"Cui bono? WTC" to be screened at the West Chester Film Festival

Cui bono? WTC to be screened at the West Chester Film Festival

"West Chester Film Festival has accepted Cui bono? WTC for showing in West Chester, PA which is just outside of Philadelphia. The entire festival is October 6-8 and Cui bono? WTC is scheduled for screening on both the 6th and the 7th.

Our little 9/11 truth documentary has some decent legs both on the net and festival circuit lately. We still and always will strongly urge people push this film in any way possible. The short length of Cui bono? WTC (11mins) has proven extremely effective at getting more people to open up to watching an alternative viewpoint. Hopefully in the near future we will no longer worry about the most recent Zogby poll of how many Americans believe there is a 9/11 cover up, it will simply be common knowledge someday soon."

Congratulations, Erratik!

Download Cui Bono at the Erratik website; Link

I really like it!

It creates a very eerie atmosphere...deprogramming vibes. Definitely a neat little package you got there!

? this shows nothing new and

? this shows nothing new and has nothing to say... just ripped off material and some bad music.

I gotta

agree, I stopped watching it about 4 mins into it.

Only 11mins

You stopped watching before it picks up, its intentionally slow moving at the beginning so once it hits it hits hard. Try watching all of it before casting judgement, thats all i ask.

yes, only 11 mins

I also posted a comment on your site... I just want to say that the "music" which is physically grating to the ear, makes it difficult to not shut the thing off. Not a good musical choice for an 11 minute film, on which point, it is an 11 minute film---mood and pacing mean little in 11 minutes! If I pay 12 bucks to see a feature-length movie in a theater, I'll suspend judgment for a long time. If I download your 11 minute film, I'll shut it off in three minutes if it doesn't feel worth my time, or if it makes me uncomfortable. The world of art and music generally now: if you want people to hear what you have to say, you'd better convince them very quickly to not tune you out. A deeply unfortunate situation, to be sure. Good luck!

ive lived in West Chester my

ive lived in West Chester my entire life. this is very cool.


... I commend you for your efforts in creating a 911 video - however:

1. The intro is WAY too long. Very few if any on the 'net will sit through that, waiting for something to happen. It seems like a 60 minute film, instead of 11.

2. The background "music" is like a mosquito in one's ear.

You show ability with this film, but in it's current form, it is neither revealing to seasoned 911 truthers, or helpful to newbies. I respectfully suggest that you re-edit it and get rid of the mosquito buzzing and highly extraneous intro.

Hell Yeah!

I am so freaking happy for you guys!!! San and Ryan are very talented young men. All I have to say if we all can keep sticking together instead of picking each other apart, we may actually make a difference in the way people see 9/11 and actions to prevent such devasting events may follow!
Congrats once again and keep on bringin the truth!!!