"Laughing Terrorists" Videos Are NOT The Threatened October Surprise

Steve Watson from Infowars.com, looking at MainStream Media reports on the latest Atta/Bin Laden videos thinks that "Karl Rove's promised October surprise has arrived nice and early."

I don't think this is the threatened "surprise". Too lame. Don't underestimate Rove, just don't!

I personally think, the surprise is still ahead. (While the Neocons last week have had their unpleasant little surprises on their own now -- see the Bob "I'm Now Connecting 2 Or 3 Dots" Woodward book, and the Republican conngressman Mark "If I Were One Of Those Sickos" Foley revelations -- they can do better. And they will!)

Don't forget: a major "strike group of ships", including nuclear aircraft carrier Eisenhower as well as a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, submarine escort and supply ship are already on their way to Iran's western coast, expected to arrive on October 21st...

"Our enemies [....] never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
               — George W. Bush (found in "President Signs Defense Bill " on www.whitehouse.gov)

"October Surprise" c/b and attack on IRAN!

The "October Surprise" could well be some sort of attack on IRAN, and/or some huge escalation of force against IRAQ!

Rove is ready to "get it on"

Carl Rove is the aspiring Don Juan of democratic voting.

First he must woo the voter away from the other party's suitor by disgracing or pointing out their lessor qualities. Next he progresses to intimate foreplay by offering the tantalizing Mohammed Atta terrorist video. (Many fearful voters are already weak in the knees at this point!) He is sure to finish the job with one big orgasmic "October Surpirse" leaving americans trembling at the polls and asking Rove for a cigarette.

Where is Slick Willie when you need him?