Coming attack on USA?

According a Belgian website a certain mollah Maasum Afghani, president of the board of oelama's (whatever that may be) of the Taliban warns all Mulsims to leave the USA as soon as possible because "God will punish the USA" This will possibly take place on the 17th day of the Ramadan. According to the website this is coming Monday but according to me this is on Tuesday. (because of the time difference between Afghanistan and the USA?) Could this be the announcement of a new fals flag operation in order to be able to attack Iran and make Bush the first official dictator of the USA?

false flag always possible - dictatorship less so

All this talk about false flag attacks, habeas corpus, etc. is fine, but let's not forget that thousands if not millions are now waking up daily to the reality of what is going on. It's not the same playing field it was even a year ago. Every action of this administration, every "attack on America" (the two are not mutually exclusive) is now going to be scrutinized with a microscope regardless of how gung-ho the perps continue to act. Laws passed by a corrupt Congress and administration are trumped by the constitution no matter what, and should the Supreme Court prove itself to be as corrupt as the other two branches then it will fall to the states to protect their citizens from a federal government gone bad. How desperate are the perps, desperate enough to tear the country apart, naturally. What remains to be seen is how many others they can convince to support their schemes when it comes down to taking action. There will come a time when even the most cynical and calculating opportunist will know that it is no longer tenable to play along with this charade, no matter how profitable it may be personally. No matter how long it is delayed, justice will not be denied, and yes, there will be hell to pay.


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