More press coverage of UW 9/11 lecture! (Kevin Barrett)

From MUJCA newsletter;

MUJCA News: BBC, WI, alternative media cover UW 9/11 lecture!

Mainstream media coverage of 9/11 truth events is rarely what it should
be, as I have complained on more than one occasion... But I have to admit
that the local media did a pretty good job covering the recent
U.W.-Madison event “9/11: Folklore and Fact.” Once again, the
left-liberal-leaning Capital Times led the way with a
balanced, accurate, elegantly-written article, while the conservative
Wisconsin State Journal and Badger Herald also produced good, balanced
articles. Here they are, along with the text of my talk “A Folklorist
Looks at 9/11” and the wonderful pieces from 911blogger and Gaelic
Starover. The BBC documentary on “9/11 conspiracy theorists” is due for
broadcast in January. (Hope I won’t have to pen another complaint.)

Capital Times:
9/11 conspiracy theories aired

Wisconsin State Journal:
Barrett plays bit part in lecture on 9/11 theories

Badger Herald (U.W.-Madison student newspaper):
Barrett. Fetzer discuss attacks


Victory to Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett Takes on ACTA 10/1/06)

Actually it was a victory to Caitlin and Veterans for 9/11 Truth, who
hatched the idea, launched the website and raised the money. Thanks to
everyone who contributed to this! I am amazed, astonished, and
overwhelmed by this gesture.

The text of my lecture “A Folklorist Looks at 9/11 ‘Conspiracy
Theories’” :

Keep up the great work everybody, we're getting there!

Kevin Barrett
Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:
Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Show "911 Truthers, learn about yourselves." by Anonymous (not verified)



Ah, Shrapnel...

your brevity is exceeded only by your eloquence....I doff my chapeau...



Thank you Dr. Freud

I'll refute your thesis right here:

-What happened? WTC7 fell like a brick
-How did it happen? Controlled Demolition
-Why did it happen? Dunno exactly. And I don't really care.

So stuff it.

Your anonymous attempt

shows us that the perpetraitors are fearful of us. More and more every day.

We'll be keeping an eye on Jerome Hauer, Billy Schneider, etc.
Tell him for us......ok?

they really are suddenly

they really are suddenly living here with us. It is a good sign for us I think.

You can smell a hack a mile

You can smell a hack a mile away.

Government needs to get some new lines.

What a flake!

If you ever took more than a moment to actually read some of the posts on this blog, and maybe even do a little bit of your own independent research, you would realize that there was ample time and opportunity for devices to be placed in the WTC buildings.

There are weaker strawman arguments you could have chosen to attack. Looks like you may be in too deep here. Why don't you bone up on your facts, and then come back with some real arguments.

"Conspiracy theories are the

"Conspiracy theories are the only theories for which evidence against them is actually construed as evidence in favor of them."

Wrong, "conspiracy theory" is, first and foremost, a conformity device used to ostracize and isolate certain theories, whatever they maybe, but usually, political ones. This doesn't mean the "theory" itself is being unjustly (or justly, for that matter) ridiculed, the merit or absence of it is unrelated to the fact that it is considered a "conspiracy theory".

No, the character the conspiracy theory possesses that makes it a target for that labelling is the fact that it challenges strongly held beliefs of the analysts. The fact is, ideas which are very far away from one's conventional wisdom require an extraordinary amount of evidence to convince oneself, while theories which support one's already perceived ideas hardly require any proof at all to be accepted.

This shouldn't be criticized, in our day-to-day life you have limited time, so you do some form of filtering of the information that reaches you to dedicate the time to the information that you do perceive as valuable.

After some time, you begin creating your own common-sense, your own table of relationships between past causes and consequences. You start building an understanding of this relations. Because it is the "why" that you really look for, not the how or what. These are the building blocks which you look for in order to build the "why". The answer for "why" allows you to imagine the "why not" or the "how to", that is, the way to avoid repeating the same experience or the way to replicate it.

With this map, or table of relations, you start giving more weight to relations which you experience over and over again. Eventually they'll form your personal convictions and belief.

[I will finish my post in a few hours, to be continued...]

re: placing explosives in the buildings.

Anonymous wrote:
no one has explained how the conspirators were able to remain undiscovered while placing explosives in the buildings.

What, do you think the 9/11 criminals were dumb enough to advertise to everyone that they were entering the buildings to plant explosives? Use your brain. They had operatives disguise themselves as workers. Here's an example of how this operation may have been achieved:

From A&E network, "Anatomy of 9/11"

Narrator: The New York Times has reported that the foam fell off (the steel) easily. And the Port Authority had been fixing and replacing missing sections in the months before September 11th.

The quote can be found at 5:31 into Part 2 of the documentary (but I recommend starting the video at 5:15).

Seems like a convenient enough cover story to use -- pretending to replace foam insulation on the *steel* -- but really placing explosives on 'em.

Then there's the "power down " condition at the WTC the weekend before 9/11, the removal of bomb sniffing dogs at the complex, the unusually high number of evacuations that took place in the months leading up to the attack, etc..

So yes it's plausible that people could enter those buildings undetected, especially with a guy named Larry Silverstein owning the lease to the WTC complex. He's the Clay Shaw of the 9/11 conspiracy.

Kevin Barrett Takes on ACTA!!!

Direct link:

Alex Jones, please bullhorn ACTA!!!!

Free training for the treasonous

I think there is some office somewhere that requires that newbie staff, or interns, have to bone up their “skill” in dealing with 911 Truth by sparring on this and other blogs. If this is correct, then we are helping out the crumbling opposition when we treat their drivel as if they are real people with real questions. If somebody comes on 911Blogger and posts ignorant trash (like anonymous above) then the one word reply is all they deserve.

You're right

Man, I've often wondered what creatures they might be. I'd actually pay to see some of them - you hear me? If you get fired, found a zoo! I they do it for purely ideological reasons, or for money - if so, how much? How much are your souls? And how do they hire? Approach the MickeyDee rejects in gloomy alleys? Or maybe they grow them vegetables somewhere - MK ULTRA style? I'd sure like to know...


Will we be able to see online videos of the Sunday lectures?

"Psychologists believe"

I get kinda tired of hearing the bullshit about "psychologists believe" yadda yadda....'about conspiracy theorists' .... blah blah.

Many of my colleagues believe 9/11 was an inside job and the number grows every time I share the empirical evidence supporting the conclusion that the government was (and is) complicit.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

James Fetzer

"In brief, Fetzer believes that the twin towers were brought down by a distinctive kind of controlled demolition from the top down after being hit by what were most likely radio-controlled military planes."

(I had an email exchange this past Fourth of July with James Fetzer. I told him that the WTC hit would be more plausible if the planes were made out of concrete and steel and the WTC out of aluminum!)

You guys are Nutz!

Fetzer is wrong and you guys are completely out of your sane mind. The government story makes so much sense to me, which is why I am going to open my own venture capital enterprise. There is something September the 11th taught me and will be summarize below.

1. Steel frame, fully meshed, high-rise and extremely well designed buildings can collapse due to fires.
2. Everybody is incompetent once in a while.
3. The FBI, CIA, DEA and YMCA have been infiltrated by qaeda.

So what is my business about you may wonder?

Simple my friends, it’s about consulting! We are going to teach others how to bring down steel frame buildings with fires. To accomplish this, we will be giving lectures and symposiums at engineering universities, engineering firms and their respective associations. We will also try to establish the moron day as a holiday in this country, because we believe that once in a while we go through a collective moronic period where everything we do is incompetent.

Our consulting is free of charge for those who are not conspiracy theorist, since they (nutz conspiracy theorist) are beyond help. Now if you act and order our services within the next millennium, we will give you not one, not two, but three midgets that can start the fire at a floor of your choice.

One more thing!

I forgot to mention, why pay millions of dollars to bring down a steel frame building, when our system of fires, airplanes and midgets is less costly and ALREADY PROVEN.

Be smart! And remember, the midget is free of charge.

Really funny

I especially like the bit about the midgets....