Protests, insults disrupt Kristol 9/11 speech

Protests, insults disrupt Kristol 9/11 speech

A speech by William Kristol, former chief of staff for former vice president Dan Quayle and editor of The Weekly Standard magazine, turned hostile Tuesday when students began hurling insults at Kristol, alleging his and the U.S. government's complicity in the Sept. 11 attacks.

"9/11 is your Pearl Harbor," said one student protestor, referring to a pre-Sept. 11 statement released by the Project for a New American Century, a conservative think tank Kristol chairs.

In a Sept. 2000 report titled "Rebuilding America's Defenses, " the group wrote, "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

Some of the student protestors are members of the new UT student organization, Project for the New American Citizen, but the group did not officially organize the protest, said founder Matt Dayton. The nonpartisan, anti-imperialism group encourages people to seek out truthful information regarding the U.S. government's policies and actions, said Dayton, an art studio and radio-television-film junior. The group's name is a counter to Kristol's neoconservative think tank...


Better get used to it, Kristol. Thanks, Steve.

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Kristol got off far too easy...

Kristol is a key PNAC NeoCon who is responsible for the murders of 3,000 Americans, thousands of soldiers, & hundreds of thousands of Afghanis & Iraqis!!! He needs to be on trial, not out spreading more of his fascism!!!

YEE-hAw!!! South Carolina

YEE-hAw!!! South Carolina conveys hearty rebel-yells to our friends in Texas. Too late neocons, we already have the music;

I wish...

I could have been there.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I was there. When the guy

I was there. When the guy said, "9/11 was your new pearl harbor", kristol was like a deer in the headlights, he didn't know what to say. Then a girl in another part of the audiece shouted, "9/11 was a lie" and "you're a criminal!"

At that point I was kicked out for unfurling a banner. I don't know what happened next.

You mean...

He looked like this...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

you should do one where he

you should do one where he shoots lazer beams out of his eyes.. :)

Like this?


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."



Jon, Those gifs are CLASSIC


Those gifs are CLASSIC !!

I had to use them, if you don't mind, of page THIRTY of this thread I have going about 9/11 in my local Lakeland, FL paper:
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

that is some crazy mess. i

that is some crazy mess.

i must say that when kristol was on steven colbert he turned beet red when colbert put him on the spot regarding PNAC and warplans for Iraq pre-9/11.. it was great to see him realize his bullshit is gunna cost him sooner than later.


Twins separated at birth? Good Twin, Evil Twin?

Here is the Colbert/Kristol piece:

oh yes

Kristol squirmed. It was fun to watch.

you watched it? were you

you watched it? were you there? if not, do you have a video of it? i would LOVE to see that scum Kristol squirm like Zelikow did when Gypsy owned his ass.

RE: i would LOVE to see that scum Kristol squirm

Here's the next best thing, Chris:


PNACer gets a gooey reception
Wed, 30 Mar 2005


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. thank you so much for that, i almost forgot that happened. that seriously made my day.

Someone should.....

.....organize an online database to track the day to day movements of various high-profile people (like Kristol). Most of these characters do speaking engagements and public appearances all the time.

If we knew the day to day movements of these characters we could put out action alerts to ensure that they are hounded whenever and wherever they show their faces.

On an off topic - I saw Ann Coulter on Bill O'Reilly last night blaming the democrats and liberals for the Foley child-sex scandal. Someone really needs to track this woman's itinerary. She is so long overdue for a coconut cream pie to the face.

sounds like a decent idea..

sounds like a decent idea.. i wonder if these people have publicists, or maybe a website event schedule.. hrm.

nice idea, prolly won't happen

I know from when John Kerry spoke at my college that he, like other politicans, purposefully do not post their schedule for that exact reason. Follow them too closely and you might end up with restraining orders or other legal action. While I'd love to see 9/11 truth get more publicity, I'd also like to see it in a positive light.

Going to public events with Q&A sessions would be best and stating one or two highly pointed questions about PNAC policy or 9/11 involvement would probably be better publicity within the mainstream and would force them to give even a non-answer that can be deconstructed by those inside and outside the truth movement. Not that I'm saying cater to the mainstream media (they have proven they have no concept of investigative and truly independant reporting), but the mainstream *is* going to cover it. Continued outbursts during a speech only adds fuel to their fire that Truthers are "crazy people" who have no idea what they're saying. Stick to the facts. Stick to the contridictions. Stick to the tough questions.

Personally, I don't think attending a public event should necessarily be about "sticking" it to these Neocons or giving them some much deserved rage. A public event is an opportunity to pose one, two if you're lucky, questions that will offer someone an opening to question the "offical" story of 9/11. Moreover, asking the *same* question(s) of all of these PNAC imperialists would probably be a better showing of unity over several events and if you keep asking the same question(s) they're a) gonna know it's coming, b) someone will eventually *have* to report on it, c) even if they don't, those attending the event would have that question posed for them, d) repeatedly asking them a question they don't like, to a variety of people of the same mindset, will result with one of them giving you an outburst at some point as well as potentially drastic replies, that again, you can use against them, and lastly e) that you're gonna keep asking these questions until you get a new, independant investigation that explains what *really* happened. Do this at as many events as you can, and I'm sure they'll start looking at the crowd and wonder, "who is gonna make me answer about 9/11 *again*."

Right now, since sheeple won't listen to reason, the only way I can see to discredit these people is use their own words against them--catch them waffling, outright lying, or saying something outrageous. Then post these ridiculous bits of rhetoric everywhere. Eventually when they see enough of these contradictions, some of them will wake up. For the others that don't, I'm not sure anything will reach them short of the American Gestapo breaking down their door or the state-mandated loss of some of their luxury items/priveledges. Admittedly, we've been pampered in the U.S. of A for nearly 2 generations. Anything that threatens that pampering or the effort put forth to maintain it is gonna meet a LOT of resistance.

Anyhow, just my $0.02. Thanks for reading.

Sounds like an AWESOME

Sounds like an AWESOME idea...  Hound these bastards every time they make a public appearance.  

I third that. They've

I third that. They've become really careful about the higher profile pnac guys like rumsfeld and stuff, but these guys, the brains doing the real damage, are still making big money on the lecture circuit. This is a very good and positive idea. An army of gypsies with our own intelligence service so when these people are heard so are we.


I think "she" is a he.

I saw Anne Coulter on Fox News as well (I could barely stand her arrogant tone), and I noticed that she has a huge adam's apple, and some manly facial features.

Anyhow, she made Mr. O'Reilly sound like a moderate.

I noticed what looked like a

I noticed what looked like a long thin salami hanging to one side and running down her leg under her skirt. It could have been her mal nourished legs, but it looked more like a male organ to me.

I live in England and can

I live in England and can pick up Fox on sky digital, i see this guy from time to time on there and i have to say i find him to be really annoying and hawkish in his veiws, he ALWAYS seems to be promoting military intervention, he's an odious slimeball, i see alot of PNAC members have been given high rannking jobs in the Bush Admin asweel, which is very suspicious, although this Kystol guy seems to be there man in the media there cheerleader.

read much from his magazine

read much from his magazine 'national review'? he is very much in bed with all that is going on in this administration.

How dare you speak out against the president of the unitedstates

cheerleader is a bit of an understatement. These guys are more like the people that are running our country against our will. That's no exaduration. Bush is mildly retarded by design, we all know this here. It was part of the plan. Bill Kristol and other PNAC members are bushes brain. Bill is our non democratically elected real president. He is our commander in chief, so you shouldn't say bad things about him or the cia will come to your country and kidnap you and torture you.

someone needs to tell that

someone needs to tell that police officer it is impolite to point at people.


"Radio-television-film graduate Aaron Dykes, who works for liberal-leaning radio host Alex Jones, was escorted from the building by police after repeatedly interrupting Kristol."

Maybe if liberal meant libertarian. Why can't reporters grasp the concept that real conservatives are against the war and for the truth of 9/11? Don't they realize that it's staunch conservatives and libertarians like Alex Jones who are against the globalists like former Marxist turned "Conservative" like Bill Kristol?

Because the definition of

Because the definition of "conservative" has changed quite a bit from what it used to mean, causing a re-alignment of all the other terms as well. By today's definition, Alex Jones is a liberal. He said so himself on air about a month ago. I've also heard him describe himself as a "paleo-conservative" as well, but I have never heard him refer to himself as a libertarian.

It's true though that most of the people who work for Alex really have a thing against liberals and bash liberals every chance they get. I don't get that why that is. There's just us and them now. It's time to come together and get over these labels.

Alex and his crew...

...are true conservatives that liberals can trust and respect, even when we have honest disagreement on certain issues. They are patriots that are fighting for our sovereignity and freedoms.

Alex is unfailingly polite to liberals he respects as fighting for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and taking on Tyranny.

The left-right division is being exposed by Alex & Co. for the elite's manipulative device that it is.

I personally am glad that Alex comes to this a "true conservative". It gives former Bush supporters some place to go when they realize Bush's corruption and treason. Some place to go and keep their identity as "conservatives".

This country needs both true Conservatives and Liberals to function and progress. Not the crooks who appropriate a label to facillitate their crimes.

hear hear Divide and

hear hear
Divide and conquor. Liberals and conservatives must work togethere toward the common goal of restoration of the constitution. We must not let them use these machiavellian techniques on us. Liberal and conservative politicions behave nearly identically now which has not been true in the past. They focus on basic differences that are not terribly important issues while the truly important issues of geopolitical importance are all decided by the bankers that own politicans. It is a wicked illusion we must see past.

Why can't they just call

Why can't they just call themselves liberals instead of clinging to the "conservative" label? Seriously, these people realize that the conservative party that brought us 9/11 and fascism, and they still want to identify themselves as conservative? People sure are stubborn...

Here here. Throughout

Here here. Throughout history, it has been the conservatives who fought for segregation, it was the conservatives who fought against equal rights (and they're still doing it, just replace the word "negroes" with "gays"), it was the conservatives who put Bush in office, which in turn brought us 9/11, the patriot act, torture, military tribunals for American citizens, and open corporate/fascist why is there such a resistance to allowing that word to take on all the negative connotations that that ideology has brought us? Why do people like Alex Jones and all the guys who worship at the Church of Alex still want to be identified as "conservative" in the face of all the evils conservatives have wrought on this country?


you need to understand that the terms "liberal" and "conservative" are highly subjective and have different meanings based on the particular context in which they are used.

Conservatism, in its most strict sense, simply means you desire to preserve something. in the modern American context this has meant that Conservatives have wanted to preserve Constitutional rule, be conservative with spending, and avoid foreign entanglements and wars except in cases of national vital interest. Republicans abandonded those ideal long ago, and conservatism is being redefined around the 9/11 religous myth into a philosophy of absolute corporate immunity, war profiteering, imperialism through preemptive war doctrine, and an absolute security state domestically.

Liberalism, in the 19th century context, actually WAS libertarianism/constitutionalism. In the modern context it has come to be associated with the welfare state, environmentalism, minority rights, labor interests, etc.

You're right absolutely that these terms mask the real debates and have become largely useless.

I think though, that there a a lot of people who have traditionally been Republicans, who reject the Bush/Cheney cabal and who still think of themselves as "Conservatives" and I would agree that in the modern context in which Conservative is used, this administration is NOT conservative. They are not trying to Preserve any aspect of traditional Americanism. They are trying to subvert our defining national heritage as a Constitutional Republic and replace that with their new Straussian "Ignoble Lie" in order to create an authoritarian security state. They have redefined foreign policy tprinciples that have stood for hundreds of years with the "Bush (zelikow) doctrine". They have spent more than all administrations previously combined, and only 1/3 of that is related to the war on terror.

So, to call this adminstration "Conservative" is an absolute affront to the term, both by its strictest root meaning, and its modern context.

Spencer, great writing

You laid it out better than I ever could have.

I consider myself a "true" conservative as well and absolutely loathe how the neo-cons have corrupted an entire sector of the United States via brainwashing by Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, etc and so-forth.

Thier propaganda is absolutely sickening.

If I may, here's an exchange today between me and a typical neo-con who has been brainwashed. The sentences are compiled by her in a response to me, so they are broken quotes by me:

(ME): In our Constitution, our federal government is supposed to protect us from foreign invasion. Mexico is, at this very moment, engaged in an all-out invasion of the United States which is about to destroy our economy. Not to mention, there are now many militant groups such as La Raza who want to kill all Americans and re-claim the Southwest for Mexico. They call it "La Reconquista". Alberto Gonzales is a member of La Raza. That is treason.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Sorry, I have no clue about this.

(ME): Other groups who are aligned with the Mexican government are Atzlan and MEChA.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Never heard of them.

(ME): Iraq, on the other hand was NOT any threat to the United States.....nor was Afghanistan.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Countries, maybe not. Radical Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists....Definately were and still are a threat.

(ME): But "conservatives" have been brainwashed into believing all the lies in order to get us into perpetual war for their New World Order.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Oh, please. Conservatives are brainwashed in order to get us into their (brainwashed) New World Order? [no you don't have to answer....actually please ignore this comment]

(ME): I consider myself a TRUE conservative who wants to retain our constitutional heritage. This present administration has NOTHing to do with conservatism, but they DO represent globalism.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Maybe, I'd have to see what you mean by this.

(ME): If Bush is such a conservative, along with the Republican congress, why is the budget bigger than any government in the history of the world?

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Well one thing, as the economy grows, so does the budget. I don't consider Bush a strict conservative.

(ME): Why is Bush secretly getting us wrapped up in the North American Union which destroys the Declaration of Independence?

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): We'll have to see what's true and what's conspiracy theory about this NA Union thing.

(ME): Are you going to call me a liberal because I'm against the North American Union.

(NEO-CON RESPONSE): Nope....err maybe. It depends on what the definition of "NA Union" is. lol

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

come on... a libertarian is

come on... a libertarian is not a william f. buckley, and they are both allegedly "conservative." A 19th century jeffersonian liberal is not a bleeding heart save the sqirrels person. All of these people see the constitution being destroyed right now. Everyone sees our kids dying in the desert so bankers and oil men can facilitate the lining of theiir pockets We are killing hundreds of thousands of people who are simply trying to protect their homes and families and national soverignty. The people that come here are essentially against banker fascism, other than that, they need have nothing in common. Simply democrat or republican is an over simplification. I don't know exactly what to call alex jones, but I know he's not a democrat.


I am one of those afore mentioned "true conservatives". I love the way that 9/11 truth is cutting across the false paradigm and catalyzing people to fight the real battle of liberty and self-determination versus command and control/concentration of power. That is the real paradigm.

We may have different views, when all is said and done, about what the Constitution allows the government to do, etc. I just want to get back to our honest political dialectic where we all accept the Constitution as the Supreme law and the intrinsic worth and rights of each individual.

I was at Brave New Books

I was at Brave New Books last night when the PNAC guys were encouraging everybody to attend the Oct. 5 demonstration at the Austin capitol building. They mentioned that these nationwide demonstrations are being organized by a group calling themselves "world can't wait", and that Kevin guy who works for Alex took the opportunity to stand up and inform us all that the people who are making the nationwide anti-bush demonstrations happen tomorrow are "leftist commie types" and that we should "get there and carve out our own area, don't let them own it." Hmmmm....and I thought these guys were against dividing people with left/right labels? Seriously, what's up with these guys need to bash liberals every opportunity they get? We've all heard Alex on air use the term "fake conservatives" when he talks about people like Limbaugh and Coulter, and he uses the term "fake liberals" when he talks about people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. We hear him use the term "real conservative" when he talks about himself, but has anyone ever heard him use the term "real liberal" to describe someone, or even use the term "liberal" in any sort of positive way whatsoever?

But those are fake conservatives & fake liberals...

"We've all heard Alex on air use the term "fake conservatives" when he talks about people like Limbaugh and Coulter, and he uses the term "fake liberals" when he talks about people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry."

Limbaugh & Coulter are fascists, & Hillary & Kerry are Republicans/Neocons in disguise.

(Hillary & Kerry were for the Iraq invasion, and they're giving Bush a free ride on everything!)

Sorry, I had little time,

Sorry, I had little time, just a generalization. I know that many of the grassroots liberals are just as outraged by the dems as I am about the reps. But the truth is that the leaders of this march in Austin will block anyone from speaking that's not a "card carrying communist". This is a fact, because it happened a few times to me. Leftist gatekeeper, Chomsky want to be Bob Jensen, has personaly blocked me from speaking before. But when I put on the Scott Ritter event on with Debbie Russell this year I worked with Jensen, and he hated me. I told him what I thought of him and not to push me, and we had a successful event. But the left just couldn't get it through their heads that Ritter is conservative and against the war.

Here's the video: