Quick Note on New CAPTCHA System for Anonymous Comments

Just a quick note about the new CAPTCHA system I just enabled..

We got hit with about 35 or so spam comments today from spambots. In order to continue to allow anonymous comments we had to put something in place that would prevent these spambots from coming back more and more frequently. The CAPTCHA system we put in place will ask a simple math question to anonymous users before they can add a comment in order to show they are a real person and not an automated script. I went with the math question over the typical distorted image because frequently those can be a pain to work with.

Hopefully this won't cause anyone any issues, but should get rid of the spambots.

p.s. the content of this site is now 100% indexed (and updated every other hour), so the search abilities on the site are totally killer now, be sure to try it out next time your looking for something.

Update: I decided to switch to the image mode instead of the math questions since apparently some might think the math question was completely pointless and not realize what it is for.

Good Job! Drupal Rocks! You

Good Job!

Drupal Rocks! You guys have done a great job with this site, Thank You for all your efforts!

drupal does indeed r0x0r.

drupal does indeed r0x0r. gunna add this site in their showcase sooner or later ;)


Okay... so ya want to remain anonymous? No problem, but you're gonna have to do a little homework first.

You no-namers might as well go ahead and get registered.

Good idea. But why not use

Good idea.

But why not use really complicated equations so that only truly intelligent people like myself can vote?

not within my control.. i

not within my control.. i would like something involving sin() and pi, but i guess for now we'll just filter out the kindergartners and spambots ;)

It's not about _voting_, it's about _commenting_

Hey, pagan: It's not about voting, it's about commenting.

Which ability comes with one (hidden) pre-requisite: namely, being able to read what's already written here beforehand. Innocent

Do you think your "complicated equation solvers"-razor would find those amongst available candidates? Do you think your last comment was a living example to proof the viability of your suggested razor? Tongue out

Calm down bro

I was only having some fun.

You didn't notice my...


You didn't notice my smilies, eh?