All right, Tokyo!

911 Truth International Conference in Japan - Oct. 7, 2006

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William Rodriguez will be at the conference!



You don't...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

translation for the Babelfish-deprived:

give it your all! japanese people are Americans' good friends!

Off Topic - The Big Lie

I read Thierry Meyssan's The Big Lie a few years back and one of the lesser details, written into the end notes, was a list of conspicuous website addresses that were registered months prior to 9/11/01. I can't remember the exact list given, but the sites actually had predictive names such as:,,,

which indicated to me that someone went to great lengths to plan this attack. The end note also listed the name of the company that registered these sites. Hmmmm. Anybody else remember reading this? Would be interesting to know who registered the names and who allowed those sites to be registered.

all the domain names you

all the domain names you mention are currently available..

should be pretty easy to track down if we knew the correct domain names.. sounds a bit outlandish to me, that would seem like a pretty big deal if true.

End Notes

I made those names up, but the list of ~10 domain names given in the end notes of the The Big Lie is very similar. I also remember reading that the reregistering company would not or did not have to reveal who assigned those prophetic names.


These domain names expired shortly after 9/11. Would therefore be available today.

if you track em down let us

if you track em down let us know.. maybe someone here has a copy of the book..

here they are from

just use the "search function":


text did you type into the 'search function'?


First find Thierry's book. Then you can "search inside the book" by hovering the mouse over it, and there you go. keyword "domain names". You'll need the Flash-plugin.

A rebuttal......,,788062,00.html

The domain of doom

Claim: Several internet domain names related to the attack had been registered beforehand.

Origins: Many websites reported this, including, according to which at least 17 different domain names relating to the attacks were registered at least 15 months before September 2001. Among these were, and

Status: False. None of these domain names are specific to the attacks on 11 September, and the Twin Towers had already been the subject of a terrorist attack in 1993. It is true that people rushed to register new domain names following the attacks (such as NewYork to make a profit by putting together disaster-related websites or reselling the domain names.

what are the odds somebody

what are the odds somebody registers "" one year before 9/11 and it expires on 14.9.2001 ? Only coincidence theorists....

Domain Names and linked article

Domain names on the list provided to Livingstone by an industry insider included:


The attackers might have

The attackers might have been planning a propaganda campaign following the attacks, according to Livingstone. "Maybe their success was so overwhelming that they didn't need to use this," he said. "Or they may have decided it was too dangerous to do."

films they're showing...

Not the greatest lineup. "In Plane Site," "9/11 Eyewitness," and "Confronting the Evidence" should be replaced by:

The Great Conspiracy
Press For Truth
or a David Ray Griffin speech

Someone should tell the organizers that their choice of films is very poor, suspiciously poor.

International Truth Movement


Have you considered that there may be an issue of the availability of films with Japanese subtitles or voice over?

At the conference in The

At the conference in The Netherlands Jimmy Walter presented his no-plane theorie on based on some small pixelated images. Not good...

Criticising is easy.

Doing critics about the films or the presenters is easy and it doesn't help the movement. Instead of that, why don't you organise yourself such conferences ? The films they will show are among the best ones as the presenters (William Rodriguez, Jimmy Walter, Steven Jones or David Ray Griffin). There are now many films and people in the 911 truth movement. Each of us has his preference and it's impossible to satisfy everybody. It's the first major 911 truth conference in Japan and it's a very good news, thanks to her founder.


And I don't see any problem of showing "In Plane Site" or "Eyewitness."

Some people don't seem to realize that we get attacked the most when we talk about the very bottom of the truth.

Though I don't buy the NPT...... yet, at least. ;o)

In Plane Sight

Its Too bad their showing In Plane Sight over films like 9/11 Mysteries and TerrorStorm.