Dr. Bowman on False Flag News - 10/3/2006

Yesterday, Dr. Bowman was interviewed on Dan Abrahamson's "False Flag News" radio program. They talked about 9/11, military exercises and Iran;

"...according to the Nuremberg Principles, which we wrote... which are enshrined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, every person in the military must obey the Nuremberg Principles... according to those Principles, we in the military not only have the right, but the duty, to refuse an illegal order... and what I'm saying is, those guys up there in the nuclear chain of command, if they get an order to nuke Iran, they must not only refuse to carry out that order, they must arrest who gave them the order as a war criminal." - Dr. Bob Bowman, Oct. 3, 2006

Archived here: Tue., October 3, 2006 (interview starts around 25 minute mark)

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If you haven't read Bowman's 9/11 Comments from his site...

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how bad Bush needs those al-Qaeda tapes


"But if you don't take my word, take the word of Osama bin Laden, or Mr. (Ayman) Zawahiri, about the importance of Iraq. The number one and two of Al-Qaeda have made it clear that Iraq is a central front in the war on terror," he said.

"And their ambitions are to drive the United States out of Iraq," Bush said

yep, he qoutes BIn Laden all

yep, he qoutes BIn Laden all the time. its infuriating how some people still fall for that shit.

Attack on Iran

Attack on Iran imminent?


Some people might think it's a bit over the top to make these kind of predictions, but I feel the important thing is to have it all documented in case the predictions come through.


But 9/11 press for truth is no longer on google video!!!???


It's there..

Here is a working link.


"But for how long, Mr Spock... HOW LONG?"

Sort of.

It's flying under the radar at a different link. See the link at the top here.

You do know this

You do know this was taken down so the counter was reset. Same happened to terror storm. That is why a lot of people have been going to the top videos and posting a comment about the situation and asking people to watch 9/11 Press for Truth and Terrorstom.

- nick911

Anyone find it a trifle

Anyone find it a trifle strange that Bush refers to Ayman zawahri as "mr" ? ive heard him do it once before, perhaps they are aquaitence ? :)

Dr. Bowman is the man. He

Dr. Bowman is the man. He doesn't mince words. I would like to have him as President.

I'll second that!

Bowman for President!


Hah, he cites the Lauro Chavez story as evidence. No story too bogus for a scholar for 9/11 truth!