnt doubt them calling us terrorists for that, just like they messed with phil zimmerman which is the guy who created PGP encruyption for e-mail, which is said to have been used for the secure communications of the alqueda people...lol

Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!


Do you really think this is needed?

Why do you ask such a dumb question? Let people use it.

Why do you ask such a dumb question? Whoever wants to use it should use it.

Never said

They should'nt.The only dumb question is the one not asked.
You must be a genuis


TOR is an excellent thing, it's worth mentiioning though, it doesn't strictly give you security as such (although it does give you privacy from someone snooping on the network), it gives you anonymity which is a bit different.

I.e I wouldn't do anything super private that pertains to YOU over TOR (i.e any financial transaction or anything important that needs a password), because you have no idea who the exit node is and they could well be collecting all their outbound TOR traffic and snatching passwords etc.

That said , in theory it should be alright with HTTPS but even then a very determined rogue node or 2 could compromise that, although your browser should warn you that something isn't quite right.

But yes TOR is excellent, it's pig slow because people keep using it for BT etc, so please contribute as a node or exit node if you can.

With my luck......

With my luck my IP address will randomly track through Pakistan and I will be on a waterboard by the end of the week answering questions from Nico Haupt.