9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA - 10/5/06

Posted signs on 4 bridges this morning in the Boston area. Here are 3 of the bridges...

Woburn, MA
9/11 Freeway Blogging

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Lexington, MA

Billerica, MA

excellent work, keep it up!

people are waking up, no doubt. things will surely get interesting soon..

So it's perfectly legal to

So it's perfectly legal to do this! I'm excited to try my hand at the 6 bridges near me

Depends on where you live

Yes, In Massachusetts, this is legal, but in some states it apparently is not legal...

Where can i check up for

Where can i check up for michigan?

try freewayblogger.com, they

try www.freewayblogger.com, they have all the resources you should need.



9/11 was not an inside job and never will be.

And you all show know it by now, unless you are completely brainwashed.

"In addition, I would point out that a conspiracy theory appeals to a common and pervasive human emotion: namely, hatred. Conspiracies have the two characteristics that separate the Hateful from all other things: they are powerful, and they are very, very bad. If your dominant emotion is a haunting, free floating hatred, and you need something to fasten it to and justify it, try a conspiracy theory! If might be just what you were looking for!

"So conspiracy theories are the sort of theory that would naturally appeal to someone who is intellectually lazy, prefers instant gratification, thinks in terms of concrete images instead of abstractions and mathematical symbols, and needs to feel more powerful; someone who is troubled by nasty emotions that do not seem to be appropriate responses to the world that they actually see around them."


Thanks Doc

Thanks Doc for straightening all of us out. I guess we all need something to "fasten it to" (our hate) so what better than the "Official Conspiracy Theory." You know the one I mean. The one about that hateful Osama in his Bat Cave in Afghanistan using his lap-top ordering his supermen to blow the hell out of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon because they hate our freedom. Thanks again Doc, your brilliant comment straightened all of us out............By the way Doctor, "9/11 was an inside job" is not a Conspiracy Theory, it is a Conspiracy fact. It has already been proven.

Awesome Sean.

Thank you.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

great stuff, the 2nd one is

great stuff, the 2nd one is really great!

Unbelievably Excellent

This is fantastic. We need lots more people doing this. Bush and his regime are so lawless with their lies based on more lies it's shocking this country still allows this to go on. I'm disgusted, and these signs you hung are just a reminder that there are still people out there with the energy to fight. I am encouraged and energized by these photographs and will create some myself. How long will they stay up there?

Love the first one focused on 9/11

That is the one issue that will bring them down (although the others can help set the stage)


That one looks especially cool. Great job!

How about some 9/11 graffiti if you can't freeway blog?

Spray paint, magic marker, stickers, or even chalk if you have to.

Bumper stickers too...they

Bumper stickers too...they are annoying to stand there and tear off and oftentimes remain where they are for long periods. I've put "9/11 was an inside job" stickers at bus stops, glass windows, mailboxes, etc. and some are actually still there!

same, i put a infowars.com

same, i put a infowars.com sticker on my school billboard.. its still there!!!

its probably because bumperstickers are a pain to tear off, thats why people leave it alone. lol

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's friggin hilarious.

That is, really funny.

That is, really funny.

Marketing, Like Mad!

The very best is to have 3 actual people holding the banners. It personalizes things a lot. But, when- ' Tacking the signs up' to captivate either the Morning, or Evening rush Hr. traffic, you've got to figure they will only be there so long as it isn't pissing anyone off so badly they want to stop to pull it down.

Hear me on this one, In the Delta we got red-necks who would literally die to defend our Idiot and Chief. They are sick-o, wigged-out, electromagnetically brain-controlled, and RFID'd to the bone. Like Frankenstein, (playing a bit part in a Fellini film,) they will lock-up the brakes on a 22 year-old Pinto, and march right across the Fwy to yank any sign of "Disloyalty" to our troops. Of course, we all know it here, as America's biggest "Ooops!"

"Freeway Blogger" nonetheless, is our best hope for mass-condesention towards the traditional Media. After all, those in control are humans too, (give or take a lizzard-gene.)

Profanities go a long-long way, on the side of railcars. But, in an urban situation you better come up with something sarcastic, especially if the idea is to create a slow-build 'firestorm' of outright 'rebellion,' which no particular group ever plans to take credit for. On the first day of the riot, the 'f-word' is replaced by the hurling of bricks.

Like we saw on Campus, in the mid and late 70's, right up through Rodney King, the CIA often will plant the seeds to raise an abundance of certain discontent, just to assure that the public -concensus, will match their selected Party, or Representative, or Big donor's objectives, after they are placed into power. Remember the huge "VIVA LA SANDINISTA's" posted out west? And how many big graffiti artists wore bayonets in their belts?

You want Mexicans? - You got 'em!

Quality Labor; Cheaper by the Dozen?

"False-flag!" - This alone is worth a thousand dead Iraquis.

BTW, you better start thinking like dirty little 'devils' yourselves, because this really is the final chapter in our effort to see to it that, historically the 'official story' is, as we have all documented, the actual "9/11 Truth." They have NO science. They have bloody mitts. They have off-shore accounts, inside-tips, and 'sister' corporations....

With two weeks until the mid-term selections, I'm thinking my next sign should just say: "Farewell, Mom, sorry to cut-n-run!"

That's just

awesome, SeanJ.
Yesterday on Mike Chambers web-cast show "fom the middle of America, in the middle of the night"
a guy phoned in, explaining what he does:
He goes to computer stores and loads 911 truth films onto the exhibited computers, so when some kid tries one of the machines, the first thing they see is one of the "truth classics".
He says a lot of people are fascinated by that and ask for more information.

You all are wonderful people.


By the way, I had two 9/11 inside job signs up (the first picture plus another one). Those both came down within a few hours along with the big IMPEACH one.  But, the "Lies. Murder. Fear. Impeach." one is still up after 24 hours!  I'm pretty shocked that is the one that is still up - I figured people would find that one the most offensive of the bunch.  It is over Route 3 South in Billerica, MA, which gets a ton of traffic.  Since it stayed up on that bridge, next time I think I'll post a 9/11 Was An Inside Job on that bridge.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. We need lost more people doing this.

Why not have a website URL

Why not have a website URL on those signs, like patriotsquestion911.com

People need to be introduced to paradigm shifting ideas with graceful impact. A roadsign with that domain would be effective.

But capitalize the first

But capitalize the first letters of each word, like this:

Easier to make out and just looks better.

Yes! Also as implied above, make it hard to remove...

We should make our messages as difficult to remove as possible. The harder they are to physically remove, the longer the messages will remain on display.


These all look like they were posted along Route 128. Is this true? I'd like to take a drive and take a look.

Yes, 3 of them on Route 128...

...but unfortunately, they came down already.

good job

Keep up the good work, people!

I saw the billerica one yesterday

Keep it up. I've done put some small stuff up around lowell but nothing as big as those. You're the man!!

The Ultimate Tool For Freeway Blogging

The ultimate tool for Freeway blogging can be found here:


It allows you turn any image into a series of dots blown up into a giant image. Up close, the dots don't look like much. At a distance, they clearly define the original image, however.

Would it be practical?

The Rasterbator site is very, very cool. At first I though, no way would this be practical for freeway blogging... and then... I started thinking of the images you could produce, rather than just words.


Not to mention sickening.

I'd tear those signs down the moment I saw them.

Irresponsible and sickening

It is irresponsible to let the true 9/11 perpetrators go free.

It is sickening that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, and even the idiot Bush are not behind bars yet.

Tear 'em down - we'll put 'em back up.