Video Download: Alex Jones - June 2, 2006

Alex Jones, Keynote Address from the "9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future" conference, held in Chicago, June 2-4th, 2006

Alex Jones lays it down like no other, condensing an amazing amount of information into his keynote speech. The focus is a history of False Flag terror from Rome to modern times. Similar in intent to his Terrorstorm documentary, Jones adds in some new anecdotes in an energetic delivery.

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Rounding Up U.S. Citizens--Are you next?

Show "Alex Jones - psychic!" by Terrence (not verified)


Should anyone listen to someone who can't even spell Martial Law?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Maybe he is refering to a person

Marshall law is the person who replaced Paul Bremer in Iraq. By the way, my lexicon is horrible too, please be kind with me.

dont worry, he was just link

dont worry, he was just link fishing..

this should be a good test for the comment vote up/down ;)


Just changed the spelling of Martial Law on his site's blog entry. I'm glad I could be of assistance Terrence. We know you can use all of the help you can get.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

yeah, he deleted the comment

yeah, he deleted the comment that was posted about his mispelling too..

he is such a trip.

funny how neither of his

funny how neither of his other 2 readers noticed either :)

Jon, you should be eating up

Jon, you should be eating up this Condi stuff and what a farce it makes the 9/11 Commission look like. Ben Veniste is basically admitting coverup
and goes so far as to say there was an unwritten confidentiality agreement.


I've been thinking about writing something, but what needs to be said?

The 9/11 Commission has been caught in yet ANOTHER lie.

Condoleezza Rice and this administration have been caught in yet ANOTHER lie regarding 9/11.

It is OBVIOUS that Philip Zelikow did his very best to protect this Administration during the 9/11 Commission's investigations.

It is EXTREMELY obvious that Condoleezza Rice perjured herself before the 9/11 Commission.

The emphasis of all of this points to this Administration knowing about 9/11, and letting it happen.

Since there are things that happened on 9/11 that couldn't possibly have taken place without direct intervention on the part of our Government, I wonder how long it will take people to make the correlation.

Imagine what an Administration could do to insure the success of attacks, if they knew when, where, and how it was going to be done.

Or, imagine how they could manipulate attacks if they knew when, where, and how it was going to be done.

I'm just rambling...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

For Instance...

As Paul Thompson pointed out, sometime after March 2001, Global Guardian "must have been rescheduled for early September."

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

yep, that should really be

yep, that should really be enough. It can't be debunked. Someone scheduled the multiple war games on that date. They knew it was coming. Government complicity in 9/11. Done. Over. End of story.


Fetzer is wrong and you guys are completely out of your sane mind. The government story makes so much sense to me, which is why I am going to open my own venture capital enterprise. There is something September the 11th taught me and will be summarize below.
1. Steel frame, fully meshed, high-rise and extremely well designed buildings can collapse due to fires.
2. Everybody is incompetent once in a while.
3. The FBI, CIA, DEA and YMCA have been infiltrated by qaeda.
So what is my business about you may wonder?
Simple my friends, it’s about consulting! We are going to teach others how to bring down steel frame buildings with fires. To accomplish this, we will be giving lectures and symposiums at engineering universities, engineering firms and their respective associations. We will also try to establish the moron day as a holiday in this country, because we believe that once in a while we go through a collective moronic period where everything we do is incompetent.
Our consulting is free of charge for those who are not conspiracy theorist, since they (nutz) are beyond help. Now if you act and order our services within the next millennium, we will give you not one, not two, but three midgets that can start the fire at a floor of your choice.

Why pay millions of dollars to bring down a steel frame building, when our system of fires, airplanes and midgets is less costly and ALREADY PROVEN.

Be smart! And remember, the midget is free of charge.


midgets, airplanes and fires might be proven, but they make for messy demolitions - it's even smarter to "pull it" by lighting 2 small fires somewhere in a steelframed highrise and then watch the building collapse. The midgets can of course come and watch, too.

OT: Atta's father says video fake

Sounds great!

I will make sure it's included as an optional package.

OT: What ever happened to Cindy Sheehan?

Sheehan was not a truther, but she did have a huge anti-war movement at one point, and she got loads of media coverage, all the blogs featured her, etc.

However, I haven't heard much from or about Sheehan in a long time. Did her movement fizzle-out somehow, or did she give up or something? Is she some sort of shill? What's going on with her?

She has since..

Started starving herself, but I don't know how that's going. Last I heard, she was rushed to some hospital.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Cindy's not dead.

She did a big event here in Portland last night. I didn't go, but friends did.

I think it was a booksigning for Powell's, with a talk. In any event, they expected many more people than can fit even into the big downtown branch of Powell's so instead it was held at one of our local theater-pubs (ie, movie theaters where you can drink beer), the one in my 'hood called The Baghdad.

I just thought that was funny.

I have to admit that I find

I have to admit that I find it a bit hard to appreciate Alex Jones.
Yes, I know the guy is doing a lot of good work for 911 truth.

I just wish he could cool it a bit...his bombastic style and constant talk of NWO is very trying.

Totally disagree w/you, pagan. Wake-up!

Alex Jones' energetic, aggressive style is invaluable to the truth movement! The more I learn about the NWO, the more I am glad that Alex is all over them & exposing them as the maniacs they are.

Please find something useful to do instead of criticizing Alex Jones.



Speaking of Alex Jones, I

Speaking of Alex Jones, I recorded and uploaded two great items from his show the other day. .....By the way, I cut out all commercials.

This first link is of Jerome Corsi talking about the North American Union:

This next link is of his rant about the Foley sex scandal, but he also gets into just how bad this problem is throughout government in general.'s classic Alex:
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony: