Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld

The Watson brothers, Paul and Steve, have been all over the "new" Al Qaeda videotape. Here's the latest report from Steve Watson. Well worth a read.

Personally, the angle I [GW] think we should take when discussing the videotape with those who are naive about psyops is:

• There's no soundtrack, so no one can say what the people portrayed said; and

• The Pentagon has had the tape for 5 years, so it is nothing new.

If people are more sophisticated about video psyops, then you can get into the whole issue of fake Al Qaeda tapes.

What do you think?

This should be permenantly

This should be permenantly affixed to the 911Blogger RED Letter items. This puts the spotlight where it is needed, back on the perps of 9/11.


Not the Pedophile garbage

[100% MSM Approved for your consumption! ]


Saif Al ADL from the slide

Saif Al ADL from the slide show:

This story is HUGE. Steve

This story is HUGE. Steve Watson has established himself as a major journalist. "Al-Qaeda' tapes coming from Pentagon and DIA as we all suspected. Spread this story everywhere!



how much you wanna bet that

how much you wanna bet that "intelcenter" site goes offline in the next week?

This is Woodward and

This is Woodward and Bernstein type stuff -- for real (I say "for real" 'cause Woodward likes to hang out with elites at orgies -- see K Griggs).

Confirmed: "Al-Qaeda" tapes

Confirmed: "Al-Qaeda" tapes a psyop.

mole in Al-Jazeera

Apparently they have a mole in Al-Jazeera:

"It is also interesting that this journalist, Yousri Fouda is not only a Sunday Times journalist but also the London Bureau Chief of Al Jazeera. He is the guy who normally breaks all the Al Qaeda tapes anyway, so really the London Times connection is just a smokescreen.

All evidence indicates that the tapes are provided to Fouda and Al Jazeera by As Sahab, the "production company" of Al Qaeda, via a group known as Intelcenter, who also SELL the videos online."

We got em!~

Keep your eyes locked on Fouda; this is the mole who's been releasing all the phony Bin Laden and "Al-Qaeda" tapes!

They probably have a studio at Mount Weather

Pentagon films these ridiculous "Al-Qaeda" tapes or pisses around with previous footage -- gives them to their mole at Al-Jazeera -- bingo~! Al-Qaeda

Please Cache the Info at intelcenter now,

those of you who are tech-saavy.

The article is not very well

The article is not very well written; he should have started off with the incredible new evidence of Rummy's connections to the Al-Qaeda tapes instead of burrying it in the center. Nevertheless, this is REAL journalism; everyone tip your hat to Steve Watson. He's just blown the Al-Qaeda scam wide open.

i said it before and i'll

i said it before and i'll say it again, Paul Joseph Watson is easily one of the most underrated journalists on the net. his brother is pretty damn good as well.

it's already off!

it's already off!

It's not off. These guys have some explaining to do

Never went off, the link in the article has a comma instead of period. Link still
The real as sahab

getting them from
stay on these guys like a bulldog


Unconfirmed intelligence exists that slightly increase the likelihood of a global risk event. Risk level will change when confirmed. At this time, emerging threats reflect a need for improved awareness without specific action required.

haha, very interesting stuff, thanks for the link man.

i always knew about the

i always knew about the Intelcenter site. always kind of creeped me out. ive always wanted someone with better investigating skills than myself to look into everyone behind it.