Video Download: Steven Jones - June 2, 2006

Note: this is the final keynote address from the June conference. For high-quality DVDs of these keynotes, please go to

Physics Professor (BYU) Steven Jones addresses the "9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future" conference in Chicago, June 2, 2006.

Jones presents his research regarding the hypothesis that thermate may have been involved in a controlled demolition of three WTC buildings on 9/11. You may have heard of this guy before.

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Can this be called NEWS?!!

Can someone explain to me what this is doing in the "News" section?? June 2 ?!!

Tomorrow October 5 should become "A DAY OF MASS RESISTANCE"! That's what I call news!! That's what we should be talking and planning about!

How long has it been since the "action items"section has been updated? Why no word about tomorrows protests on the homepage? Why stuff that is months old?? I really don't understand. There is no time to play around like this! Is something wrong with tomorrows actions? I find it only on the "Veterans for truth" website.

well, its news because this

well, its news because this keynote is just now available for public distribution (it had a limited time frame copyright)..

and i guess thats not in our action items because noone had suggested it, try that sometime, youll find all of us have our hands full and could use good suggestions like that. ill add it after work (although its a bit late notice now).

you will notice that it has been on our calander for a few weeks thanks to a user who added it on there.

Tomorrow October 5 should

Tomorrow October 5 should become "A DAY OF MASS RESISTANCE"! That's what I call news!! That's what we should be talking and planning about!

also, you can add your own blog entry on here and talk about whatever you wish.. in fact i have seen a few ppl comment about their plans for the 5th, so im sure you would get some responses.. (create content > blog entry)

also, we had a mention of this event on the front page 5 days ago, you can check it out and the comments here:

OT: Daily Kos

the Tenet-warning

this recent story about Tenet warning makes it seem as if Tenet wasn't part of the conspiracy. But him being the CIA director makes that hard to believe - how could they possibly have done it without the CIA knowing about it? No way! It seems more like Tenet is pushing LIHOP with this. They want Bush to take the fall and then 'move on', while burying completely the idea that 'letting it happen' was only the tip of the MIHOP-"iceberg"!

you act as if the CIA

you act as if the CIA director automatically knows what his entire agency is doing. thats typically not how things work. Goss is a more sympathetic head(for the Bush/Cheney crime family) of the CIA as he has been involved in criminal activity in the past. im not sure of Tenets backround, but its possible he didnt know anything at all and was making a genuine effort to stop 9/11. he was the head of the CIA though, so nothing is as it really seems usually.........

The ground definitely

Shaking over at Daily Kos

Wow. Some of the comments

Wow. Some of the comments there are approaching LIHOP even.

Perhaps all they need now is a little 'nudge' through the door. We should all go over there and 'innocently' mention that Press for truth is a nice film about Zelikow, Rice and the 9/11 commission.

one of you guys should

one of you guys should probably make a blog thread about the dailykos activity.. im sure there are plenty here who aren't yet banned ;)

Daily Kos is only capable of so much at a certain speed

The fact that the facist attack dog "Mia Dohan" has seemingly been called off the recent, recommended dairies by "BooMan23" is a massive step. The members of that board are very capable at analysis and are becoming extremely motivated at present.

"Blood is in the water' and "the crocodiles are waiting on the shore where the rivers meet" but it may be a mistake to push them too fast and draw out "Mia Dohan" to shut the threads down. I say let them show their excellent forensic skills and arrive at the truth by themselves.

It's funny

they're all going: "what?? the Commission might have been LIEING??"

Maybe we should dispatch a small taskforce to show 'em the goods? Or at least give them some pointers? I mean, they think the fact that Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aricraft and that Zelikow's area of expertise is the creation of public myths were startling revelations...

What I find really disturbing is their sustained confidence that this was all the republicans' fault, and that a democratic election victory would settle things.

Where are you now Mr. Jones?

Where is Mr. Jones now? What are the results of his findings? Is he still on the hunt?

When will we know the truth? I'm so sick of seeing and hearing all the lies. It drains you, you know? I'm not sure how some of you have been fighting for over 4 years. I've only known the truth for over 4 months now and my frame of mind is in such disbelief.

Please continue to do all you can to bring truth to the world, we deserve it. No matter the cost.


he's probably staying away

he's probably staying away from the community as a whole so he can actually get something done.. otherwise he might spend all his time arguing with others and responding to accusatory emails.

This is probably true, and I

This is probably true, and I have to say that it's the best way to go.

every breath u take

did any1 of u catch the end? :D i almoust choked on my cola....