Well Oct 5th is here?????

Well, the day is here..... October 5th. If you are on this site, and believe in the cause then this is the day.
We have little time to act, and this is the time. Burn CD's and DVD's late into the night. It is on!!
Hand them out like crazy.

My question???

Are you going to involve yourself in the Demonstration?


Lots of flyers would be good

Lots of flyers would be good too!


I am including a flyer with Each DVD, as well as tons more after I run out of DVD's!!

You're in Portland, yes?

If so, we should say hi.


Will you be downtown at noon?


I'll probably be down there somewhat before that to help them set up, and there will be people there with 9/11 signs and I'll probably be with them. I'm short, glasses, short brown hair, will be wearing a teeshirt with the Orwell quote about telling the truth in times of universal deceit, and my nom de realite is Sara. Hope to see you there.