Netherlands International Conference

Hey, we missed blogging on this one! I saw this over at Rick Siegel's, it took place Saturday September 16, 2006. Better late than never. The international scope of 9/11 skepticism is truly amazing.

16 September 2006
Jaarbeurs Convention Centre
Utrecht, The Netherlands
International 9-11 Truth Conference

Pics and report at link.

Thank you for noticing

I'm from the Netherlands (Holland)(population 16 million) and I was present at the conference.
I paid 10 euros to get in.
Over 800 attendees, wich is huge for a small country,
It was hardly advertised (with advertising I think there could have been over 2500 paying visitors).
Jimmy Walter, Andeas von Bulow, a member of the dutch royal family, explosivs expert from scandinavia, the chairman of the dutch 911political party (that was being founded at that time) where speaking amongst others.
Atmosfeer was great. The spirit of rebellion. Our MSM are controlledand so are the the political parties (or very very naieve, but who believes that?).
My estimation is that dutch 911truth (NL911wb) is growing with 10% every 2 months. We are working on a bankaccount for funding truthgear. Setting up a 911political party. Working the existing parties from the inside. Setting up and improving our forums, setting up chatboxes and it gets easyer every day as more and more people are joining the movement.

Our focus at the moment is on creating easy acces media and organising the people.
We are also looking at allready strongly organised groups for joining us in our fight for democracy transparantie justice and truth.

There is allready overwhelming evidence for an inside job so now we must bring it to the people.

Message to all Americans: You must learn about HR6166 in detail for yourself and resist it for the sake of the whole world.

We are winning.

Send us an email the next time...

you have a big conference and we'll help get the word out.

Thanks for the help

Reprehensor, we will send you an email next time. Thanks for the help offered.


What can I say, keep up the fantastic work! Do you think the zembla tv program made a difference in the attendance numbers?

Yes and no

People looking for arguments to not deal with the strange events of 911 found some reinforcement in it. People with an open mind about it where startled with building 7.
I've had personal telephone contact with one of the producers of the show before it aired, she told me that the Zemla-team was MIHOP (they will deny it) all the way and that is was still very unsure if the show would be aired at all. So this makes me think that a large part of the show was ment to convince their bosses to aire the piece. Loose Change was aired right after the Zembla piece in its entirety. This had an effect also.

The makers of the show did a 3 hour live forum session about the broadcast. (FOX eat that)

It may seem odd that people

It may seem odd that people are having 911 conferences in other countries, but you have to remember that whatever America does affects the entire world. I think it's great that 911 truth has become international. United we stand, divided we fall.

"Our MSM are controlledand

"Our MSM are controlledand so are the the political parties (or very very naieve, but who believes that?)."

Funny how states work. That description probably fits 100% of the countries on the planet.

I attended this conference

I attended this conference too. Although we in the Netherlands are making progress with making more people aware, most people never heard anything about doubts about the OT untill just six months ago. The MSM decided to write some hitpieces on the 9/11 Truth movement which outraged me and others. Recently one of the most respected news-background shows had a reasonable episode about, in which -the now famous- CD expert Jowenko clearly says WTC7 was CD. Even though this show has been the source for many controversial stories in the past, our MSM remain mostly ignorant. But the card house has certainly started collapsing here too, and our numbers are rising but still no where near the US, or Italy/France for that matter.

You're absolutely right about America's dominance worldwide; we also get privacy-intrusion laws, special terrorist laws, more and more wiretaps and so forth and so forth. Plus, our idiotic PM decided we should give "political support" to the Iraq war. I.e. no soldiers, but public agreement. Wow, the Netherlands agrees, well Mr. Bush you can start the war now....(/sarcasm) Many people (incl me) demonstrated against that war before it started....but our Government decided we should always agree with US administration. :S

One year ago, before I had even heard about the 9/11 scam, I had the following odd conversation with an American":

He: Where You're from
Me: The Netherlands
He: guys must really hate us right?
Me: No, just your government :P
He: Oh, we do too :)

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

All right!

Good to hear from you.

The more people who know the

The more people who know the truth, the faster it will spread, no matter where the people live. As a European I can say that much of our MSM is politically correct entertainment crap just like yours, but we're not at the level of CNN (and god forbid, FOX) just yet.

That, coupled with widespread anti-Bush sentiment, makes the truth MORE likely to break in European media first.

Dutch 9/11 conference pictures

-more pictures here:[-1]=-1&select=-1&show=new&page=4&page=2&page=1
and here[-1]=-1&select=-1&show=new&page=4&page=2&page=1&page=2

Also, a new videoclip was introduced: see

Videos of the conference will be released soon (I hope).

I had various links on this

I had various links on this dutch 9/11 conference *before* and after (incl. photos) on my bloglines, posted here.

You guys never picked it up, obviously because of the Siegel/Walter associations.

I also very often link to the most popular dutch 9/11 websites and blogs and the movement over there is indeed growing.
Rick Siegel's 9/11 Utrecht Conference Report
Fri, Sep 22 2006
September 14, 2006
Dutch 9/11 Truth Conference, also reflecting Zembla-Doku

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Ewing2001, did you use the contact form "submit a news" to announce this Dutch conference ? If not, try it the next time.


Actually, I don't bother to read your "bloglines".


I posted this specifically because I went to Siegel's site.

There is a link, directly to his site, in the above blog.

Clearly, Armageddon is near.

Oh no!