Why flights 77 and 93 anyway?

There is one question that really puzzles me about 9/11 and as a
new member of the truth fraternity I havent found the topic covered
anywhere so maybe you guys can help me out.

I am certain that the twin towers were systematically demolished
in a shock and awe style psy-op for the benefit of the millions watching
but my question is this: Wasnt that enough?

Why would they bother with the other two flights and a relatively minor
incident at the pentagon and a "crash" in Shanksville?

The perpertrators of 9/11 had an incredibly complex plot to deal with already
and a massive cover-up to organise. I dont understand why they would
complicate matters with these rather pointless additions.


To you it seems "incredibly complex" but that's because we don't know they did it or how one would accomplish what they did. To people who are trained and expert in such plots it is not "overly complex."

From reading Fetzer's Assassination Science I came across a reference to a man who is suspected to be the originator of the plot. It was said about him that he was military, was known to have such talent, and this talent was put to use. In military academies and in Intelligence services people are put through tests and references to particular career tracks are made based on a person's special abilities. Considering the money, manpower and effort put into war planning, war games, war strategy and the auxillary affects on planning by modern technology, historical study etc. I have no doubt that something which seems "too complex" for you and me means absolutely nothing in terms of 1) What was done? and 2) What is possible?

I actually think that a complex scenario, in some respects, will have a greater chance of success - More distractions and elements for potential researchers to unravel.

I speculate a few reasons for the hit to the Pentagon - it was part of an inter-military fight. Many of the top people in Naval Intelligence were killed. I think this was deliberate. Also, hitting the Pentagon plays into the meme that was subsequently propagated: "Eternal War against an Unseen Stateless) Enemy" The hit to the Pentagon is a psychological blow to the nation's self-esteem - the anger and sense of violation from which would generate emotions, in the public/crowd, to defend endless war-making.

Hitting the Pentagon I don't think is "minor."

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

An Attempted Coup Left Incomplete?

Speculation... yes.... 'tis all we have in the absence of supoena power...

that 9/11 was an attempted coup left incomplete... that the gear-up for "continuity of government", a selected few operating from within bunkers (no leading Congressional Dems invited, thank you), was intended for other things... that Flight 93 was intended for the Capitol... that the Vice President has no Constitutionally-permitted place in the military chain of command... that Bush was taken out of the picture at least temporarily by the "Angel" business and by his pre-placement in a schoolroom with the White House SitRoom commander... that anthrax was in the wings... that Mrs. Cheney was whisked away by the Secret Service at the same moment Bush arrived at the Booker School to not be whisked away by the Secret Service... that the war games enabled a high strategic "defense condition"... that the NRO office was closed for the day... that Flight 93 was inexplicably delayed before take-off for a long time... that the timing of the plan went awry... that there were "alerts" and "news" about bombs in Wahsington... that the Carlyle Group breakfasted in DC that morning... that Bush ( a puppet) and Cheney insisted on no investigation, then stalled it, then jury-rigged it, then testified together without oath and in a manner that allowed them to re-write the public record of their testimony... that the Patriot Act (which had already been drafted) was rushed through.... that the attack on Afghjanistan (pre-planned and pre-positioned) was enabled... that the White House ignored and swept aside all pre-warning... that any pre-9/11 investigations were stalled, thwarted, hidden, or destroyed... that any focus at any time on PROMIS software was hidden under the carpet...

Well, it didn't work totally, but it worked well enough that they were able to effect the same result over time.

Today, we have the Military Commissions Act of 2006 which throws four of the first ten Constitutional amendments in the bucket, along with the writ of habeas corpus which is embedded within the Constitution... so go back to talking about the Foley matter now, and forget the similarities between Lancaster, PA and Dunblane, Scotland... we now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming, but we'll interrupt to let you know of the forthcoming surprises in the October broadcasting line-up.

When you go to the ATM this afternoon, you will get a receipt from the Diebold machine. When you go next month, you may need more than your ATM card to get your cash. Will you get a receipt at the polls? WIll you get the results you inputted? Does it matter? Can you do anything about it anyway?

Pentagon because that made it look less like a cover for demo

demolition of the towers. It gave the thing an aura of a military attack that it otherwise would have lacked. It also kept people from focusing solely on the towers (and building 7) And it made Rummy look like a gutsy survivor.

93, who knows. it could have been part of the same idea of distraction, or it might have been something else. What we can easily suspect based on the evidence is that 77 and 93 were bogus flights, or at the very least that their crashes were faked. Maybe there was a plane flying over Pennsylvania with someone on it they wanted to kill, providing the wreckage that was strewn over miles. Remember always to go back to what it is that we can know for sure. Recordings are routinely faked as we know now from the countless "bin Laden" tapes. Voice morphing technology is apparently real and convincing. Sadly we are resigned to having to suss out large amounts of disinfo, leaving us with precious little solid evidence to go by in the case of "flight 93". We do know that there has been a lie promulgated as truth, that the plane went straight into the ground as a result of a passenger struggle. That should make us suspicious...

2.3 TRILLION...?

Funny how it hit the accounting side of the pentagon.
Sure would like to know what hit it though.

oh yeah, forgot about the auditors who were killed...

were they killed actually? do we have names?

Yep, and some are liested

Yep, and some are liested here:

this is a huge fucking smoking gun, people should talk about this more.

When I consider the same

When I consider the same question, I think about 9/11 minus the Pentagon attack, or minus the collapse of the towers. What if nothing else happened but 2 planes crashing into the WTC, and the towers never collapsed? (Because people sometimes say, Why blow up the towers? Isn't crashing planes enough?)

Without 77, 9/11 isn't a "militarized" event. People would be pissed about the WTC attack, but the event wouldn't have the overall sense that overwhelming military retaliation is necessary. Once the Pentagon was hit, people could see 9/11 as a declaration of war.

93, I'm convinced, was shot down because the military refused to stand down on that one. The way it was spun later on, of course, gave 9/11 its most memorable allegation of bravery: "Let's roll!" Perhaps 93 was originally part of an attempt to decapitate the White House, as others have suggested.

It appears, based on Mineta's testimony, that 77 would have met 93's fate if Cheney had not intervened. As for his role in the other crashes, I don't think it's entirely clear.

The Pentagon was a MUST

The Pentagon was a MUST KILL.

The "remote-controllers" and "war-gamers" were
sitting there... They had been hijacked and many of them would not have kept quiet.

The top ONI people are death-cultists.

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In order to find out WHO DID 911 the Pentagon AA77 mystery is most worthwhile to pursue.

false flags

All very good comments. I see the Pentagon strike as a pschological spin, in regards to the perpetrator pleading "innocent, 'cause look; they hit me, too!" (Said in so many words in other comments). And it was actually miniscule damage in the scheme of things. (Rumsfeld was said to have commented that morning, before the Pentagon strike, "We're next").
There is much valid speculation as to flight 93; some evidence points to the crater being pre-created. Some speculate that passengers from all flights were shuttled aboard 93 and exicuted there in Pennsylvania. From my research, I am prone to think that 93 was merely a prop, and that the passengers and two planes (93 and the alledged Pentagon flight) were flown out over the Atlantic later that night, then skuttled. The math fits this scenario. It would have been in the area of Flight 800, which the military has cordoned off for quite some time.
My sadness to those innocent lives used as pawns, and my humble thanks to all of you researchers who have been relentless.