FBI in New York the week before attacks?

This statement:

Ms. Terry added this: "Last week the FBI was all over the Trade Center. They were parked in our spot. They knew something was up."

From this 9/11 survivor story:


Is very interesting to say the least.  This goes beyond any "power down".  I have heard other witness statements in the past that said the FBI was all over the towers the week before the attacks, and may even have had the building cordoned off.  I wish I remember where I read those statements.

Anyone else have any information on this?  If we can prove the FBI was swarming the towers the week before the attacks, that would be yet another smoking gun. 

I'm surprised there isn't

I'm surprised there isn't any activity under this blog entry. Am I missing something? It seems like a substantive contribution to 9/11 truth, and one worth pursuing.

Thanks SBG

I have some interesting stories I've dug up, for example from two female security guards in the towers. Will post them when I have the time.

Well, the 9/11 commission was very selective in its "investigation" to say the least.