Green Party Candidate Speaks Out in Crawford Texas

Statement by Green Party candidate Byron De Lear on the front page of the Lone Star Iconoclast:

We could be facing the biggest cover-up and the biggest crime of our century in regard to 9/11 and what’s going on here.

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Here is a notable excerpt from Byron's article in the PDF:

I found it shocking that in the commission report on 9/11 that we didn’t find any substantive or detailed descriptions of what had occurred on World Trade Center building number 7. Now, if your readers or audience doesn’t know, building number 7 was a 42-story office building that was a few blocks away from the Towers. In the afternoon of 9/11, this office building fell completely straight down into its footprint, exactly as if it had been demolished. And yet, nothing had impacted on this office building.

Now, we heard that the reasons why it had done this completely symmetrical free fall at almost the rate of free fall as if you dropped a steel I-beam free falling just to the ground. I think it was just a little bit slower. In other words, the only thing that would created that kind of speedy free-fall would be an office building that had been pre-prepared with demolition. But, the reason why we heard that this building fell is because there was a fire on the 12th floor. And, yet in the history of the planet, we have never seen just a mere fire on the floor of a steel-enforced office building would cause it to fall. Especially in the manner in which it fell, which was straight down, symmetrically balanced, completely freefalls, as if it had been set up by demolition. So, that was the real smoking gun to me, Leon.

When I realized that, I said that there is something odd here. There is no way that this building could have fallen in this manner. You can google it on the Internet and you can see the footage from many different angles of this building, how it completely fell just straight into its footprint. When I realized that there was something odd in regards to building seven, then what cascaded and fell forth from that disconnect in the logic was that maybe these other buildings were prepared with demolition explosives as well.

Then when you start to connect those dots, you realize that there are some serious holes in the investigation of 9/11. And, I think that the first thing that the American people deserve is a truly independant investigation. If it were up to me, I would focus on building number seven and explain why that building came down in the manner that it did. Certainly, on the day of 9/11, there was mass chaos going on and there is no way that workers could have gone into that building and prepared it for demolitions on that day. That obviously means that the building had to be pre-prepared.

That’s my attitude on 9/11. We could be facing the biggest cover-up and the biggest crime of our century in regard to 9/11 and what’s going on here. But, I’m not willing to make the assertion that this is the case. What I am willing to say is that we need to have that investigation reopened and like I mentioned earlier, I would have it focus on what is referred to as WTC7, or World Trade Center Building 7.

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Byron De Lear

Thanks to Bob for this submission.

make sure you read the

make sure you read the commentary by Captain Eric May in this issue.

Captain Eric May ROCKS!!!

I salute the Ghost Troop.


I have said all along WTC7 is absolute proof 9/11 was an inside job........ I am aslo a big fan of Ghost Troop.

it was a mistake in my

it was a mistake in my opinion. its just too obvious a f*ck up. was 93 gonna hit it? were they thinking it would be hit with more debris? who knows, but it just seems way too obvious for it not to have been a huge mistake. they NEEDED to get rid of that building(and more importantly its contents) and it didnt matter how blatant they had to make it. command center anyone?

There has been some

There has been some suggestions that the towers were demolished earlier than planned. The first tower to fall was demolished only a couple of minutes after the famous firefighter radio transmission saying there were only two isolated pockets of fire that he could put out. Perhaps WTC7 was supposed to be demolished while shrouded in the smoke cloud from the towers? It's just my speculation, of course.

That is really interesting

Very good.

Both dreadwolf and Chris (as usual).

If that is what happened, you know whoever decided to pull it in the light of day is kicking himself....why didn't they wait until nighttime also? (For 7, I mean).

That would've solved the iconic video problem,..... that has opened the door of Truth for so many.

good for him! now, can we

good for him!

now, can we get someone like this in georgia, or am i gunna have to run next cycle? ;)

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