Oil, Smoke and Mirrors

Oil, Smoke and Mirrors' is an independent 50 minute documentary on peak oil, 9/11 and the war on terror.

Check it out here:


Thanks to Ronan for sending this in.

Peak Oil=Energy Task

Peak Oil=Energy Task Force=9/11=Patriot Act=Afghanistan=Iraq=FEMA Camps=Military Commissions Law=2nd 9/11=Iran=Global Oil Wars=Global Depression=New World Order

Best 911 video yet!

This the best 911 video yet, because it gives the evidence, and the motive for 911. The motive is crucial for newbies to grasp how our government could do this. The movie shows the obvious--the neocons needed 911 to make their Middle East oil grab (and to control the US populus as well).

(People can debate over WHEN we hit peak oil, but it WILL happen at some point before too long, if it hasn't already. It's Finite Resources vs. Growing Demand)

The movie's very well produced, succinct, and it's got ex high level government officials and authoritative experts. We need to get this link out! Any info on this coming out in DVD?

Good flick

I wish this could be show nationwide on the big networks. One can dream.

Another solid doc on 911

A great presentation of interviews with some heavy hitters. The movie nails the main points of 911 truth in the context of peak oil.
BTW, oil will be running out in our lifetime kiddies.... The oil factor makes total sense for explaining why the neocons initiated 911--if you're trying to rule the world, you got to have the oil....

Oh shit Chavez has got more

Oh shit Chavez has got more oil then Saudi Arabia;
Guess that means PEAK OIL IS BULLSHIT!

"We have the largest oil reserves in the world, we have oil for 200 years." Mr Chávez told the BBC's Newsnight programme in an interview to be broadcast tonight. "$50 a barrel - that's a fair price, not a high price."


"BTW, oil will be running out in our lifetime kiddies"
^ So you planning on living to 200 then? Wake up "Peak Oil" dummies, ITS A FRAUD that's designed to create artificial scarcity and make a false justification for things like 9/11 and the war on terror! It's as much a hoodwinking ruse as the story of 19 Arabs trumping a multi billion dollar defence apparatus. And you idiots have fallen for it, wake up!

[dz: please make your points without calling others names ('dummies') otherwise i get angry emails]

Short term thinking

OK Dem, we don't know exactly when peak oil will hit-- but it will hit! With our dramatic increase in worldwide use, and the fact that the oil resources are finite, peak oil is sooner than you think. Infinite resources? Talk about a fraud!
Native americans have the viewpoint that you must make decisions taking into account 7 generations ahead. Even IF Chavez has enough oil to power this world for 200 years (which I doubt), that's still short term thinking. Humans have inhabited this planet for many thousands of years, 200 years is just a blip in time. How about some real long term thinking?

Here's an interesting

Here's an interesting website;

"Peak Oil" is an elite/big oil sponsored fraud IMO.

Big Oil Motivation

Think about oil company motivation. It's not in their interest to promote scarcity. They don't want alternative solutions to take a piece of their BIG money. They have complete control of something everyone needs. They want to keep control of this essential resource, that's why they promote denial of the peak oil concept. They have HUGH money and motivation to do this through the media and on the internet. As oil gets more scarce, they can raise prices and make much more money, it's not in their interest to let people know about this!
The bottom line is that resources on this planet are finite. It's simple economics--limited suppy vs. high demand.

But Venezuela's output is declining

Chavez's bluster belies the truth: Venezuela's oil output is declining and has been for several years. They can't even meet their OPEC quota. The oil sands are low-grade heavy gunk -- expensive, very slow and hard to extract. Sorry, but Venezuela (like the majority of oil producing countries) has peaked. Much as we want to see fraud and collusion in Peak Oil -- solvable by political action -- we're barking up the wrong tree on this one. Geology and nature are in the drivers seat. Unassailable fact: Global oil discoveries peak in the 1960s -- over 40 years ago -- and have dwindled since then to miniscule amounts. As Richard Heinberg says: The party's over, folks.

does this documentary

does this documentary discuss how the neo-cons are purposely exaggerating, and artifically accelerating, peak oil?

neo-con oil men

Where did you see that info? My impression was that the oil companies are saying there's more untapped sources and they play down the idea of scarcity.

No, it doesn't demonstrate

No, it doesn't demonstrate that. In fact, for the first few minutes, I thought it was a fear mongering piece of government propaganda to help rationalize these wars. I don't know if I believe in peak oil, but if you believe it, as the creator of this documentary seems to, and you think that you'll die soon if it's true... it seems easier to rationalize killing people to get their shit if it's "me or them." I recognize some of those guys as truthers, but I am also aware that guys like alex jones are moving product on the notion of our fear that everything is falling apart around us. The bottom line is, when you have no idea who to believe anymore, and you're in miserable confusion about what, if any source of truth is available to you, then it is pretty likely that you no longer live in a free society. This has become an unhappy place I must say.

peak oil

Well, that peak oil must come sooner or later is not debatable. Whether or not it is here yet is actually quite hard to figure out, even for the oil company experts with inside info. But it's irrelevant. They know it will come in the not-so-distant future, and that the results will be:

1. Never-ending increase in oil prices
2. Increased pressure for control of oil resources
3. The eventual end of the oil age

In my view, they are invoking #1 in order to provoke #2 (which will come anyway, so better to control when, right?) in an attempt to postpone #3 as long as possible, and to come out on top when #3 finally happens.

That's just basic stategic thinking, really.


Do not believe in peak oil?

Do not believe in peak oil? So oil just materializes out of nothing? What the non-"believers" should be asking themselves, if anything, is when peak oil will occur. The truth is that communities around the USA and eventually the rest of the world are going to have to take a lesson from Cuba and change their way of suburben life: Adopt a mainly vegetarian diet, starting roof gardens and community gardens, and switch to useful (ie non-propaganda) education systems.

The truth is so disruptive to our lives that it is easier to just shrug it off and return to our creature comforts.

Peak Oil is Pure Science.

Peak Oil is Pure Science. Alex Jones is Wrong. don't Parrot HIS lines.

Oil unlimited?


"The prevailing theory of the origin of oil is the dead dinosaur hypothesis and dates back to the 18th century. Its originator was a Russian scientist named Mikhail Lomonosov, who put it this way in a 1757 paper: "Rock oil (petroleum) originates as tiny bodies of animals buried in the sediments which, under the influence of increased temperature and pressure acting during an unimaginably long period of time, transforms into rock oil."

However, in the 1950s, Russian and Ukrainian scientists developed a new theory about petroleum's origins called the abiotic or abiogenic theory. According to this view, oil is fundamentally inorganic and has no relationship to dead plant or animal life. Rather, oil originates deep in the Earth's crust from inorganic material that is part of the planet's origin.
In the words of geologist Vladimir Porfir'yev, "The overwhelming preponderance of geological evidence compels the conclusion that crude oil and natural gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the Earth. They are primordial materials which have erupted from great depths."
For more than 50 years, Russian and Ukrainian scientists have successfully used the abiotic theory to find oil and natural gas. For example, the Dnieper-Donets Basin has yielded a significant amount of oil and natural gas even though it is an area that conventional biological theories reject as unpromising. A recent technical paper found that the results "confirm the scientific conclusions that the oil and natural gas found in ... the Dnieper-Donets Basin are of deep, and abiotic, origin." end quote

Now why was I taught in school back in the 80's that oil came from fossils?? And we are still using the term fossil fuels..

abiotic oil is wishful thinking

The idea that oil is an unlimited energy source is simply
wishful thinking. It does not make it unlimited. You can
build a "scientific" theory about this wishful thinking. It
will not prevent or delay the arrival of Peak Oil and the
subsequent decline of global oil production.

Oil is certainly geologically regenerated. But at which rate.
At geological rate. On a human time scale, on our time
scale, the reserves do not grow at all. We may continue
to discover some oil but remember that what we now call
a mega oil field (500 million barrels) is only worth 6 to 7
days of world oil consumption. In 2005, we haven't found

I was taught the same thing.

I was taught the same thing. You know though, what these guys are saying seems much more plausible to me, and that's the first time I've ever seen it.

don't believe the hype

Let's apply some common sense here. Suppose abiotic oil is true (it might very well be.) Then still, all the oil reserves in the world whould have had hundreds of MILLIONS of years to build up to the level they had at the start of the oil age. Once we drain those reserves, it would still take the same number of millions of years to rebuild them.

Peak Oil= Artificial Scarcity

Chavez is sitting on heavy oil reserves larger than saudi arabrias.

Palast is right about peak oil.

It's like the diamond industry.

yeah, I read palasts book

yeah, I read palasts book and I kindof believed it... armed madhouse right? You know what though? I wasn't anywhere near 100% convinced that peak oil is not real. I would say that I am always dubious when someone presents arguments about things like that, because they include such broad political repurcussions. It is so hard to know what to believe anymore. One thing seems certain, that the media tells us what someone tells them to.

Palast was wrong. Here is a

Palast was wrong. Here is a very solid rebuttal from one of the premier peakers and a guy who has shown support for 9/11 Truth, Richard Heinberg.

For the abiotic morons, here is some schooling on that issue.

The Energy Task Force was carving up Iraqi oil fields even before 9/11.

If this is what we were allowed to see, you can only imagine what the documents say that the Supreme Court permitted to keep under wraps.

War on terror = energy war.

yeah, but even Palast admits

yeah, but even Palast admits the science of it all is hardly air tight. he even had a mini-chapter in the back of his book refuting his own views on peak oil. Palast is a great journalist, but remember, the guy still thinks 19 patsies did 9/11 all by themselves.

Mainstream Utopianism

Funny that Palast believes that an entire industry (oil and gas) could successfully perpetuate a fraud or conspiracy involving peak oil, but dismisses the idea that the government, military, and intelligence community that service that industry couldn't pull off a scam like 9/11.

I like Palast generally, but if he's so convinced that oil scarcity is untrue and that the industry is engaged in price fixing, he should get his evidence together and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the whole lot of them instead of pandering to Land Rover liberals and others who believe all their problems will go away with the end of the Bush Administration in '09.

And once again, peak oil does NOT say that oil will run out in 10 years, or in 50, or in 100, only that the production of the cheap light sweet crude that drives this economy will peak and decline in the near future. If you think that paying $10 a gallon for gas derived from heavy or sour crude won't change anything, I'd like to hear your argument.

It's not how much you have

It's not how much you have It's how much you can produce that matters: THINK TREADMILL

very good documentary, very

very good documentary, very informative, it comes to something when ex govenment officials from various countries actually believe 9/11 was contrived for political and economical purposes, and people think i'm a nutter when i even suggest 9/11 was an inside job :(, Most people can't even name the vice president so i guess it's understandable that they swallow the official 9/11 story.

A very good documentary.

I'm glad that the link between peak oil and 911 was stressed.

That's the main reason for 911 and the new aggressive policies in the ME.

PS: I wonder about the denial of Peak oil among the population in the US. Could there be some religious reasons for this?


That's part of the problem, pagan. I've read that exact sentiment expressed online, and I've heard it first hand from religious nuts I work with, this idea that "the Lord will provide." Sadly, He seems unwilling to do so without trashing His own creation or in the absence of wars of occupation. Movement Christianity (and analogs in other major "faiths" like Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism) associate materialistic wealth with being "blessed," and many of their adherents would never step in a church, mosque or temple that didn't promise them gold and riches either in this world or the next. The popularity of crap like "The Prayer of Jabez" and megachurches is evidence of the prevalence of this virus in contemporary religion.

In this society, riches are the trappings of our cheap oil-based society: big houses, big SUV's, cheap plastic consumer crap, imported food, etc. Suggesting to these people that they are engaging in selfish and amoral pursuits when they base their lives on acquisition and consumption at the expense of other people's freedom and welfare and at the expense of the living world is anathema to them.

However, there are plenty of non-religious people who also worship material wealth above all else, and justify their perspective with pseudo-religious rhetoric about "the market," and they are just as vicious in opposing any criticism of their lifestyle as any Baptist convinced that her Navigator is a gift from her invisible husband in the sky.

Being an atheist, I don't

Being an atheist, I don't know much about christian teachings, apart from the basics of course.

After having a few debates with peak oil deniers on other sites. I got the feeling that it could be something more than just psychological denial...

And I grew a suspicion very much in accordance with your reply.

"the Lord will provide" - Not, according to peak oil. Perhaps, we are getting a similar situation as in the evolution/creationist controversy?


A similar situation in the sense that the counter-argument ultimately rests on "faith" that neither offers nor requires evidence.

Denial of Peak oil

Agreed that 911 was facilitated to move for Middle East oil.

Denial of peak oil is not from religious reasons -- it's all about seduction by modern lifestyle. Immediate gratifcation with the latest high tech toy, and don't think about the debt on your credit card. Long term thinking doesn't fly here. Just look at the DEBT that our governemnt and individuals amass with no thought or plan how to pay it off. Of course, the banks and powerful media corporations foster this, they're not interested in the long-term, just the immediate money-making opportunities.

Who knows exactly when peak oil happens, but it's not too far out on the horizon, and we better start implementing alternatives.

To think about changing the system from the top down is dis-empowering--where do you start? We need to start with our own lives, making choices to become more energy independant and live more sustainably. That's empowering!

BTW, the "Fuel Mule" magnet is about $100, goes on your car's fuel line, and gives you 10-25% reduction in fuel costs.

Good comments!!

Except for the Dem Bruce Lee Styles pillock, I am impressed with the level of the discussion here, good points all round, I learned something again.

OF course one must mention the alternatives to oil.

40% of global warming is from cars. Everyone needs, and some even love cars. One canot take cars away from people, or they will cry like little kids. In Europe there are a cast of people that ride their wonderful bullet trains, punctual busses and even have a neighborhood car-sharing... but in the U.S.of Angst motor-vehicles are part of the subconscious. The Flintstones had cars, damnit! How often have you seen the nightmare (dream!) of monsters attacking americans and they have trouble starting their yank-tanks. Are we subconciously told that electric starter motors are too weak? In any case, the car is the rescue. It is a life-giver. Never mind that US cars kills 50,000 a year, and SERIOUSLY injure 500,000.

Electric motors are great.

I challenge yous: Drive an electric car. Most (male chauvinists) have driven all kinds of explosion-motor (Otto-cycle engine!) vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds, big cars, small cars, trucks, tractors, quads, trikes, diggers... I, like many women have driven many of the above, all powered by this german invention from 1862 .. but how many of you males have, like me, driven an electric car? huh? Proud drivers, but have never dunnit... hehe.

Who killed the electric car?

Same old story. Power, violence, hierarchy did.. because you cannot win wars with electric vehicles.
Battery-flat = sitting duck. Simple as that.

In 1898 Porsche made the first comfortable car. It was a hybrid car with electric hub-motors! US companies made some, too. Woods Dual Power --- google

Furthermore, electric cars are easy to build! Any third world country could. A threat to the powerful car manufacturers.

In other words, if you drive an electric car, you are making a statement for non-violence, for peace, against hierarchies and terrorism of private tyrannies of corporations.

Batteries are the electric car's holy grail. There are many designs but a particularly clever one is an australian invention by a woman, the Vanadium Redox Flow Cell... a battery that can be refuelled!! (four hoses)

Peak Oil, my arse!

Who wants to burn that dirty stuff and look like a dick?

There are sooo many alternative energies. Plenty to go round!! But you cannot make wars with alternative energy. The mostly male profession of killing people has to go the way of the buggy-whip industry.

911 wasn't about Oil.

It was about the US DOLLAR. If the medium of exchange is corrupt, reality needs to follow suit. So thoroughly corrupted all its people that it can afford to tell its PEOPLE IN THE FACE that they are corrupted.

Inside our elite circles, EVERYONE knows 911 was an inside job... at least they know it deep down, they know the system is insanely corrupt. To STOP THE CORRUPTION would mean for (mostly male) elites to relinquish power. That these dicks do not want to do.

Chomsky said it all in 1970 ..

If they call you Anti-American.. play them this.

LOL, how much f*cktardation

LOL, how much f*cktardation can one person display? You're a "no planes hit the wtc" "peak oil hoodwinked" "Chomsky dickriding" professional f*cktard who loves to support a good fraud, hahahaha unbelievable.

A classic response

A classic response--when you don't care to look at the facts, what else can you do but resort to personal attack?

I drive a Smart Car and I

I drive a Smart Car and I love it:

Peak oil or not, everytime you fill up your tank you are lining the pockets of the globalists and corporate elite who pull off stunts like 9/11. Yet one more reason to curb your use of oil (like we needed one).

i am so totally jealous of

i am so totally jealous of you and your smart car. i would totally pimp that out ;)

too bad it costs $3G's to convert one to be legal in the US and there is a waiting list which wont even tell you how long it will be..

my woman saw one in Atlanta about a year ago, that is the only one either of us have ever seen.

I believe they will be

I believe they will be available in the U.S. next year!  Get on the waiting list now, waiting lists were about 6 months long in my neck of the woods...

Great stuff, but it's gone now.

Saw it, but now it's not available anymore.

It's back on here

Nothing to look at here. Keep moving...

"So long as we do as they tell us, we have nothing to hide and nothing to fear."

...and everything will be just fine. Just fine...