The Divide ~ 911 Music Video

Music Video by VOICE & FluxRostrum
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Music by VOICE L Burner Records

The true culprits of September 11th 2001 must be publicly punished to the fullest extent of the law if we are to ever be free again.

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This is hypnotically heavy...

... I had to pause it half way for an intermission. Ok, I had to pause it again... this is an amazing collection of imagery... I wondered why the editing deserved special note. Because it's an excellent job, that's why. You, FluxRostrum... do phenomenal work.

i agree, great stuff. i had

i agree, great stuff. i had to favorite the video he posted yesterday.

Favorite Audio Line of the Day:

"If Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, then it would have looked like a plane had it the Pentagon."

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That's my favorite line too.


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