Using Dead Girls and Live Boys Politically

I can remember back in the summer of 2001, as the country was all-consumed by the Gary Condit scandal, dark and ominous clouds were gathering on the horizon and reports were leaking from around the world that Al Qaeda was planning some sort of catastrophic attack against American “symbols” of power.

I can remember reports that the US military was on Delta Alert (the highest state of alert - short of open warfare). I can remember Diane Feinstein’s warnings on the Sunday morning talk shows of an impending attack. I can remember the Jerusalem Post’s article predicting a major attack. I can remember my state of alarm as it appeared that the raging violence in Israeli’s occupied territories, and the nearly daily suicide bombings, were accelerating towards some crescendo on the world stage.

Yet, night after night, we were treated to the Gary Condit news hour on each of the major networks. It indeed appeared that there was no other news but the Gary Condit scandal.

And then 9/11 happened, and no one has heard very much about Gary Condit ever since.

A few months back while Israel was mercilessly bombarding Lebanon (the just recently newly-celebrated seat of democracy in the Middle East) we suddenly found our attentions drawn to the bazaar tale of Mark Karr, the confessed killer of Jon Benet Ramsey. The media became transfixed on the lurid details of Mark Karr’s past, with Karr’s ultra-creepy face and blank stare radiating out from every newspaper tabloid and TV news hour in the nation, despite the incredible lack of CREDIBLE evidence that Mark Karr could possibly be Jon Benet’s killer, including DNA evidence that amazing was not produced for weeks, as Karr was flown first-class back to the United States and was photographed sipping champagne.

And, the Israeli war with Lebanon, and Iraq’s descent into hell, were relegated to the back pages of the news.

One humorous note: Mark Karr’s computer, held by the police as evidence of his involvement in pedophilia and child-porn, has gone missing – stolen – from under the noses of the police. Mark Karr is today a free man, with all charges dropped.

And now we are given Mark Foley’s head.

As elements of the American media finally turns the LIHOP corner, and begins reporting Bob Woodward’s evidence that the Bush administration purposely and intentionally ignored warning of an impending attack (which 36% of the American population believes they themselves may have orchestrated); and as the USA signs into law new draconian laws which essentially legalizes the government’s right to “disappear” citizens, torture suspects, deny legal counsel and ultimately hold military tribunals in which executions could be handed down – all at the discretion of the President of the United States; and as a reported nuclear-ready navy flotilla heads towards Iran for a showdown; and as North Korea cites a “severe threat of nuclear war” and promises to conduct a nuclear test with the USA stating it “will never tolerate a nuclear North Korea;” and as rumors abound of an “October Surprise” with the November elections hurtling at the ruling Bush mob like the ancient Chinese death by 10,000 cuts; we are handed Mark Foley’s head.

There is an old saying about politicians being caught in bed with “a dead girl or a live boy.”

And, if history has taught us one thing it is that the American’s public’s lust for all things prurient, dead interns, Monica Lewinski, child murderers and congressmen chasing little boys, preempts everything else. We are the MTV generation politically come of age.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mark Foley is guilty as charged. But, as many in the media question the timing of this revelation, (insinuating dirty tricks by the Democrats) I wonder if the real culprit is something much more ominous. Engineered distractions designed to herd us like sheep to the slaughter.

And, for those of us who view 9/11 as PNAC’s first horrible move on Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard, we are forced to wonder if we are just now reaching the end-game.

It is reported that North Korea will be celebrating a large anniversary celebration this weekend. Many speculate that this weekend represents the highest probability of a nuclear detonation on the Korean peninsula. And, while America concerns itself with congressional cyber sex and pedophiles, like the summer of 2001, the background noise associated with the very real possibility of another catastrophic event looms.

Dead girls.

Yesterday in Portland, Oregon, I participated in a march of around 500 people through our downtown core, including a stop in front of the Oregonian building, headquarters of the state's largest newspaper, to encourage them to do their jobs as journalists in this dangerous time. Although organized by World Can't Wait around the central premise that we must "drive out the Bush regime" there was a substantial and very visible contingent of 9/11 activists.

This morning I grabbed the paper. On the cover: a large image of the funeral procession for the Amish schoolgirls. Coverage for our event, certainly newsworthy in a town the size of Portland: not even on the front page of the local news subsection, just a captioned photo inside it.

Same Here in NYC

One photo with a caption.

Baseball playoff on the cover.

Multiple pages devoted to the sex scandal.

Meanwhile today:

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- North Korea may test its first nuclear bomb this weekend, Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shotaro Yachi said in Washington, according to a government official in Japan.

wow, thanks John for reminding us just how obvious it is

Casseia, glad the truthers were out in force in P-Land!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



Write up John.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


It appears that even China is making statements that seem to ominously portend military action.

It would appear that NK would be crossing the Rubicon by detonating a nuclear device.

But what would a military strike against NK look like?

What would be the targets and what weapons would be used?

How would NK respond?

We are all aware that missiles are not the only way NK could deliver nukes - right?

I do not want to whip everyone up into a state of hysteria here - but, the international press is talking about this in the most dire terms - while the US press is talking about the masturbation fantasies of our congressmen.

There was a rally in NK today with their top military leaders chanting: "Let's fight at the cost of our lives for the respected supreme commander comrade Kim Jong-il."

This is certainly a crisis by any objective standard. Yet - most americans are not even aware it exists - or they just view it as part of the usual parade of NK stories that continually warn us of impending doom - but never really affect their lives.

But this time COULD be different. A nuclear detonation this weekend could start a chain of events that is hard to imagine not involving an all-out war.

I would like to hear predictions on how this could play out - because all of mine are unthinkable.

This also why it's so dangerous to keep Bush as POTUS...

We need someone in the White House who could quell & calm international crises like this, not inflame them!

Countries like North Korea & China probably feel they can do whatever they want with a maniac/moron like Bush debilitating the U.S.A.

Rovian smokescreens!

They probably had the Mark Foley "scandal" and many other lurid stories held in reserve and to be exposed in case of emergency. This lets the complicit msm bury real news like Woodward's new book, Oct 5 protests, Iraq disaster, impending Iran lunacy, hide debate for Nov elections, etc.

And I already see a partial loophole for Foley's rescue...

I heard a report saying the age of consent in Washington D.C. is only 16, so sleazebag Foley will probably end up in less trouble than everyone is letting on. I think all the boys he chased after were 16 or older.