The Assassination of JFK Jr.

From the Makers of "JFKII: The Bush Connection" Comes
"The Assassination of JFK JR." Murder By Manchurian Candidate. Overwhelming,
jaw-breaking evidence of foul play in the death of John Kennedy Jr., all based on official government documents:

- the search of the crash site was delayed an incomprehensible 14 hours; - there was, indeed, a flight instructor on the plane, whose body is missing; - It is clear that someone on that plane committed suicide, shutting off the fuel control valve before plunging the plane into the sea. - The prime suspect, George W. Bush, though very publicly running for president, disappeared the day of the murder and stayed missing for 3 days. 104 minutes «





DHS, first the impressive

DHS, first the impressive "think your free?" flyer. now this. very good stuff. i actually own this movie, not nearly as convincing as JFK2 but still some important info in it that makes you think. of course, if they are capable of 9/11 and various political assassinations i have no doubt that its possible they killed JFKjr as well, i just dont find this film to be all that convincing. still worth a watch for sure though. im still waiting for someone to make a film on the murder of Paul Wellstone. there is a wealth of evidence to show that was indeed sabatoge, despite what Ventura says.

I agree, not as convincing, but suspicious nonetheless...

regarding the fuel switch, do you think it is possible that the switch was flipped during impact?

I watched it today which is why I posted it. Just wanted to get some feedback and dialogue.

Wonder if RFK Jr. will make it to old age. He may have potential for some good through his environmental stances.

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i dont know on that point,

i dont know on that point, because so called experts, as is usually the case with prominent victims/cases like JFKjr, disagree if it was even possible for that to have happened. the main thing that struck me about that film(more than the curious activity of the media) was the Navy spokesman, i forget his name. pretty much shows there was some sort of cover-up, even if JFKjr wasnt killed, something is not right there. kind of wierd how W was nowhere to be found as well..........