Ex-CIA Analyst Bill Christison Talks About How He Came To Question 9/11 - Audio Download

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It would be refreshing to find somebody who doesn't agree with 9/11 conspiracy theories (so-called) who was willing to debate them in a civil way. And I don't mean the editors of Popular Mechanics, either. Perhaps the civil ones are changing their minds? One such is Bill Christison, the distinguished former CIA analyst and popular author of progressive political essays. Within the past year Bill has changed his mind about 9/11, from rejecting conspiracy theories outright to thinking that the standard story is not what it seems. In this conversation we talk a lot about what happens when one rethinks something like 9/11, less about the facts in question. I'm very grateful to Bill for talking with me and I hope this conversation helps those who are still sorting things out. Runtime of about an hour and nineteen minutes.

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And the wall is crumbling down.

very good interview

very good interview

Intellectual Integrity is

Intellectual Integrity is impossible inside the USA.

The language alone is corrupted beyond rescue. The amount of concepts that are continually hammered into the brains is staggering. U.S. Americans are more mythologized than people in the medieval ages.

Don't they know that it means bad luck to be supersticious?

Check out deconstructivism, Mr. Derrida etc!

This morning the USS EISENHOWER left for ... well, what *is* its purpose?

9/11 is the most amazing crime-story and mind-fk of our time. It is incomprehensible that the media aren't reporting on this false flag terror exercise. There should be evening-long broadcasts debating Nico Haupt's NOPLANE/Butterplane theories.