The Foley-911 Connection

The media storm surrounding the Foley-pedophile story is understandable, but a huge distraction from the more important story of 9/11. Even veteran reporter Robert Scheer (formerly of the L.A. Times) has said that the administration's foreknowledge is more important than Foley-gate.

How do we connect 9/11 to the media-frenzy du jour, the pedophile scandal?

Two words: Denny Hastert.

Remember that former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who the Department of Justice's Inspector General and several senators have called extremely credible (free subscription required), said "If they were to do real investigations we would see several significant high level criminal prosecutions in this country. And that is something that they are not going to let out. And, believe me; they will do everything to cover this up". She also is leaning towards the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job.

Ms. Edmonds has alleged that Denny Hastert took illegal contributions from foreign governments, and she has hinted that Denny is one of these people who should be criminally prosecuted for 9/11.

Denny is vulnerable right now with his connection to Foley-gate. And he appears to be guilty of alot of other crimes. Hastert's vulnerability presents an opportunity to potentially open the whole can of worms concerning 9/11.

Push to expose all of Hastert's wrongdoing. The whole rotten house of cards just may come falling down.

Beware of asn upcoming diversion

For example: "For those of you with more than a 15 minute memory, I will ask you to think back to the summer of 2001...The nation put aside baseball that summer and fell in love with Shandra Levy, or at least the sordid aspects of that young girl's short life. That story had it all. Ms. Levy was young enough to be the daughter of the married man she was dating and that man just happened to be a U.S. Congressman. The only thing that made that epic drama go away was the 9/11 attacks!"
What is past is prologue.

October surprise coming

They need an October diversion to boost their election results, but this time even a new OBL tape can't seem to help them. What will be their last desperate stunt?

Atta Video Connect

Just a few stories south, someone posted analysis of the new Atta video as security service recording spliced with previously released footage. I'm not sure how many rawstory readers are in here, but as soon as it became apparent Foley was in deep shit, voila, the Atta video.

Foleygate is politics as

Foleygate is politics as usual, but 9/11 truth is not. That why they won't touch 9/11 truth with a ten foot pole. If 9/11 truth finally leads to official hearings, the GOP will cease to exist.

GOP and many if not all

GOP and many if not all democrats

sure, many democrats, but

sure, many democrats, but not even close to all. remember, this past 5 years they have had ZERO sway in the house. they cant hold hearings, they cant issue subpoenas, they cant enforce anything. thats all republican, thats how they were able to get away with so much in the first place. thats why we got the latest affront to our constitution in the terror detainee bill.(you know, the one that is so vague that it could be used against all of us). im not sticking up for democrats, they are scum(for the most part) as well, but realistically speaking, they have far less blood on their hands and havent had to engage as closely in the cover-up.


Interesting...I just logged in here after calling a number of Senators pleading with them to get off the "gay' thing and focus on the corruption and lack of oversight which is par for the Republican majority/party .The Foley scandal is a microcosim of the predatory nature of the Republican (fascist) party in general. They prey on us through propaganda, they prey on our kids by dumbing them dowm and fattening them up with ads for crappy consumer goods and war games, TV shows, fake news, etc.

Then I told them to revisit the Sibel Edmonds story and possible connections to Dennis Hastert.

Edmonds sliding towards complicity

Precisely why Sibel Edmonds lets her country down by obeying a states secrets order issued by criminals regarding criminal activities.

An order to be silent regarding classified information is really only valid when it protects the state legitimately and is given under legal conditions.

Here we have an order given by criminals to protect criminals. To obey such an order, given the high stakes involved and so many lives in peril, is morally reprehensible and ultimately criminal. Why do people hold this person in high regard. Now give me the gears.

I agree, but I also disagree

I agree with you that their power was not up to the task in the Conressional sphere, but agree more so with you that they are scum.

However, I disagree strenuously about the blood on their hands part. For all those democrats who have stood up and pointed out the many facts and anomalies regarding the official conspiracy theory being so absurd, and more importantly, have demanded publicly a new 9/11 investigation, THIS TIME ONE WITH TEETH, for these democrats--they have less blood on their hands...for all others, for BOTH democrats and republicans, they are without a doubt immersed in blood, both for Iraq and for those who died on 9/11.

Our elected officials must be held to a higher standard. Time for the free ride to end.

look, 9/11 is the most

look, 9/11 is the most important issue to me too, but you act like it is all there is. who was against the Patriot Act the first time around? 1 democrat. who was against the Patriot Act the second time around? only democrats. who was angry about the illegal spying? only democrats. who was angry about the latest detainee bill? only democrats etc etc etc. again, im not endorsing the party as a whole, but i am being realistic about our government, something many people here dont seem willing to be. Cynthia McKinney was a democrat for a reason. Paul Wellstone was a democrat for a reason. other than Ron Paul i cant name 1 single republican that is realistic in any way. i hate the democrats AND republicans but i recognize that there is a difference, no matter how small it may be. they all have blood on thier hands, but the Dems have far less, and that was my initial point. i was responding to a guy above who said that when 9/11 is exposed, all republicans AND democrats would be finished. based on the fact that the Dems have had ZERO subpoena power means they will not, no matter if you like it or not. thats just being realistic.

give Sibel a break...

She'll be the one having to deal with the consequences when the media fail to report the story of her arrest and torture (God forbid)

She at least has done the rounds and hinted about as much as she can no? Isn't that better than 99.99% of all the other people with some knowledge of what's really going on? Maybe if more people came forward she could afford to be even more brave, but for now I'm glad she's on our side and doing what she does. All of us need to be working extra hard to raise awareness. That is as simple as spending a few hours a week at a busy intersection holding a sign. You will NOT be beat up, tortured, or arrested, trust me. You'll be chided by a few morons and thanked by a whole lot more reasonable people, who will see you as an example to follow perhaps.

We can only do this en masse, there is no middle ground--go out there and find Sibel more backup, and we will win.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Hastert Still Against Giving

Hastert Still Against Giving 9/11 Panel More Time

By Dan Eggen

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 26, 2004; Page A04

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has hardened his opposition to extending the deadline for the independent commission studying the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, even as the panel's leaders pleaded yesterday for more time to complete their work.

Rest of article here

Integrity of 9/11 Truth Movement

I am concerned that much of the 9/11 Truth movement in the U.S. and elsewhere is nothing more than a partisan issue - Left vs. Right, Democrat vs. Republican.

I remember how I watched the Clinton impeachment fiasco and agreed with the Republicans that Clinton had lied, raped and engaged in various criminalities. I rooted for the Republicans to bring the Clinton Adminstration to justice. I thought impeachment was exactly what Clinton deserved.

The problem was that almost no Democrats supported the Republicans. No matter what proof was brought to light, dems still defended Clinton and his gang of swindlers and double-talkers to the hilt.

The Clintonistas apolgetics were demonstrably false and ludicrous.

The same now goes for the Bush version apologists.

Would Dems be pushing this issue as hard if Clinton or another Democrat were in office?

How about Republicans and Conservatives? Would they be clinging to the same type of stupid defences of Bush's fairy tale versionof 9/11 as the Dems did defending Clintion if a Democrat were in office. Or would Rebublicans and Conservatives be pushing this issue just as hard as they pushed Clinton's impeachment and other investigations into his corruption?

The 9/11 truth movment is bankrupt if it is only a partisan issue.

Non-partisan, trans-national

I think a lot of people in the US, which relatively speaking has to be the most insular, self-centered nation on the orb, forget that many issues go way beyond Repugs vs. Demorats and transcend their own country. This is evident on message boards where Americans say stuff like "it's a free country" or make other statements that show their lack of awareness that people outside their borders actually 1. exist and 2. have Internet access.

Of course this isn't a partisan issue. It's not a strictly American issue, either. It was carried out by international interests and players and the immediate response was the invasion of one sovereign nation and the hurried fixing of facts around the policy of attacking another (and another and another).

We're talking about an international crime syndicate of scumbags. And like it or not, other countries react to or emulate the actions of the US and the UK all the time. For instance, how many other countries followed the lead of Britain and the US and instituted totally asinine airport security measures? If the administration that hijacked the controls of power in D.C. gets away with something, you can bet other corrupt governments (all of them paying attention, that is) look to them as a shining example of what they can get away with.

Stopping the scumbags from carrying out more terror and restricting more freedom is in the interest of everyone on the planet, not just Yanks.

Hokey Kokey and out

I guess you are new to this board. There is nothing to choose between the Republicans and Democrats on 911. Had Bu$hco failed in their attempt to steal the 2000 election, you can be certain that Lieberman would have played the Cheney role on 911. This event had been planned for years, and the Dems are every bit as complicit as the Rethugs.

The comment above, which suggests that Democrats would be doing something about 911 if they only had the power is the first such comment I have ever seen on this board. 911 Truth has never been a partisan issue, no matter how much the Republican spin machine tries to make it so. Both parties are totally corrupt and utterly unworthy of support.

if that is directed to me,

if that is directed to me, please read my whole statement. i was making a point. the guy said ALL democrats would be gone like the GOP if 9/11 was exposed. i simply said the Dems have less blood on their hands because they had virtually NO POWER before, during and after 9/11. they cant investigate it like Leahy said. in no way am i endorsing democrats. i hate both political parties thank you very much, i was just making a point.

But that's the point

The democrats WOULD NOT investigate it, even if they could.
They are all in bed together on this. There is no division between the two parties. "Why we Fight" explains some of why this is. Also, if you investigate the CFR and PNAC, you will get to who is pulling the strings in our government- it's not George Bush or Bill Clinton.

The orginal poster was dead on. This movement goes nowhere if there's even a hint of partisanship involved. Yes the republicans are "in power", so this is our focus, but there is no "one over the other", and elections mean SQUAT when it comes to real change.

pay no attention to that curtain, Dorothy...

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A great way not to get caught is to have key Democrats...

A great way not to get busted for 9/11 is to have key Democrates in on it with you. Also, most Americans will rationalize that if the msm & Democrats are not blaming 9/11 on Bush/Cheney/Rummy, then surely they must not have had anything to do with it.

I don't agree.

Because if 9/11 was an inside job then it wasn't only due to this administration. Dems are just as bad as Republics. (ever think some may be playing good cop bad cop?)

The truth really doesn't care what color, what race, what religion or what political affiliation you belong to because the truth is the truth regardless.

9/11 truth is NOT a partisan

9/11 truth is NOT a partisan issue, but will ALWAYS be portayed as one. reason being that by labeling the issue as 'crazy liberals' it instantly turns off half of the country.

the same thing has happened with anything that has come out against this administration, it is always printed by a 'liberal' paper, commentator, etc. etc. it doesn't mean the item is partisan in nature, but they paint it that way to envoke the natural response from bush supporters.

great way to turn off

great way to turn off EVERYONE. Who's in charge of this site?

Math questions?

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you can find out more about this here:

it doesnt apply to anyone except those that want to post comments without having a login..

its either add something that prevents spambots, or have spambots flood the site, if you have a suggestion feel free to make one in the thread i linked above, and here again:

Prof James Fetzer interviewed structural engineer

Prof James Fetzer interviewed structural engineer Charles Pegelow today on Non Random Thoughts.


Fetzer also discusses Foley.

Tenet, Black and Condi

So many stories breaking right now.

Tenet and Black met with Condi Rice in July 01. Offered a "a huge volume of data" suggesting strongly that a major attack was imminent.

Any guesses what was in that "huge volume of data"?

This lurid Foley scandal is a Rovian smokescreen...

This lurid Foley scandal is a Rovian smokescreen to hide Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11 truth, and everything else the Bush regime wants to obscure before the elections next month.

It's a Warning

I think the Foley scandal was a shot across the bow of everyone in Congress. Didn't the final version of the "detainee bill" pass unanimously? How does that happen in a democracy without every single one of the sleazebags having major dirt on them? If it's not pedophilia it's drug running, prostitution rings, kickbacks, mob connections, snuff films, money laundering, arms sales...

OK, so who has some good dirt on that dirtbag McCain?


I've been wondering about McCain a lot. Back in the 2000 primaries he seemed ok, way more ok than Bush with his phony "who's the most important person? GWB: Christ" - religiosity.
Then he was one of the main sponsors of the forming of the 9/11 commission, opposing Bush, when now he's debunking 9/11 truth with that P.M. book.
My guessing is that he might have wanted the "truth" about 9/11 to be known, but as soon as he found out what that "truth" is, he made a devious decision to continue the cover-up and keep us "sheeple" in our false belief, rather than face a larger U.S. political crisis, that would first and foremost devastate his GOP.
This makes him unacceptable of course. Still speaking for him is that he's the only republican that acknowledged at all the existance of 9/11 truth, and didn't run away from it like all the others. If he's ready for an open discussion about it, and doesn't come with "WTC7 fell from fire" B.S., he can still clear his conscience.

The end is here

The end of the Bill of Rights is upon us. This article is frightening.