Peter Gabriel Comes Aboard

Musician Peter Gabriel (the force behind the rock band Genesis and one of the people, along with Paul Simon, who was key in popularizing the genre of music called "World Music") has come out for 9/11 truth.

Here's Peter's My Space blog.

Big props to Peter!

That's great of Peter Gabriel!!!

But man, where the hell are the rest of the muscians & artists???
(btw, the big Loose Change link on Gabriel's My Space page doesn't work!)

Not exactly very recent news. But not well known either.

Not exactly very recent news:

--> April 26, 2006: Peter Gabriel promotes "Loose Change" in his blog
--> June 19, 2006: Peter Gabriel promotes "Freedom to Fascism" in his blog

But it is news that is not very well known either (yet), not even inside the 911 truth movement.

Kudos for reminding us, GW!



Is Supper Ready?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

And John Albanese's Favorite...

Or at least what I'm calling it for this post...

The Rythym Of The Heat

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

A little...

MP3 Jon of Shock the Monkey please ? :-) It's my favorite one, long time I didn't hear it and I'm trying on myspace and for the connection I'm waiting waiting w a i t ... zzzz btw always the same thing with this website. ;-)


Just pointing out that was last updated in April... no posts since and the Loose Change post was the last??

You sure that myspace page

You sure that myspace page is really run by Gabriel?

My question exactly

I doubt it.

I have been in touch with Gabriel's legal team regarding my own film. I believe it is highly doubtful that this MySpace page is real.

But - I am enquiring with my contacts to see if i can confirm this.


I just emailed his attorney and will let you know what i find out.

But - interestingly - the blog is indeed attached to a very convincing MySpace profile for Peter Gabriel - and we do know that many artists are indeed maintaining a presence on MySpace as it has become increasingly commercial.

But - i still doubt it. It could be a very elaborate fraud.

Great links, Jon... thanks.

Speaking of elaborate frauds... these have always fascinated me; Towards serving what motive? If not the real person, then WHO?

We've seen so many suspicious cases these last number of years. Comprehensive, expansive, intertwined, literally mind-changing... often asking We the witnesses, to trade one well fitting possibility into an ignorable "fraud".

yellow cake
Texas national guard documents and DD214s

Do people ask and I just miss the shortish dialogue about "if not true, then WHO actually was behind it?"

I would love to know what kind of people put out such effort into the "story creation". Many of these "hoaxes" would have required no small effort. How many people have time or the "meaningless" interest necessary to build such stories? Many times these stories, "frauds" and "hoaxes" are not really in the "safer" categories like pranks (In some of these cases, it would seem 'reasonable' that throats risk being choked. Not your simple discountable "stunt").

Doesn't anyone else what to know such things? At least I do, even (especially) after learning "it was just a hoax".

Shit, if some of these really are hoaxes..... they should be tracked down for suspicious motive ALONE. Why generate a Rather-gate hoax, uncover it, then not give a poop about WHO set up the hoax? Why instantly prove a DD214 as bogus, then NOT pursue the prankster and ask WHO then, and why? Am I wrong about this?

All good questions

BUt i would suspect that during a time of war, such as this, many organized and established groups, including nation states, would have a vested interest in manipulating people's perceptions.

Propaganda is huge business during a time of war, and it is not just limited to our government. Money is allocated and propaganda campaigns implemented. In all probability we will never know who is behind these 'hoaxes' - although in the case of the yellowcake it would appear that neo-con Michael Ledeen and the far-right italian intelligence services seem implicated.


"But - I am enquiring with my contacts to see if i can confirm this."

Any response, John ? Is it a fansite or... ?

I swear I'm not being Mr.

I swear I'm not being Mr. Negative, but I would be highly suspicious of this Peter Gabriel myspace page.

There's about as much chance of Jeff Beck having one.

If it turns out to be legit, then hooray for Mr. Gabriel.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:





"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Ashcroft blasts 9-11 Commission.....bwahahaha

Analysis: Ashcroft blasts 9-11 Commission
UPI Homeland and National Security Editor
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Former Attorney General John Ashcroft this week became the only Cabinet-level Bush official to attack the Sept. 11 Commission, writing in his memoirs it "seemed obsessed with trying to lay the blame for the terrorist attacks at the feet of the Bush administration, while virtually absolving the previous administration of responsibility."

Ashcroft also writes that the commission's hearings "were not so much about discovering the truth as they were about assessing blame and grandstanding," adding that they "degenerated into show trials."

GOP Commissioner Slade Gorton, a former senator from Washington State, told United Press International Thursday that he found the charges "extraordinary," recalling that President Bush had personally repudiated Ashcroft's tactics in his sparring with the commission.

"Most of the criticism (the commission received) was the exact opposite: that we didn't blame anyone," he said. "Our job was to write a factual account which readers could use to assess blame for themselves."

Ashcroft "may very well have been the worst witness we interviewed," he said, adding he was "very unresponsive and unhelpful."


I'm certainly hoping that the gabriel site is for real. Yes it is strange that the LC link is not active.

I have the greatest respect for him as a human being as well as his being a brilliant and inovative songwriter and musician.

My fav pg lyric: "Working in gardens–thornless roses–fat men play with their garden hoses"

My favorite lyrics were from OVO - his 1999 album


From the song -

The Tower That Ate People Lyrics

"There’s a rumble in the floorboards
No shutting out the sound
And the workers down below me
Digging underground

Feel the building all around me
Like a wrap of armoured skin
But the more we are protected
The more we’re trapped within

Tell it like it is
Till there’s no misunderstanding"


and from that same album - the song Downside-Up:

"I looked up at the tallest building
Felt it falling down
I could feel my balance shifting
Everything was moving around
These streets so fixed and solid
A shimmering haze
And everything that I relied on disappeared"


I love the song "Downside Up"

It's an absolutely beautiful song and very interesting to mentally juxtapose with the experience of seeing through the Official Fable.

Damn, I love that song.

I doubt if it really is

I doubt if it really is Peter Gabriel. There are myspace pages for such notables as Jerry Goldsmith, John Ford, Stanley Kubrick, John Lennon, and many other dearly departed celebrities. Anybody can put up a myspace page under a famous persons name.

No freakin' way.

Believe me, I would be THE most excited person on this board if Peter Gabriel came out for 9/11 Truth.

However, check out his official site:
Peter Gabriel

And tell me if he would have a myspace page that looks that crappy.

that webpage is probably

that webpage is probably funded/created by his publishing company, wouldnt you think?

btw, every myspace page is crappy ;)

we shall see..

If that is true.....

If that is true, who is responsible for the blogs?

Here's an interesting angle.

In early April i premiered my film which very prominently features his music. Gabriel and his publishers/lawyers was contacted at that time to draw his attention to the movement and the film premier.

3 weeks later a blog is created in his name to promote Loose Change?

Seems an interesting coincidence.

Maybe the fact

that he (evidently) didn't go after you for your use of the music indicates that he is a "passive Truther."

That's True

Since i came clean with his legal department and admitted I was using his music i really did expect a cease and desist letter to show up in the mail. But it never did. In fact his lawyers email was somewhat ambiguous in that it did not explicitly deny me the rights to his music - just not an official endorsement.

But - i am working on a new version of the film which will be 3 hours long - and I am replacing all the music anyway. i started in film as a composer - having studied composition at Julliard. I did soundtrack and TV work all through the 1990s up until the internet bubble burst and my company went belly up.

so - long story short - the next version of my film will feature my own music.

Peter Gabriel has a history of political activism. it would be great to impress upon him the importance of this. but it might be too much too much to ask for him to turn over his work.

obviously a giant conspiracy

obviously a giant conspiracy against you, John.

how'd your egg-throwing and sidewalk-painting on 9/11 go?


ah Dylan

it went fine

so - are you reviving the pod-theory for the 'final cut'? or are you going full-blown no-planes?


but - for the record - i still think throwing eggs at FoxNews during their live broadcasts is a great idea.

in the 1970s people were throwing pies at people. those were the days......

I didn't know...

There was a "thing" between the two of you. Kiss and make up.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Either did i

i never spoke to him before. he just appeared to throw a rock at me


But like David Bowie, Peter Gabriel has been very into "the internets" since way back in the day. I would think, especially given way his official site is set up -- that is, super fancy and a major pain in the ass to get around in -- that he would want control any aspect of his web presence.

At the very least, he would not be using the image from Peter Gabriel Live as his photograph.

To further disclose my musical tastes...

Compare it to the myspace pages for Tori Amos and Kate Bush, fr'instance.

I agree

Its hard to believe this is Gabriel's MySpace page. He is extremely savy when it comes to mass media - always on the cutting edge - meticulous about how he is portrayed to the public. There is virtually no language on the site regarding his current projects or RealWorld studios or his current touring information.

And the idea that he would post a blog himself advocating Loose Change seems a little ridiculous. Its just not his style.

I'm going to have to vote thumbs down on this.

Hope it's true, we'll soon

Hope it's true, we'll soon enough know, I suppose.

I wonder if Davin Coburn

I wonder if Davin Coburn from Popular Mechanics has a myspace page set up dedicated solely to his appearance on the Charles Goyette Show.

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Why do you ask? Is someone

Why do you ask? Is someone creating one? +LOL*

Oh no...

Not Phil Collins...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Be sure this is authentic before we get all mushy about it. I work for a country artist, and when he went to create his My Space page, someone had used his name. We had to come up with a variation of it to make him a page, then go after the imposter. It's still unresolved.


He had to take a variation of his name ? And it's still unresolved ? Really ? How is it possible ? Doesn't myspace have rules to protect the artist names or block automatically the pages of the imposter in the case the artist wants to open his own ? Odd...

Apparently not. : )

Apparently not. : )